Ear gauges. How big is too big?

meg 2010/07/13 03:34:49
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Honestly, how big is too big for ear stretching? Also, how many of you like this type of body modification? Do y'all think its sexy? Or do you just repent it, lol. Leave your own opinion.
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  • Jinx1993 2012/12/11 12:07:26
    imo, 5/8 is the PERFECT size for anybody that can actually pull it off. i dont know why but that specific size isnt too small or too big. like i said just an opinion. im at 1/2 and honestly think this is the best size ive rocked. (ive been up to an inch before) but its all a matter of opinion.

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  • Juliwe 2015/02/05 04:37:31
    You can never go too big
    I am at 1 inch now and i want to go bigger
  • Lucas Storie-Stott 2014/12/08 10:34:06
    Lucas Storie-Stott
    I got both of my ears to 40mm, in all honesty only some people can pull off gauges, and it's obvious why so many people are against it, and only fewer of those who can pull of stretched ears can pull of huge ones like myself, but unfortunately being allergic to silicon wearing silicon tunnels at 40mm gave me necropolisis which is an infection where your flesh is literally dead (necro) and rots away, so now i have my right ear with nothing in it, shrunk down to about 14mm and on the verge of snapping, and my left ear very thin in one spot too at 34mm
  • megan is a fairy 2014/05/02 18:01:28
    megan is a fairy
    i love them!!! i find them really attractive, but to me anything more than 5/8 is too much, im at 4 and if i go past 00 im stopping at 5/8
  • Corona 2013/12/29 11:21:01 (edited)
    I'm a girl & my ears are strech to 3/4 planning to go into 7/8 or even a 1 inch. I see gauges so normal to me , i find it attractive no matter how big they are i just cant stand when there so small. Lol Like 2 or 4s. Hah but over 1 inch is to much.
  • akPhilly Corona 2013/12/29 12:05:22
    I'm at 3/4" also!
  • Kassi 2013/12/07 18:57:27
    I think it depends on the person. I love stretched ears, and most body mods, but you have to be able to pull it off.
  • johnathanxxxking 2013/09/04 10:40:40 (edited)
    I'm at an inch and 5/8s and I plan on stopping at 2 inches I love my stretched lobes and wouldn't take em out for anything
  • kandis 2013/07/09 07:25:54
    I am 38 and my ears are at a 4. I love them. I won't go any bigger than a 2. If you can fit your fist through your ear, that's too big. But to each is own. Do what makes you happy.
  • iampierced 2013/07/03 20:23:39
    I love it. My ears are stretched to 3 inches and I just love it.
  • tashaseline 2013/05/10 05:21:05
    no bigger than 1/2 inch imo. it just gets to the point that you constantly look at the stretched lobes instead of the person. modify but don't overtake.
  • Jinx1993 2012/12/11 12:07:26
    imo, 5/8 is the PERFECT size for anybody that can actually pull it off. i dont know why but that specific size isnt too small or too big. like i said just an opinion. im at 1/2 and honestly think this is the best size ive rocked. (ive been up to an inch before) but its all a matter of opinion.
  • akPhilly 2012/12/11 00:26:56
    I have my ears stretched,& I absolutely adore them.I always tell people that when it comes to taking them out,you'd have to kill me first.It's not a look that's for everyone,& how big one goes is an individual choice.I'm currently at 5/8".For the record,I'm not a kid,I'm almost 31,& don't work in the tattoo/piercing,music,or creative fields.I have a very normal,white collar job.At my age though,5/8" is about as big as I personally can get away with-at work,I wear single flared plugs w/a rounded front & it basically looks like button earrings.Anything larger though,the proportions of my ears will be too much of a giveaway. But if one wants to go real big,& can get away with it,that's up to them.
  • lauren 2012/02/21 17:08:25
    guys REALLY who wants their ears stretched so freakin far that they look stupid and for marylinncarmichael no offence but, you loook sluty not in a pretty way thats my opinions wbu bye
  • Kassi lauren 2013/12/07 18:58:50
  • Shme 2012/01/13 19:26:13
    I have my ears stretched to 2", about to downsize to 1 1/2". I downsize every half inch to keep my ears healthy and thick. Eventually I want to be at 3". Some people pull it off and some don't. My boyfriend doesn't have any piercings and one tattoo, and he looks perfect as he is. I am covered in tattoo's and piercings and look fine. It just depends on the person. Most of my friends have piercings, some look good others don't. I say just try it out and see. If it doesn't look good just simply take them out. That's the best advice I can probably give. If you want a tattoo save the picture put it in a journal and open it in a year and see if you still like it or not. I've been modifying my body for the past 10 years, so I kind of have experience I guess you could say. :p I'm new to SodaHead, I'll be uploading a pic soon. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about body modification.
  • dominique runyan 2011/11/10 03:12:33
    dominique runyan
    my ears are an inch and a tenth and i plan on going to 2 inch
  • Rye-Rye 2011/10/01 18:08:29
    I've been reading all yalls comments and honestly...whats up w/ the constant double-standard comments? Why is it okay for a man to have to have bigger gauges than a woman? Since when did stretching your ears become masculine? "Girls can have 1 inch, guys can have 2." wth? I do think past a certin size is too big. But that goes for both male and female.
  • Bri 2011/07/16 07:11:01 (edited)
    I find stretched ears very attractive but don't over do it, there is a point to where it's just plain gross 3: I'd say no bigger than half inch for girls and no bigger than an inch for guys.
    I finally met my goal size of half inch today, they're amber gauges <3 c:

    I'm going back down to a two now c:
  • Nickk Llama Bnskeeter(; 2011/04/01 11:48:17
    Nickk Llama Bnskeeter(;
    Gauges are amazing some people dont like em but i love em im at 5/8's and im going to an inch and a half im currently at 5/8's c; gauging up this weekend and idont think that thats tooo big of gauges its really what looks good on the person my friend kenny is at 2 inches and it looks alright but its the fact of how good you look with em c: thats my opinion
  • MarylinnCarmichael 2011/03/02 14:15:24
    Update for you guys :D all done with the stretching I'm at my goal of 1 1/2 inches. update guys stretching goal 1 12 inches
  • johnath... Marylin... 2013/09/04 10:42:16
    You look perfect lol
  • JessicaJessica 2011/01/05 06:13:58
    I personally love stretched ears. I have 28mm currently and I still plan on going up. The size of being "big" is only relative. If the size fits their ears, being that they have thick healthy lobes and take care of them, it should look well to those who enjoy them. But I do agree some people don't know when to stop and they just over stretch and then it gets nasty aha. But more power to ya if it's pulled off c:
  • EpicLoveScene9 2010/12/29 03:33:54
    I do not believe any gauge size is too big. I myself have gauges; only at 7/16<3. I love gauges, and people with them. I don't like body modifications, but that's just my opinion. But if people like it and do it to themselves it's there business=]

    7163 love gauges people body modifications opinion people business
  • tony EpicLov... 2012/04/12 14:57:09
    i think your beautiful. we should chat sometimes
  • karnage 2010/12/10 05:47:05
    ahaha i like em. im at a 2g right now but im going up to a 0g soon. im probablly going to a half inch or 1 inch at most and in my opinion too big is when you can stick more than three fingers through it :P
  • MarylinnCarmichael 2010/11/24 05:34:20
    aha i wouldnt say they hurt too bad , part that sucks is the taping . im at a little over an inch cant really tell quite yet what they are until i messure em . ive got tape on em now .
    hurt sucks taping inch messure em ive tape em
  • meg 2010/10/08 21:34:59
  • Souly✿ 2010/09/17 02:16:10 (edited)
    im a big fan of ear stretching, and even i get grossed out if they're too big, i would have to say that an ideal size that i still consider kind of hot, would be 1 inch maybe 1 or 2 more sizes above that but that's it...im currently at 7/16's but i want to move up one more size to 1/2 an inch and probably stay there, and im still considering 5/8's :)
  • erica jean 2010/07/26 01:22:41
    erica jean
    The bigger the better. Yet there is 'too big' when your lobe becomes extremely thin and when it stop looking suitable on you. My opinion... go as big as you can... but don't be stupid about it. Currently at 3/4ths and on my way up to an inch.
  • Chibi 2010/07/13 06:15:08
    In my opinion, if they "have" to have them, it should be small. Big ones gross me out and sometimes even make me squeamish.
  • meg Chibi 2010/10/08 22:26:48
    i can't deny that I've felt the same way, lol. Yet, I do have them, or did. Now, im at like, a 10, which is pretty small. But, idk wether to put them back in or not, I liked them, personally. lol.
  • HunBun 2010/07/13 04:01:28
    I don't mind them. I think they're attractive but, when they're too big it's gross:

    mind attractive gross
    mind attractive gross
  • PanicSwitch 2010/07/13 03:50:49
    ANY of them are too big. Ick. It's just not my thing. I once saw a guy walk in right after my parents and I had a conversation about ear gauges. He had the biggest ones, ever. My dad looked at them and said, "You could play the bangos with those!"

    I find them extremely unattractive. Even as small as these I can't stand:

    parents conversation ear gauges dad looked play bangos extremely unattractive
    parents conversation ear gauges dad looked play bangos extremely unattractive
  • meg PanicSw... 2010/10/08 22:24:58
    lmao, those aren't very small. That dude on tops got like half an inch in his ear or bigger. And the dude on the bottom's at a 00, or that's wut it looks like; wb the ones that are barely bigger than an original earring? Does ya lyke those, lmfao?
  • payton meg 2010/11/04 19:17:23
    those sizes are way off im currently at 1/2 and mine are about the size of the guys on bottom the guy on top is probably at an inch
  • Savanna... payton 2011/07/17 15:59:28
    Savannah :)
    XD no, the guy on the bottom is 00, u have not even seen 1 inch of u think those little things r 1 inch
  • Natasha... meg 2010/12/21 06:44:59
    idiot.. hahah
  • gunner meg 2011/02/14 18:59:48
    Meg, the guy on top has at least an inch.. i used to be at 7/8 and those look bigger than what i had. and the guy on bottom has probably 1/2 to 5/8..
  • vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv 2010/07/13 03:43:10
    vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv
    it seems like it would hurt.. and an inch or bigger is too big; it also looks kinda weird when theres no gauge in the ear just a big hole o__o hurt inch bigger kinda weird gauge ear hole oo hurt inch bigger kinda weird gauge ear hole oo hurt inch bigger kinda weird gauge ear hole oo hurt inch bigger kinda weird gauge ear hole oo
  • MizDino... vVvVv M... 2010/07/13 03:45:58
    ew ew ew ew...

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