Face-Kini Is a Craze on China's Beaches: Sun Burn or Face-Kini?

Fef 2012/08/20 18:00:00
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If given the choice between getting a sunburn on your face or wearing a Face-Kini, like the ones pictured below, which option would you choose? Apparently, the Chinese don't trust their suntan lotions, which make the best choice for avoiding a facial sunburn.

Forget staying indoors, applying sun cream or wearing wide-brimmed hats. Face masks are the must-have beachwear items sweeping China.
cream wearing wide-brimmed hats masks must-have beachwear items sweeping china

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  • meboy 2012/10/30 22:26:14
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
  • click1695 2012/08/27 02:40:39
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
    NOOOO, i meant i'd rather get sunburnt. Damn you sodahead.
  • rcardon 2012/08/24 15:40:43
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    What? Are we all Mexican professional wrestlers now? I mean really. How could those things be comfortable?
    Nope, not for me, I'll stick with good, old fashion, sun screen.
  • devin.cassidy 2012/08/24 04:26:31
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    They look like retards...
  • Joseph Mallery 2012/08/24 00:36:29
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Joseph Mallery
    Well, no. But they do look ridiculous.
  • jeremyperryfranz 2012/08/23 18:13:11
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Bikinis are better bikinis
  • suesman 2012/08/23 17:40:26
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Plus you're ready for that impromptu robbery that may come up.
  • bye 2012/08/23 14:56:29
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Looks like something out of Burka wear daily!
  • harley oldman 2012/08/23 13:36:55
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
    harley oldman
    I`ve seen some Women (and Men) actually look better wearing a Face-Kini.
  • chrissy harley ... 2012/08/23 23:26:53
  • addie 2012/08/23 06:30:29
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    So why do these idiots go to the beach? If I was that nuts about the sun I would just go too a pool.
  • freebirdie 2012/08/23 04:52:07
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Not really! I've had enough of those.
    You have to understand the culture, their obsession with having white skin and not brown/red and why that is.
    They carry umbrellas in the sunshine, they wear protective clothing when traveling on bikes and scooters, and they use 'whitening' cream one their skin all the time. They do not like being tan. It means you are of a different class (lower).
  • TheEbonyAphrodite 2012/08/23 02:21:45
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Neither, actually.....besides, WE HAVE SUNSCREEN FOR THAT!!!!
    Seriously, this is stupid.
  • Thomas G Towns 2012/08/23 01:54:43
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Thomas G Towns
    Gee! now they still all look alike.
  • Cricket 2012/08/23 01:42:41
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
    I live in the Sunshine State; and have already had skin cancer removed once.
  • addie Cricket 2012/08/23 06:32:38
    That is scary, but isn't better to avoid the sun then be in it wearing one of these things?
  • Cricket addie 2012/08/23 09:03:05
    Absolutely, and I do! I also wear about half a gallon of 85 SPF sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays when I venture outside.
  • addie Cricket 2012/08/23 18:14:55
    Yes, being safe does not mean you have to dress in a colourful terrorist-like head cover, thankfully. lol
    But I understand your answering pro, face-kini.
  • Cricket addie 2012/08/23 18:19:14
    I think face-kinis are hilarious! I wouldn't realllly wear one, however.
  • addie Cricket 2012/08/23 23:10:20
    I know. I understood what you meant. Avoiding the sun and good sun block are enough and If we were going to the beach, I would make you cover up pretty good! At least stick a big hat on you, but not that face-kini, don't worry.
  • Cricket addie 2012/08/24 18:06:09
    Thanks :-)
  • Gabsters<3 2012/08/23 01:35:57
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
    They look like they were made from the fabric covers i use on my text books xD
  • TheEbon... Gabsters<3 2012/08/23 02:22:46
    I am SO sure they are.
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/08/23 00:52:06 (edited)
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Call me Mark willya?
    If you're afraid of the sun, stay in the house. I'm IRISH, don't come to me whining about sunburn. If I was any paler I'd be clear and I LOVE swimming and cannot afford to go to indoor pools and such. I get to burn multiple times every summer and don't mind it a bit.
  • addie Call me... 2012/08/23 23:12:28
    If this is too much coverage for someone who is Irish it is too much and do not come whining to me either!
  • Pianocam 2012/08/23 00:24:00
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    That sounds really uncomfortable. Just use sun screan sure it will cost a little extra, but summer doesn't last for ever.
  • Robshock 2012/08/22 23:34:31
    I'd rather wear a Face-Kini
    I'd rather THEM wear a Face-Kini. I think it is a great device that allows the terminally ugly to go places in public without scaring small children or making adults nauseous. It figures that they wold develop it in China first because they have a huge population of horribly ugly people there. I hope it catches on. Maybe they can come out with a US version called Body-Awning for those that can't seem to put their fork down. It would come with a circus tent type material and a framework underneath that would prevent unsightly bulges from the rolls of blubber from being seen by the normal people.

    This just made me think of a great question to ask...
  • Somkey the Hores 2012/08/22 23:03:18 (edited)
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Somkey the Hores
    Baka yaro. Rooney toons.
  • hannah 2012/08/22 22:54:07
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    thank goodness i dont burn but come ON. now who, especially you Chinese Sodaheaders out there, would wanna wear a face-kini? (not to mention the fact that itll make you look like an alien) face kini
  • Kenneth... hannah 2012/08/23 05:30:59
    Kenneth Huang
    The woman on the left apparently is worried about her head but doesn't give a damn about her arms and legs...
  • hannah Kenneth... 2012/08/24 15:23:40
    lolziez. she would look a little weird having a lili-white face but the rest of her tan. maybe their just fooling around though (id only wear one of those things if i was gonna be a weirdo and joke around, but i would NEVER wear it seriously). and the dude in the corner is looking over probably thinking "what the hell are they wearing? and seriously how do people come up with this stuff much less actually WEAR it." im sure he wouldnt be caught DEAD wearing that thing. it makes people look like aliens. lolziez
  • I'd rather get a sunburn
    WTF really?
  • ChiTownGirl 2012/08/22 20:03:15
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Just take a look at most Asian and Indian face creams, most of which claim to make you "whiter" by gradual skin bleaching. It's a social thing with these cultures, the whiter your skin, the more beautiful they think you look, as well as more educated and the fact that you have more $$$. It's ridiculous. Sunscreen is the way to go!!
  • addie ChiTown... 2012/08/23 23:16:36
    Asian's have lightening creams? I had no idea. That racist bull was once available here in the US for black people, sold as whitening creams.
    i will never understand people.
  • Butch 2012/08/22 19:29:09
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/08/22 19:04:19
  • Mrs.Vader 2012/08/22 18:51:19
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    They look like colorful terrorists. LOL
  • nat75 2012/08/22 16:02:57
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    i'd rather use sun screen then look like a bank robber lol, also isnt it hot wearing that in the sun?
  • Pat 2012/08/22 15:24:49
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Umm... no....
  • Stephen 2012/08/22 14:55:04
    I'd rather get a sunburn
    Not to mention that they will probably be made illegal soon. Government paranoia. They couldn't possibly be thinking of their health. They must be terrorist.

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