Top Ten: .45 caliber compact pistols

Butch Cassidy 2011/01/17 07:00:06

SLIDESHOW: Top Ten: .45 caliber compact pistols

Heckler and Koch USP Compact
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Heckler and Koch USP Compact

  1. Heckler and Koch USP Compact

    Heckler and Koch USP Compact

  2. Para Ordinance Warthog

    Para Ordinance Warthog

  3. Kahr CW 45

    Kahr CW 45

  4. Springfield 1911 Ultra Compact

    Springfield 1911 Ultra Compact

  5. Glock 30

    Glock 30

  6. Springfield XD

    Springfield XD

  7. EAA Witness Polymer 45 compact

    EAA Witness Polymer 45 compact

  8. Kimber Tactical Ultra ll

    Kimber Tactical Ultra ll

  9. Sig P250 Sub Compact 45

    Sig P250 Sub Compact 45

  10. Cobra Patriot 45

    Cobra Patriot 45

Top Ten: .45 caliber compact pistols

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  • BONNIE 2011/01/17 21:23:49
    I own the H &K;, but I sure would like to try the Springfield 1911 !
    By the way, these lists, who put them together?
  • Doc. J 2011/01/17 20:20:28
    Doc. J
    I'll stick with my full sized, thanks. ill stick sized Kimber Desert Warrior

    But I DO like the HK USP...
  • Redskin 2011/01/17 19:35:11
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2011/01/17 14:16:34
    I like the Kimber. Attach some Crimson grips and It'd work for me. kimber attach crimson grips work
  • FD-Firefighter 2011/01/17 12:54:57
    agree agree agree
  • lonewolf FD-Fire... 2011/01/17 13:53:51
    i might look into a 40 or 45 my nine is getting to heavey to carry
  • FD-Fire... lonewolf 2011/01/17 14:12:04
    45s are great guns. I actually just bought a 9 mm. Haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet. I can't wait! When I get home from work tonight...
  • lonewolf FD-Fire... 2011/01/17 14:21:30
    don't get me wrong i love my ruger p89 9mm. great fire power holds 15 in the clip. but a bit heavy to carry. so i'll use that for home protection just need a lighter gun to carry but with great fire power. what 9mm did you buy
  • FD-Fire... lonewolf 2011/01/17 14:24:40
    Beretta 92FS
    I liked the idea of having a "military" grade gun... The 92FS is just the civilian issue... the military use the M5
  • lonewolf FD-Fire... 2011/01/17 14:26:54
    cool. let me know how you like. it i'm shopping this week there are alot out there
  • Butch Cassidy 2011/01/17 07:02:04
  • BONNIE Butch C... 2011/01/17 21:25:14
    Cobra? Is that your fave?

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