Gap-Toothed Models: Beautiful or Braces?

SodaHead Living 2011/03/11 20:54:36
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To the chagrin of orthodontists everywhere, fashion has made its latest style decree: gap teeth are beautiful and glamorous.

Gap-toothed models are dominating the fashion world of late, nabbing up coveted editorials and runway slots that usually go to girls with, well, perfect teeth. Fashion 'It' girls like Lara Stone, Lindsey Wixson, and Georgia Jagger (Mick's daughter) are just a few of the faces that comprise this new generation of orthodontically imperfect models:

georgia jagger micks daughter faces comprise generation orthodontically imperfect models

What is it about gap teeth, then? Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine, offers this explanation:

"It's a love for the imperfect, and the authentic. These are values that are more and more important for younger generations. Originality, authenticity…in a world that is more and more digitally enhanced."

Icons of imperfection...that's one theory. Another is that fashion is just trying to screw with us.

Are you a fan of fashion's new favorite flaw?
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  • Alexis246 2013/05/30 05:47:51
    I Think most women with gaps can pull it off...But if God wanted u to have a gap in your teeth it was for a reason and impressing all of you haters is not a reason.if God wanted me to have straight teeth he would have given them to me but he didnt so I know women with gaps in there teeth have gaps for a purpose some greter than others!
  • robert ... Alexis246 2013/08/19 15:30:17
    robert burrogh
    you may be delusional, i just made an account to tell you this. get BRACES, unless your ok with being a social outcast which i am all for, no need to conform to society. but don't act like some make believe deity gave you crooked teeth for a reason, it was a throw of the dice since you got mommas recessive trait for bad teeth, sorry to tell ya.
  • SexyGapTeeth 2013/01/11 07:52:12
    There are so many beautiful people with Gap Teeth, check some out here: http://sexygapteeth.tumblr.com/
  • courtney:) 2012/11/19 06:16:13 (edited)
    I think gaps are nice :) they make people different and unique. It's not like we had a choice when we were born to decide wether or not we want a gap. I think if you have a gap you should embrace it and not care what others think. If they have a others have a problem with your gap they are gonna have to deal with it. I think it's sad when people judge others because of what they look like. As cliche as this sounds, it's what's on the inside that counts. There might be an absolutely perfect looking girl/guy but they could have the worst attitude. Stay strong and embrace the gap! :)
  • applesticks123 2012/10/16 02:47:53
    there is such a debate over this, and as a teenage girl with a natural front gap i do get a lot of crap from other kids. but that is so predictable considering the high and critical expectations of teenagers so i learn to deal with it. and THEN i go to the MAC counter (for example) and i get so many compliments from adults and like one time i went to france with my aunt and there i was also complemented! that also goes to show the different beauty trade marks of places like france, where they appreciate the authentic, vintage beauty of a model or whatever. either that or America is just stuck up and snooty over every little imperfection... jk(; anyways, a lot of my friends love my gap and don't ever want me to change, they say it makes me, ME. though i am getting braces soon, i choose to love my gap and all the little imperfections that define as person instead of trying to correct (or as i like to call "undiversify") everyone. everyone is unique in their own way as so is their personalities. let beauty reflect from the inside to the out. be proud of who you are, and don't ever change yourself for the peoples approval. i say this to all the insecure girls out there. and if you are just really unhappy, then don't worry! being a teenager is only a small portion of your lives. <--- that is what my mom always says!
  • addie applest... 2012/10/21 04:39:07 (edited)
    I just wanted to say thank you for saying that:) I have a gap too but it's not very big, and a lady told me I have a beautiful smile and that I should smile all the time. At first was insecure but now I'm over it, and I'm getting braces in December anyway. Until then I'm going to embrace it. It's what makes me unique and beautiful and just like you said , my mom says the same thing!!:P
  • l2592 2012/04/17 07:41:24
    I find it very unattractive and yet another stupid excuse for a pride speech. yes we all do have imperfection, but you don't take pride in ugliness, you own up to it and either accept it and move on (therefor not to engage in such pride talk and accept the fact that people will point it out as it is very ugly) or fix it. I have flaws, i had teeth issues but i fixed them, and so should they if they are trying to promote beauty.
    I'm sorry but a smile is everything, and having a peekaboo is a face palm.
  • addie l2592 2012/10/21 04:42:31 (edited)
    That's not true. I guess for you teeth is how you judge a person. And having a gap doesn't make anyone ugly,calling someone ugly only makes you the ugly one.
  • courtne... l2592 2012/12/17 12:18:37 (edited)
    courtney gibbs
    I agree with you, a smile means a lot I'm 34 now and I've decided to get braces, my gap isn't big but just to know its there is sicking, however if people like it then so be it! And good luck with it, I've been told its very attractive but I myself don't think so!
  • Mikkey 2012/04/06 09:37:08
    Gaps are gross.
  • addie Mikkey 2012/10/21 04:49:36
    How are they gross? Better than having some brown and yellow looking teeth. Shows what kind of people we have in this world. Rude, offensive jerks like you who don't think about other people before they write something stupid. Obviously.
  • addie Mikkey 2012/10/21 04:55:43
    How are they gross? Better than having some brown and yellow looking teeth. Shows what kind of people we have in this world. Rude, offensive jerks like you who don't think about other people before they write something stupid. Obviously.
  • Kaylan Ashrafi 2012/03/05 23:47:36
    Kaylan Ashrafi
    it can b beautiful on certain ppl, but most it is just an imperfection that would be better if it werent there
  • Taylor 2012/01/22 10:14:05
    Gaps are unique; i considered braces, my dentist told me my teeth were fine..i went dentist to dentist after that to see if the answer would change, never did. I pretty much gave up. No one even notices it. Girls/ Guys shouldn't be judged by their teeth. Looks AREN'T always everything.
  • steph 2011/10/27 21:52:34
    ok i have a gap between my teeth and i agree its beautiful but this day and age its all about perfection trust me go to my school and a wek ago ppl posted a pic of some gap tooth object on fb and i was already self concious how do you think it made me feel? horrible like i was just something ppl could laugh at and i dont want ppl to feel the way i did and when you liik at those pics do you notice there beaty or there teeth and prolly the only reason they look good is because of there make up and i know tyra banks said the chick should get hers larger but its cause she snot gonna put braces on cause shes a model no its cause it adds to her uniqe ness and i would be having a convo with my teeth when i talk cause thats all i look at
  • howyouare 2011/08/20 12:37:36
    personally I have gap teeth and I have thought about braces in the past. But i realised that the gap hasn't stopped me from anything so i don't mind that i have them anymore.
    I think the people that refer to it as looking like a rabbit or a rat are everything that's wrong with the world of beauty. In my opinion if you are born with gap teeth you have a unique beauty and with so many people out there all wanting to look "perfect" whatever that means, i think the gap tooth is something to be embraced.
  • Heyguys 2011/08/02 21:27:11
    It really annoys me when I see a really hot girl on tv and then the producer screws it all up by showing the gap between the girl's teeth.... eughh
  • collegebound 2011/06/15 04:52:57
    Vveeerryyyyy BEAUTIFUL!!!
    JESSICA HART exhibit a vveeerryyyyy beautiful jessica hart exhibit jessica hart
  • Shayes ™ 2011/04/19 17:40:03
    Shayes ™
    On some folks, it looks acceptable but on others....God NO!!!!
  • Gabby 2011/03/24 05:49:02
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/03/20 01:23:49
    It is pretty gross.
  • Templeton Rye 2011/03/16 22:56:52
    Templeton Rye
    braces are costly, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • Dallas 2011/03/15 01:22:00
    I've only ever seen one person that can pull it off. Anna Paquin.

    ive person pull anna paquin Anna paquin

    ive person pull anna paquin Anna paquin gap
  • Recruit 2011/03/14 23:22:10
  • Ashley 2011/03/14 20:29:37
    I guess it all depends on how big the gap is.
  • Cat 2011/03/14 20:29:11
    I have a natural gap tooth smile
  • brynneth 2011/03/14 19:07:23
    They still look disturbingly fake, but there is nothing wrong with their teeth.
  • FunkyMunky 2011/03/14 18:19:45
    There is something about that picture that lacks sophistication.
  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2011/03/14 17:56:47
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
  • danielsboo<3xoxo 2011/03/14 16:57:57
    GOD made us girls gap -toothed for a reason god girls gap -toothed reason gap toothed models if he wanted us to wear braces he would have made them but he didn't so there 4 noooooooo we are aka beautiful young ladies
  • David (... daniels... 2011/03/15 19:05:44
  • daniels... David (... 2011/03/17 15:59:16
    thx lol i kno right !!
  • David (... daniels... 2011/03/18 09:52:19
  • daniels... David (... 2011/03/22 15:56:46
    what the viedo cut u off :^)
  • David (... daniels... 2011/03/22 16:03:09
  • intolerantrwj 2011/03/14 16:20:44
    ..... I guess I'm one of those naturally ' Flawed and Imperfect ' folks, but hell, I'll survive it.
  • Alexis246 intoler... 2013/05/30 05:51:05
    The flawed and imperfict part about us is that were unique and god made us this way for a reason...So stand strong and its not imperfection. God made you and I with gaps so be proud of it ! :D
  • PaulClements 2011/03/14 15:46:34
    Something about the non-perfect, turns me on
  • BN-0 PaulCle... 2011/03/15 03:31:37
    Don't like the gap but I like how you think that way.
  • mrdog 2011/03/14 15:11:09
    it is the real thing that makes my heart ring.... bark
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