How long does it take you to comb your hair

Kyle 2011/10/28 06:13:22
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  • SarcasticB*tch 2011/11/11 17:32:38
    my hair is almost to my butt. so like 2-3 minutes. but i brush it soooo much during the day. lol
  • Dawn 2011/10/30 03:22:12
    A few minutes. It takes longer the longer my hair gets.
  • ShortyDoWop 2011/10/30 01:50:36 (edited)
    like 2 minutes but when my hair was longer 5, it's not good to overbrush, it causes a lot of damage
  • Enrique lover <3 2011/10/29 09:51:04
    Enrique lover <3
    about 10-13 min I have a long hair
  • carrotcat 2011/10/29 06:33:41
    about 5-10 minutes. My hair is long.
  • you 2011/10/29 04:38:36
    Not long. Are u offering your services?
  • atomikmom 2011/10/29 01:34:32
    3 OR 4 Minutes
  • Dark Child. 2011/10/28 21:56:05
    Dark Child.
    About 15 minuets....Realy :/
  • beck 2011/10/28 20:07:44
  • Evie 2011/10/28 20:05:45
    It takes between 3-5 minutes. Depends if it's being a jerk to me or not.
  • The Amazing Gir 2011/10/28 19:31:24
    The Amazing Gir
    most days 5 mins but if it gets really tangled it takes longer
  • PonToki 2011/10/28 18:48:12
    About 5 minutes.
  • Mrs Reckless 2011/10/28 16:01:22
    Mrs Reckless
    I brush my hair, then comb it, so about 10 minutes:)
  • Tropiceagle33 2011/10/28 15:36:58
    the hair dresser does my hair, i don't, and quoting time it depends of the style i want her to do
  • Kristen *Guru* Lynn 2011/10/28 15:32:00
    Kristen *Guru* Lynn
    I cannot get a comb through my hair without extreme pain.
  • twilight fanatic 2011/10/28 14:50:42
    twilight fanatic
    not long at all cause i just run a brush through it and it does the rest by itself!!!
  • Jazzy 2011/10/28 14:31:30
    I don't really have to comb or brush my hair. It is so straight that I don't have to do anything to it.
  • Jensola 2011/10/28 14:20:33
    I don't comb it, I brush it. Takes about 10 seconds. lol
  • Quiet-is-feared 2011/10/28 13:37:21
    bout 5 mins id say, depending on how I have it styled though,
    i find when i straighten my hair, its easier to comb :)
  • Kat 2011/10/28 13:18:01
    about a minute, unless I am doing something fancy with it. My hair is short... what I call wash and wear hair.
  • spiderpanda 2011/10/28 12:44:36
    a minute or two. now straightening it is a different story haha.
  • Beth-RAWR-Foster 2011/10/28 12:38:58
    comb... i'd get stuck in my hair.. i dont tend to comb it unless it's wet and even then i'd take me forever and a day!
  • Coco Allie 2011/10/28 12:26:54
    Coco Allie
    Well, I brush it but pretty much the same thing. Probably a couple of minutes at the most, my hair is quite long but it doesn't really tangle.
  • Cricket 2011/10/28 12:20:45
    I put a detangler on after the shower and it's a matter of seconds. My hair is long so I prefer not to break it or snag it.
  • lol on B :D 2011/10/28 11:58:41
  • boo 2011/10/28 10:40:59
    My question should be ... "How many combs does it take to comb your hair?" ... I usually leave mine stuck in braids ... easier to deal with.
  • loren Edgecomb 2011/10/28 10:07:59
    loren  Edgecomb
    about 8 minuets
  • Anastasia 2011/10/28 09:38:39
    10 minutes..my hair r quite long so... :)
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2011/10/28 09:30:01
    Ghostie Of the Night
    I comb it once a day and not too much b-cuz then my hair are going to be super puffy and I don't like that. :S
  • Broken Angel 2011/10/28 09:26:20
    Broken Angel
    a while @.@
  • KATniss 2011/10/28 08:47:06
    3 minutes or something :p
  • Hippie 2011/10/28 06:48:21
    Ehh not too long but it seems like it takes forever lol
  • Kashee 2011/10/28 06:35:21
    not very long
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2011/10/28 06:33:13
    Less then a minute.
  • Charmedtears♥ 2011/10/28 06:26:39
  • Mark In Irvine 2011/10/28 06:21:30
    Mark In Irvine
    i keep it short enough that i can just "part" it using my fingers ... sometimes i'll use a brush to make the part "sharper" ... overall. maybe 30 seconds ...
  • Toby 2011/10/28 06:18:53
    snapped finger gif

    ^That long (Ignore the exploding person) :P
  • I <3 Nezumi 2011/10/28 06:17:24
    I <3 Nezumi
    sometimes half a hour because i keep getting a stupid rats nest in the back of my head. it is really annoying because even when i brush my hair it comes back 2 the same spot every week
  • Ruadon 2011/10/28 06:16:10
    about 5-10 minutes
  • Booッ 2011/10/28 06:16:09
    5 mins

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