Do You Think It's Weird For Guys To Get Manicures?

Blonde Rebellion 2010/02/22 15:48:31
Not many men regard male manicure as an essential part of beauty grooming.
Some women like a man with nice, groomed hands, while others like their men a little more rugged.
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  • *Lady J* 2011/02/24 23:36:53
    *Lady J*
    um it's kinda weird but its also unique that they're so comfortable in the sexuality and that they're clean
  • Neka 2011/02/17 22:45:35
    it's kinda wierd to c a dude gettin his nails done or his feet done but i would definitely want a guy that has nice smooth hands compaired to someone who had rugged hands. i mean, why would anyone want 2 touch, THAT?! ROTFLMAO!!
  • carrotcat 2011/02/17 05:28:45
    No, if they want to, then go ahead
  • dragon warrior 2011/02/17 00:09:14
    dragon warrior
    No. Whatever makes them happy, they should go for it.
  • Lali Esposito 2010/03/14 14:51:19
    Lali Esposito
    i don't think so. bill from tokio hotel always makes his nails look tokio hotel nails
  • moomoof 2010/02/26 17:42:00
    nah they want to do it why not
    Damn why is everyone in people's business geez-not you just in general-

    Let people be who says that grooming one self is a female thing only
  • Lyricalpassions! 2010/02/26 17:16:46
    I don't mind at all...it doesn't mean anything other than he likes to be well groomed...I've actually had manicure and pedicure done with my man...it was a cool experience...I made my best friend go with his then girlfriend and do it...he was funny as crap to watch, being he's so tall and the whole time he was cringing...but in the end even he had to admit it wasn't so bad....lol...
    Past that...I met...what's that guys name...the comedian...Mike Epps...while he was getting a manicure...hilarious...I was standing there like wtf! but a cool guy...he was like no come in here and talk to me, I'm bored...lol...
  • NaughtyByNature 2010/02/25 17:28:37
    The latins have a saying, "Como una y mugre".......Like the fingernail and the dirt under it, when describing a close couple, for example.

    I never had a manicure or a pedicure in my life. But this past Valentines Day, my girlfriend wanted to get a pedicure, and wanted me to spend time with her, so she said I should get one too, and without too much complaining, I did. I pity the poor Vietnamese girl who had to deal with my smelly dogs. But it felt okay, and it made my girlfriend happy. I wouldn't get another one on my own, but If she wanted me to, just to do something together, I would. Why not?
  • Abort A Liberal, Save A Life. 2010/02/25 05:37:02
    Abort A Liberal, Save A Life.
  • sam 2010/02/24 12:51:27
    Its part of cleaning yourself, If people only realized whats under their nails ..its' gross not too!
  • blackmoon 2010/02/24 12:47:59
    not at all there are some men that really need one
  • Max7 2010/02/24 06:26:33
    No, a lot of well groomed men get manicures. I like for a man to be a man, but it's also nice to have a well groomed man!
  • Redneck 2010/02/24 03:34:10
    To each their own, but I thinks it kind of weird, no a lot weird for a man to be into that.
  • Sofie 2010/02/23 22:46:08
    maybe shinny nails 4 boys. but looks better on girls , I have fake nails shinny nails 4 boys girls fake nails
  • Eastexn25 2010/02/23 22:05:09
    I have gotten several manicures and I really enjoyed them. But hey, it had to come to an end because my daughters turned into teenagers and I guess they grew bored with wanting to give Daddy a manicure.
  • ElisaLovezz_-_ 2010/02/23 21:31:09
    Nahh. If a guy wants to get a manicure, why not? I personally think it's great if a guy cares about his nails. They're gross if they're all dirt-filled and rugged :S lol
  • Dorkola -Easily Amused && P... 2010/02/23 21:21:40
    Dorkola -Easily Amused && Perverted-
    Every human must have the right to be pampered. :]
  • thefatguy 2010/02/23 20:44:01
    Manicures for males are great! That is, if you're a sissy. The one and only time I would get a manicure would be for my wedding day.
  • Catlover 2010/02/23 20:43:58
    In this economy I think it's weird for anyone to spend money foolishly and nails can be done at home.... economy weird spend money foolishly nails home
  • silver raven harry/james po... 2010/02/23 20:26:40
    silver raven harry/james potter
    hell no i get manicures all the time my nails are very nice. manicures nails
  • Dave In Cali 2010/02/23 20:18:36
    Dave In Cali
    I think it's pretty effeminate for a guy to care about his looks to that degree. Fingernails really are not decorations - they are tools. That being said, if you're a hand model or something like that, it might make some sense... Anyway - if a guy wants to primp and pamper himself, let him. Maybe that's what makes him happy. I'll stick to my buzzed head, natural eyebrows and broken, well-used fingernails :)
  • ⟢ℂas℮y⟣ 2010/02/23 17:40:09
    No, I actually see more men getting manicures these days than women. I've gotten manicures before, they're alright, but I'm not crazy for them.
  • Mrs. V 2010/02/23 16:30:35
    Mrs. V
    Why not?? Some men's hands are so calloused and rough you could use them for sandpaper. Why do men think using lotion is for sissies???
    Somewhere in between is good. Unkempt nails are a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.
  • wombat 2010/02/23 15:15:51
    A man usually defines himself through successful action and would rather do it himself than sitting around waiting for things to happen.
  • ladypuppylove 2010/02/23 14:38:48
    If you have the money then i guess its ok but , i like my man a little rugged ,but of course his nails is clean, just not polished
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/02/23 14:27:14
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    They can get manicures if they want to, but yes manicures are mostly for women and not man!
  • Franklin 2010/02/23 14:24:51
    ...are we talking about me scraping under them with a 12 penny nail ? Or spending half of a good work day siting in one of those girly places playing dress up ?
    I just can't see myself spending good money for someone to play with my nails when they are going to get motor oil under them before the end of the day any way ...
  • Fr Kelsey Graham 2010/02/23 12:59:43
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    When I was younger as a male I used to get manicures and pedicacures. In reality it is much more than just simply beauty grooming. Men tend to neglect thier hands and feet. Having healthy nails and being well groomed is not a femanine ordeal. Recently a older male friend of mine was told by his doctor to get a pedicure due to his complaints regarding foot pains. Afterward his feet felt so much better that he was a walking endordement for the routine. Lets face it guys- manly hands can be clean, neat and healthy......
  • Franklin Fr Kels... 2010/02/23 14:28:24
    Hey we where not talking about pedicures ...I am more than willing to sit still (in front of the tv) while an atractive young woman cuts and cleans my toe nails ! I just will not spend all day with someone playing with my nails, fact is most of the time I have to clean all the crap out from under them after they finish any way...I can't stand to have anything under there even that wax or whatever it is they put in there drives me nuts. But anything that puts a woman on her knees in front of me gets my full aproval ! LOL
  • Fr Kels... Franklin 2010/02/23 14:31:43
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    LOL I am with you there! Just thinking nails in general........
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/02/23 12:00:11
    Lady Whitewolf
    I kinda have to second Nuke Dukem! Good answer!
  • FUTURE BREEZE 2010/02/23 10:50:14
    not at all... ever been scratched in an intimate place?

    did you know there are more germs and viruses under fingernails than you find on a public toilet floor....
  • Franklin FUTURE ... 2010/02/23 14:22:08
    Hey if you did not struggle to get away I would not use my guy-nails to hold you down LOL ...just kidding but I do have nails and I have learned how to keep them from hurting any girls I get involved with (unless she asks me to use them !)
  • Anjum 2010/02/23 10:27:30
    Yes I also agree going with Manicure
  • Bear 2010/02/23 09:06:43
    Manicure THIS!
  • Conservative in California 2010/02/23 08:24:34
    Conservative in California
    manicures seem to be a waste of time, but I enjoy the occasional pedicure by a cute Asian chick rubbing my feet... manicures waste enjoy occasional pedicure cute asian chick rubbing feet
  • FUTURE ... Conserv... 2010/02/23 10:51:11
    I know her....
  • Franklin FUTURE ... 2010/02/23 14:30:34
    ...me to her name is Jay , to bad she is married.
  • FUTURE ... Franklin 2010/02/25 20:19:21
    Really? I'm impressed with your knowledge...

    read on...

  • Franklin Conserv... 2010/02/23 14:30:00
    LOL exactly what I was thinking, we should open a shop for "men" ...cold beer big screen TV and girls like this one working on their knees in front of every chair

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