Surprise Surprise, Sarcasm Is Hard to Communicate Via Email: Agree?

Fef 2012/08/08 20:00:00
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Shocking news: Five studies (really, it took five studies?) determined that people communicate sarcasm better in person rather than email. Do you limit your sarcasm in email? Do you notate it with smiley face icons?

Without the benefit of paralinguistic cues such as gesture, emphasis, and intonation, it can be difficult to convey emotion and tone over electronic mail (e-mail).
egocentrism e-mail communicate thinkwithout benefit paralinguistic cues gesture emphasis intonation

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  • drdos1943 2012/08/10 19:17:47
    Who would have thought?
    There should be a separate font on every site to communicate in sarcasm or satire.
  • wilsonmja 2012/08/10 18:33:57
    That took me by complete surprise
  • Rock 2012/08/10 18:17:24
    Who would have thought?
  • Carlo 2012/08/10 14:49:19 (edited)
    Who would have thought?
    LOL lets me know someone is cracking up and I shouild be too. Oh now I get the humor in that Duh! That took me by complete suprise as well. I kid I kid
  • lucky 2012/08/10 14:08:57
    That took me by complete surprise
    Say it isnt so, Im soooo shocked by the very idea that people communicate better in person than over the net.
  • C4TSMILEY 2012/08/10 00:29:07
    Who would have thought?
    People often mistake my innocent questions as sarcasm.... although I'm quite good at sarcasm over email when I try.
  • BoardinOK 2012/08/09 21:37:31
    Who would have thought?
    Why, "no, not at all!" lol
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/08/09 21:19:44
    Who would have thought?
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    I don't use sarcasm that often online, because I get sick of explaining -_-
  • nbarton2 Anonymo... 2012/08/09 22:37:12
    It's is just that some people don't get it in person either
  • Anonymo... nbarton2 2012/08/09 22:39:33
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    One of my friends isn't good with sarcasm, it gets annoying...
  • nbarton2 Anonymo... 2012/08/10 07:26:30
    I know I hate that it's like "why do I even talk to you" everything over their heads whoosh
  • ironhat Anonymo... 2012/08/10 02:20:49
    I have been taken to task for being sarcastic when I wasn't. When I tried to explain they would *not* accept my apology so, like you, I've give up on it.
  • MrSexyPants 2012/08/09 18:25:33
    Who would have thought?
    oh yeah, cuz u can totally hear the tone in someone's voice thru text and email right? it'd never get u in trouble or anything.... lol wow
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/08/09 18:01:11
    Who would have thought?
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
  • L1 2012/08/09 17:29:44
    Who would have thought?
    Big surprise. In real life, there's much more to lose, from friends to jobs. Email and/or online, unless your boss or spouse is snooping, what's there to lose from the verbatim?
  • Alex 2012/08/09 17:04:56
    That took me by complete surprise
    It a good thing that we spend our hard earned money on these special studies. I'm so glad that I have been informed of this life-changing event.
  • john doe 2012/08/09 16:06:57
    Who would have thought?
    john doe
    It's usually hard to tell without facial/body expressions and the tone of a voice.
  • Modelexarfate 2012/08/09 15:56:10
    That took me by complete surprise
    In case you didn't know, my vote was sarcasm. Maybe the whole study is sarcastic.
  • Q 2012/08/09 15:19:09
    Who would have thought?
    Sounds about right, without the nonverbal communication it often goes undetected.
    sacasm detecter
  • jeremyperryfranz 2012/08/09 13:28:59
    That took me by complete surprise
    I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception forget case ill glad exception
  • Cunning... jeremyp... 2012/08/10 08:12:21
    Cunning Stunts
    I don't really care about the face but that figure if fine!
  • Will on the road again 2012/08/09 13:21:22 (edited)
  • AM 2012/08/09 13:18:48
  • Milady 2012/08/09 12:15:09
    Who would have thought?
    'Wasn't really sure which option to tick here - I just wanted to say that surely sarcasm, being the artful use of words, translates equally whether communicated verbally or in writing? Duh!!! (Sarcasm - get it??!!!) I like this play on the word sarcasm - "SARCHASM: the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn't get it".
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/08/09 12:06:28
    Who would have thought?
    Cunning Stunts
    I like Arj Barker's take that we need new fonts like Sarcastica to convey tone better online

    arj barker
  • Noobcake Cunning... 2012/08/10 03:28:22
    LOL! This is the first I've heard of 'sarcastica', but to this idea I give a resounding "YES!"

  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/08/09 11:41:25
    Who would have thought?
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    It helps if the other person knows you and can put your words in the proper context.
  • Will on... Captain... 2012/08/09 13:22:04
    Will on the road again
  • mizzSHADYgirl 2012/08/09 10:14:21
    Who would have thought?
    It's true. It's harder to be sarcastic when i'm texting.
  • Chukroast 2012/08/09 07:19:03
    Who would have thought?
    Who would have thought it would take 5 studies? Duh! You can't beat a good sarcastic look and comment with a threat of violence on your face.
  • Rebellion 2012/08/09 06:51:11
    Who would have thought?
  • Stevethinks 2012/08/09 06:30:12
    That took me by complete surprise
    I'm accused of sarcasm in emails often. So I've been with fingers perched trying to think of one for you and now realize sarcasm needs to be in context. I am not sure it's possible to just walk up to a stranger and slam him or her. Even I need a point to begin. I had three younger sister's. The breeding ground for sarcasm. I call it tongue-in-cheek but that's a cop out.
  • Steveth... Steveth... 2012/08/09 06:41:27
    OK I commented this to a guy in Oregon recently and I don't think he got the message. "In America the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience." And I'm not sure he got it, but what do you think? " He had been giving me a lecture on life.
  • Michelle 2012/08/09 06:22:23 (edited)
    Who would have thought?
    [sarcasm] Really? I never would have thought it would be difficult to communicate change of tone in writing. [/sarcasm]

    Seriously, people... just label it. It makes communication so much clearer. (I prefer using less than and greater than signs instead of square brackets, but Sodahead assumes I'm trying to format, which everywhere else I label doesn't).
  • Somkey the Hores 2012/08/09 05:46:58
    Who would have thought?
    Somkey the Hores
    Oh, NoooooOOOOO it isn't
  • Steveth... Somkey ... 2012/08/09 06:31:36
    I like that. may I borrow it.
  • Somkey ... Steveth... 2012/08/09 06:36:56
    Somkey the Hores
    Oh, suuuUUURE!
  • Steveth... Somkey ... 2012/08/09 06:44:24
    When do I pick him up? What does he or she eat? He's so cute. I can't wait.
  • Somkey ... Steveth... 2012/08/09 07:06:19
    Somkey the Hores
    Pick who up? I thought you wanted to use the quote. You mean the bear? That's ME.
  • Steveth... Somkey ... 2012/08/09 07:11:28
    Are you a gurl?

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