Rebecca Joseph

Crime Time 2012/05/08 08:25:40

Yea so I've written one already but to my blueberry muffin Rebecca Joseph.. you are my world. Through the stuff I've been put through lately.. I could NOT have survived without you. You've loved me since like two weeks of knowing each other and talking, and I think it's just the sweetest thing imaginable. The only reason I'm still wanting another and very LAST shot of true love is because of you. Without you, I'd be giving it up totally. My last little relationship shouldn't have even happened. I should've been with you the whole time. You've never given me a reason to be mad with you, you've never given me a reason to turn my back on you or have an argument or anything like that. Fighting with you would be horrid and the worst thing possible. You make my heart melt, you make it go crazy. You leave me speechless, you always make me smile, you always make me love my life even though there is crap in it I wish I could do away with and make better. I have serious problems with myself but I can accept them with you around and only you around. Your never dramatic, you love the peaceful solution to things, and hopefully you'll rub off on me there, because I know I cannot hush up when somebody comes at me-- the fight will just go on till somebody gets hurt, either way that matter. You are the key to my true happiness. I wish I could define how deeply I've fallen for you within the past week and a half. I've liked you since a couple months ago but when I knew I had a shot with you as far as bf and gf goes, I opened on up and I'm damn glad I did! The 8 days of not talking to you cause you couldn't get online were very very bad and I didn't really know how to react to it. When I can't be around, I know your sad and lonely. I wish I could be there, and I wish we could actually be together so we'd get more things done. If I ever miss a time to be online with you, I'd feel bad because it's what we do every day to make sure both of us had a good day and to cheer each other up in case we didn't. Though I've given up on my true loves because of whatever issues, I can't give up on you ever and I never ever will and this time I am dead serious and I mean it. We've come this far without problems so I know we can continue without any as well. If only I could find the words to tell you just how I feel, because all of these are not nearly as close to describing it. I think it's ironic how we met, but I'm glad we did meet.. very glad. I can always be myself near you, and I know you'll love me no matter what. I love you, and I always will. If there isn't a moment you are not on my mind then I don't know what is-- heh, probably planning our future together! <3 You are all I need. I love you, and that is straight up. I'm so glad this finally happened, and as soon as it did. We were both worried for nothing, but now neither of us have to be cause things are gonna be just fine! <3
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