How do you deal with someone with a superiority complex?

jt 2009/12/26 17:06:43

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  • ♚Littlɘ Ǫuɘɘn~Phaet's Own 2010/01/08 20:33:07
    ♚Littlɘ Ǫuɘɘn~Phaet's Own
    Ignore them.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2010/01/05 03:06:05
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    I don't deal with them well, so I just avoid them.
  • Steford doesn't follow 2009/12/31 13:45:01
    Steford doesn't follow
    Find out something stupid they did and announce it in public.
  • Breezy(: 2009/12/31 05:08:58
    Cut them down to size. They make it simpler than you'd think.
  • retiredingeorgia 2009/12/29 05:13:35
    Here's an old, old saying I like: "I'd like to buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth". I've been known to quote this.
  • BB19 2009/12/29 05:03:00
    Tell them to KISS my kiss
  • Queen B 2009/12/29 04:18:10
    Queen B
    Ignore their childishness. They just want attention.
  • john 2009/12/28 23:08:45
    You just wait untill Obamas tactics fail and you wont have to say anything to him.
  • Helo Chick 2009/12/28 18:01:06
    Helo Chick
    Ignore them.....or try too.....LOL! Of course, how do you ignore the government?
  • Kristen Nicole 2009/12/28 17:36:20
    Kristen Nicole
    tell them about themselves one good time, and ignore their boasting every time after that.
  • BananaGosip~pureawesomeness... 2009/12/28 10:38:18
    Currently trying....tell you when I figure it out myself.
  • adi 2009/12/28 09:53:26
  • Pravin 2009/12/28 07:17:54
    Put them in their place when i get the chance :)
  • aditi 2009/12/28 06:20:16
    i dont want to say anything......... its none of my business........
  • Little Miss Ncis 2009/12/27 18:14:48
  • uplifted 2009/12/27 16:11:10
    Let them be who they are. It's not my deal.
  • Killjoys Queen 2009/12/27 16:02:21
    Killjoys Queen
    I had experiences with some people like them, I always tell them to go to hell and that they are not superior at all, and they should get rid of their own arrogance.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2009/12/27 15:39:23
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I try to remember that he or she is also a child of God.
  • john Dave Sa... 2009/12/28 23:16:29
    Very good approach
  • NakedWombat 2009/12/27 14:54:03
    Treat them as the inferior beings they are.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2009/12/27 14:09:00
    Just MEH....Piwan
    I work for one every day. It can be annoying, but the way I see it he makes a fool out of himself since he has NO reason to feel that way, so it can be good or bad. Depends on my mood!
  • aphrothena~Nyx's beloved da... 2009/12/27 13:30:22
    aphrothena~Nyx's beloved daughter~
    beat them at something they can't bear losing lol
  • Gina 2009/12/27 12:04:11
    My ex-mother-in-law, due to my son leaving to be stationed overseas I had to invite her to a family gathering before Christmas, this woman can drive a saint crazy with her superior attitude, I deal with her by calling her out, but doing it in a polite way. She can't stand the fact that it don't work with me.
  • Gregaj7 2009/12/27 07:16:29
    As little as possible.
  • tree 2009/12/27 06:52:42
    i rotf lmaf, and then tell them that they do not know everthing.
  • Hazel 2009/12/27 05:22:13
    I don't deal with people like that, just ignore them and evenually they understand your not interested in them. What I wish people would have done to Obama.
  • hows my aim? 2009/12/27 04:48:47
    hows my aim?
    aww hell, i'm one of that number so the best way to deal with me is to 1. make a bargain or something to pass the time and make it an equal one. otherwise i just try to step one 'em. 2. befriend them you take less crap than if you start trying to pick a fight. and don't try to be dishonest about it, it never works well in the end. 3. set 'em in their place. get them in a situation where they have to acknowledge that they are lessers. note this can result in unpleasantries but its all the sweeter if its serious.
  • unicorn... hows my... 2009/12/27 06:36:20
    oy vey, and I am not even jewish. o.0
  • hows my... unicorn... 2009/12/28 14:57:26
    hows my aim?
    ok i'll take your word on it
  • wiszard 2009/12/27 03:55:25
    Ask if he is having a..

  • BrightShadow 2009/12/27 03:41:19
    In keeping with the season....
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  • Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012 2009/12/27 03:37:00
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    As the inferiors they clearly are!
  • Bear 2009/12/27 03:26:12
    I eat their brains.
    eat brains
  • unicorn... Bear 2009/12/27 06:37:12
    Hahahahahahaha! .. You are evil! roflmao.
  • ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returni... 2009/12/27 03:18:48
    ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returning to the old landmark
    actually people like that are really dumb.They don't know as much as they think and sure is not no better then anyone else. I really had rather have the common sence I have, then to act like what they think they are worth. I really don't deal with them unless I have to. and if I have to I act like I am talking to someone like: people dumb common sence act worth deal act talking
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2009/12/27 01:36:42
  • 5p0k3n4 2009/12/27 01:32:50
    Just nod and laugh..lol
  • Marc m 2009/12/27 01:06:41
    Marc m
    So, Who told you bout my boss. lol
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2009/12/27 00:20:56
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    I don't.

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