Do you start rumors or do people start rumors about you?

Jessica 2008/04/27 04:25:53
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  • Deanna 2008/04/27 17:13:33
    None of the above
    No, they are cruel and I don't bother with anyone that finds the need to gossip.
  • IzzyJr 2008/04/27 05:34:53
    None of the above
    I don't start rumors. If people do I don't know about it.
  • TexanInHawaii 2008/04/27 05:14:52
    None of the above
    I just wanted to see if anyone would admit that they do start rumors....lol, thanks Fueled!
  • hfhf 2008/04/27 04:54:22
    people start rumors about me
    that im pregnant,bisexual,and that i love sex.wow can you say haters!!none of thats true though btw:)!!
  • XxXMCRXxXFANXxX 2008/04/27 04:51:02
    people start rumors about me
    theres people who likes me there is people who hate me and there is people that are jealous of me the ppl who are jealous they copy me and start rumors
  • FueledByRamen 2008/04/27 04:49:05
  • Jessica FueledB... 2008/04/27 04:51:45
    your pretty funny!
  • Ali 2008/04/27 04:27:14
    people start rumors about me
    I've only started one rumor about myself... and it was for self preservation

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