What's your favorite band. Why? Come on, impress me. (:

MiraculousMegan 2010/05/02 03:42:23
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At the moment I have two. BrokenCyde and Blood on the Dance Floor. BrokenCyde; because the singer is hott, the music is rad, and I love the voice. Blood on the Dance Floor; I fucking LOVE Dahvie Vanity, and the new screamer(Jayy Von Monroe) is a much better screamer than Garrett ever was, in my opinion. I wold totally fuck Dahvie anyday, because he's freakishly HOTT, and I'm in love with his hair and his voice. Jayy and Dahvie are simply gorgeous.<33 (: Post photos if you'd like to of the bands that're your absolute favorite.(:
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  • MightyFuhrerOfTheSausagePeople 2012/08/31 00:26:57
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
  • alex hilson 2012/03/11 16:14:04
  • lisa_is_a_bitch 2012/01/29 10:20:34
    Blood on the Dance Floor!!
    i love botdf !!! botdf 4 ever <3
  • Ana Jerotijevic 2012/01/11 17:15:12
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    Ana Jerotijevic
    Black Veil Brides in heart ! :DD
  • celina 2011/12/15 02:47:44 (edited)
  • Mz.Torrie 2011/07/23 02:18:53
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    You're not a freak! But I like the latest one Falling in Reverse, Dot Dot Curve, Breathe California, BrokenCyde, and Escape the Fate... well not really just some select songs from ETF.
  • LeahKnight 2011/03/01 01:50:46
    Blood on the Dance Floor!!
  • Maleny 2010/08/22 07:07:26
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    Not that ur a freak i love Blood On The Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides Jeffree Star, and Linkin Park blood dance floor black veil brides jeffree star linkin park blood dance floor black veil brides jeffree star linkin park blood dance floor black veil brides jeffree star linkin park blood dance floor black veil brides jeffree star linkin park
  • BOTDFroxursox 2010/05/06 00:22:24
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    Ahhh, you are NOT a freak. I just couldn't choosee. (: I like Bullet for my Valentine, Dot Dot Curve, Jeffree Star, BOTDF, and BC13. I can't stay loyal to one band.! :c
  • Miracul... BOTDFro... 2010/05/12 00:01:41
    Haha, ah-mazing. Me too. I actually don't like Kesha, just added her in there for the hell of it. Yeah I love all those bands too, they're so rad. (: I think BOTDF has to be my absolute favorite though, because I absolutely love Dahvie's voice. &&he's just so....sexy. I have so many pictures of him on my itouch. ah-hahaha. (x Same with BC13, Dot Dot Curve, && Jeffree Star, along with many other bands. Thank you so much for commenting, by the way! <3
  • BOTDFro... Miracul... 2010/05/12 23:03:51
    Oh np, thanks for saying thanks I guess lol (: And my favorite from BOTDF is Garret Ectasy Ferr suree. I have pictures of him all over my computer. We had to do a picture in Art of a celeberity or someone in the class. I chose him because he's just yummyy. I love him! : D ferr suree pictures picture art celeberity class chose yummyy love
  • Miracul... BOTDFro... 2010/05/28 21:23:33
    Oh shizz. Yes, Garrett Ecstasy is delicious. But, Dahvie Vanity...I must say is the one guy I am absolutely in love with. To be honest I don't believe the rumors that Garrett spread, but I still love Garrett. He's amazing too. I swear one day I'm gonna meet him though&&we are definitely gonna hangout.(: garrett spread love garrett swear gonna meet thoughampampwe gonna hangout He is just so Dropdead gorgeous. <3
  • tooner259 2010/05/02 04:33:10
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    Los Lobos
  • Charmedtears♥ 2010/05/02 04:20:17
    Bullet for my Valentine!
    FOH= For our Hereo

    foh hereo
    BVB= Black Veil Brides

    foh hereo bvb black veil brides
    Short Stack
    foh hereo bvb black veil brides stack
  • Dalvin 2010/05/02 04:19:32
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    I must say that Ke$ha is terrible,especially her performance on SNL
  • vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv 2010/05/02 03:51:44
    Nothing YOU listed. Freak.
    vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv
    i have 3. they all have awesome music. they all have hottie/s. they're all awesome. listed freak 3 awesome music hotties awesome arctic monkeys
    listed freak 3 awesome music hotties awesome arctic monkeys tokio hotel freak 3 awesome music hotties awesome arctic monkeys tokio hotel the beatles

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