Facebook Charging Fees To Promote Page Posts

CREW grand 2012/06/01 17:19:15
If you have recently noticed your favorite pages seem to be posting less often, they may not have just become lazy. Facebook first implemented timeline with suggestions that it could dramatically improve fan engagement with pages, but a study by EdgeRank Checker has shown engagement to be virtually unaffected. Other dismal findings include the facts that only about 2% of fans share page posts, and the average page post only reaches about 17% of the page’s fans, while many posts have a much smaller reach with even single-digit percentages.

Facebook fees

Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm governs what is displayed, and how high, on the news feed. Their solution to low reach figures is now to offer post promotion, considered a form of advertising, to businesses with Facebook pages. The higher the business wants to expand their reach per post, the more they need to pay. Promoted posts will appear with the word "Sponsored" in the news feed.

Facebook fees

So, do you want to see all the posts from pages you like, or just some? Will this make your feed better or worse? Will it help or hurt businesses to pay potentially hundreds of dollars per post? Will they pass their new costs onto consumers while Facebook rakes in more cash to make up for their poor IPO?

Facebook fees

Read More: https://www.facebook.com/help/promote

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