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Fun 2011/06/03 23:30:34
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We didn't think it was possible but Rebecca Black has officially been upstaged -- or down-staged, rather. Tonje Langeteig is an aspiring singer from Norway and her new single really, really sucks.

Take a gander and decide for yourself whether she's worse than viral vixen Rebecca Black.

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  • meg 2011/06/04 08:22:25
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Rebecca Black's voice is so incredibly terrible it is really hard to forgive. Every time I hear the wretched song "Friday" I get a throbbing pain in my ear drums and a migraine. However the this song, I Don't Wanna be a Crappy Housewife, is at a whole new level. Let's just say it would be impossible to make a parody of this song, because it already is a parody without even meaning to be.

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  • Whatsername 2011/06/05 03:34:30
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    i cant stand either of the songs!!!
  • Mahin 2011/06/05 03:24:32
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Oh God....why are you doing this to my ears? seriously...I didn't think it was possible for someone to sound WORSE than Rebecca Black....
    Right....ear therapy...guys go and listen to Evanescence or some other wicked band to heal your damaged ears...i sure need it after this!
  • Randy 2011/06/05 03:22:17
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    ~So she wants to be a crappy disco girl?!!!
  • kitkat42 2011/06/05 03:13:18
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Make it stop!

    suicide kitteh
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2011/06/05 03:04:39 (edited)
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    She's TERRIBLE. Rebecca Black sounds amazing compared to her. (Gotta admit though, I wouldn't want to be a housewife either so I can see where she's coming from. Haha.)
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2011/06/05 03:03:57
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    Well Friday might have been insanely stupid and annoying but I think this might be worse...Her voice is even worse than Black's. Jeez..someone needs to tell these people they cannot sing worth a crap!
  • petey77 R ~In H... 2011/06/05 07:23:34
    Their parents have a lot of money and push them into it, even if they have ZERO TALENT!!! This is sad because there are kids out there with REAL TALENT but no money and no opportunities.
  • R ~In H... petey77 2011/06/13 03:16:07
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    So true..
  • Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfer... 2011/06/05 03:03:48
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    They both suck to put it simple.
  • Curious George 2011/06/05 02:51:21 (edited)
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Curious George
    i.... can't.......stop........my...... FROM BLEEDING!!!!!!!
  • Sam LeFay 2011/06/05 02:49:38
    Sam LeFay
    Don't get me wrong, this is complete and utter crap, but... Rebecca Black's Friday is an evil that could have only been brought about by spawn of the devil.
  • aro 2011/06/05 02:43:01
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    I'd like to know who it was at Sodahead who thought it would be fun to trick me into listening to this. Is this for real or is it someone's homemade video made for Youtube? How could anyone think that was good enough to deserve a video?
  • Dave Brewster 2011/06/05 02:38:34
    Dave Brewster
    "I don't want to" listen to you!!! You suck.
  • Rollo Goodlove 2011/06/05 02:36:03 (edited)
    Rollo Goodlove
    Actually I'd rather listen to this, or Rebecca Black, rather than Nickelback, or Daughtry, or any rapper with "LIL" in his name ??
  • petey77 Rollo G... 2011/06/05 08:08:04
    Seek help ASAP!!!
  • Vicky3575 2011/06/05 02:31:20
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    that was definetly worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2011/06/05 02:31:18
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    At least "Friday" was some what catchy, this was just BAD! She couldn't even lip sync to her own song.
  • petey77 MIRANDD... 2011/06/05 07:35:53
    But you have to admit, her hair is totally hot.
  • MIRANDD... petey77 2011/06/06 03:46:34
    Oh yeah for sure.
  • Alex(: 2011/06/05 02:25:42
    Don't worry kids, now you CAN be ANYTHING you put your minds too!
  • Perry t... Alex(: 2011/06/05 05:30:29
    Perry the Platypus
    You mean I can be a star?!?!!!!!!1!!!!!1one!!!1
    Lol. It's sad how people don't have to actually work for their goals now.
  • Alex(: Perry t... 2011/06/06 02:19:31
    Of course!!!!!!!111
    Exactly. Everything is simply handed over to people nowadays.
  • Randylin 2011/06/05 02:05:26
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    I cannot watch that whole video. This is so amatuer. WTF.
  • 2rrrt 2011/06/05 01:52:51
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    is this a joke ?
  • Nadrasta 2011/06/05 01:50:33
    I thought this was kinda catchy. o.O
  • Say_wut... Nadrasta 2011/06/05 01:54:28
    phew ! I thought I was the only one O.O
  • [Katsu]™ Nadrasta 2011/06/05 04:05:10
    So did I..o.o Yay I'm not the only one. xDD
  • Nadrasta [Katsu]™ 2011/06/05 16:25:17
    If only she sang it in Norweigian. Then it'd be really good. ^_^
  • [Katsu]™ Nadrasta 2011/06/05 20:55:29
    Yeah, I think her voice is actually really good. I like her accent. ^-^
  • twilight_jonas_mj_lvr 2011/06/05 01:36:41
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    She doesn't have to worry because i doubt anyone would want her as a wife...Crappy maybe, but not a wife.
  • Rollo G... twiligh... 2011/06/05 02:34:30
    Rollo Goodlove
    I beg to differ..did you get a good look at that girl ? She can most def be a WIFE !!
  • petey77 Rollo G... 2011/06/05 08:12:52
    I agree with Rollo, I would love to nail her, totally. AS LONG AS SHE PROMISED NOT TO SING IN BED!!
  • twiligh... Rollo G... 2011/06/06 03:30:20
    Ahaha well from the perspective of a male then i guess...but i'm a girl sooo yeah.
  • SidheRocks 2011/06/05 01:27:06 (edited)
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!



    Edit: Ohhhh.. i get it. simple-air headed little girl who just turned 15 and thinks shes getting old cause of all the anime-pseudo pedo nonsense. This is J-pop, isn't it?
  • Hales 2011/06/05 01:26:36 (edited)
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Rebecca Black sucks because her voice got mutilated by electronic effects. This chick is just plain tone deaf or just monotone.

    I can see Conan O'Brien doing another skit.
  • chrisjay 2011/06/05 01:20:24
    At least Rebecca's song has a little bass in it
  • SidheRocks chrisjay 2011/06/05 01:29:45

    But Friday wasn't INTENDED to be bad... this one... I'm not so sure...
  • chrisjay SidheRocks 2011/06/05 02:14:09
    LOL i thought I was the only one thinking that...a person can't be that musically talentless. Rebecca black is the final stage on suckyness. Anything lower must be planned.
  • SidheRocks chrisjay 2011/06/05 10:20:42
    XD it's a conspiracy, man. They're trying to create a new genre of music; "bad." Where what's considered "bad" and "good" is no longer an opinion. :O
  • SidheRocks chrisjay 2011/06/05 11:22:09
    Actually, I was just informed that it's a norwegian contestent. This is actually REAL. o.x

    informed norwegian contestent real

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