At what age are women most beautiful?

. 2008/01/05 02:33:20
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  • Michael Palmer 2013/04/05 19:53:22
    Michael Palmer
    At 25, women are fully grown, but still have that sweet little girl look.
  • Mozilla 2012/07/21 21:11:24
    40s because women reach their peak and are mature. They have a new level of sexiness.
  • A. L. 2011/07/01 17:39:26
    None of the above
    A. L.
    I just turned 17 and as a model, find myself competing with 14-16 year olds with fresher skin, slimmer bodies and unspoiled hair. I honestly think I'm past my physical prime and in my opinion what makes older women more attractive (if not more physically beautiful) is a more developed sense of style, confidence and self-knowledge.
  • Barzabel 2010/02/24 00:07:26 (edited)
    None of the above
    Women are most beautiful in their late teens. Never again is their skin so dewy, their breasts so high and their waists so slim.
  • asdfz 2009/11/23 13:14:15
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  • Dr Dodo 2009/09/27 21:15:34
    None of the above
    Dr Dodo
    Females are Most Beautiful from 15-19
    Males are best looking from 17-24
  • UrbanHillbilly 2009/08/17 03:43:28
    There are some girls that look like fantasticly beautiful women, but are ugly by the time they reach the age of majority. Other women look too skinny and shapeless before they reach their twenty-fifth birthday. Every woman has her angle, and all look ugly in the wrong light.

    For the most part, women look better the younger they are, but that is also when they try a man's patience the most. In my mind, there are women, and there is eye-candy. To confuse the two is madness.
  • mei mei 2009/03/20 01:03:56 (edited)
    mei mei
    40s-50s....that is very sexy age! Hopefully the children are grown-up and on their own' so she got the time for herself to enjoy the beauty in and out!
  • ~SEXY DIVA~ 2009/03/19 22:01:00
    For sure!
  • moondoggie 2009/03/19 19:44:59 (edited)
    Late 20s and early 30s if they haven't had children. Of course there are a lot of beautiful milfs out there.
  • The heartless 2008/12/01 06:38:41 (edited)
    None of the above
    The heartless
    i don't know....

    lol this is gross
  • Heptarch 2008/11/28 16:40:41
    If you're talking physical beauty, the 20's.

    If you're talking about what age women really come into their own and start to be self-possessed and confident (both very attractive traits), then the 30's.
  • wendol 2008/09/23 15:31:54
    All of the above
    it depends on what you think makes beauty beautiful.
  • Jessa ~COB 2008/03/14 14:29:23
    None of the above
    Jessa ~COB
    id say early 50's...

    for this simple reason they have been on this world for exactly, 50 yrs has seen alot, done alot, and can pass on information to the next generation!

    now dont get me wrong, i dont wanna be 50 anytime soon, but at least i know what ive got instore, when i get there!
  • 310958 2008/03/14 14:19:21
  • kudabux 2008/03/14 13:29:44 (edited)
  • Jacqui 2008/01/24 16:42:28
    Whatever age they realise they are perfect and gorgious!!.....still getting there myself! LOL
  • beano 2008/01/10 05:07:53
    All of the above
    we are always beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  • ăđăм™ *sex cake* 2008/01/08 16:39:38
    All of the above
    ăđăм™ *sex cake*
    Women have a timeless beauty about them, I'm not going into details here, but I have met some truly beautiful women that are much beyond my years...
  • Daisy 2008/01/07 16:35:29
    All of the above
    I think that women can be beautiful at any age. The thirties seem to be the age that mother nature is the kindest to them, though. They have just entered their "woman fully growed" stage.
  • patchesm27 2008/01/07 04:03:45
    None of the above
    Women are beautiful from 20 on.
  • c-kidd(crybaby) 2008/01/07 01:12:13
    totally 23
  • Marked for Life 2008/01/06 20:44:04
    All of the above
    Marked for Life
    I woman never losses her beauty in my eyes....:o)
  • ShineFloyd [Ninja]™ Chi-Kung 2008/01/06 20:10:47
    All of the above
    ShineFloyd [Ninja]™ Chi-Kung
    forever beautiful!!!
  • Eager Beaver 2008/01/06 08:34:24
    Eager Beaver
    late 20 early 30 my mom was smoken when she was in her 30s all the boys hung out at my house
  • mom2hnh~CSI Beaver~GUNNS 2008/01/06 05:49:33
    None of the above
    mom2hnh~CSI Beaver~GUNNS
    Women are beautiful at any and every age. We are timeless!
  • Jazzy 2008/01/06 05:28:22
    All of the above
    Anyone and Everyone are most beautiful or handsome when they are most comfortable with themselves. No matter what age that knowledge comes from it is noticable and gorgous.
  • stevie d 2008/01/06 03:51:16
    stevie d
    id say 20s before gravity catches up with them
  • 310958 stevie d 2008/03/14 13:51:28 (edited)
  • Whispers 2008/01/06 02:36:31
    30's and 40's...good picture choice...she was one of my favorites. :)
  • Deleted 2008/01/06 01:21:09
  • Seasoned BN-0 2008/01/06 01:01:20
    All of the above
    Seasoned BN-0
    Its like the seasons of the year
    all have unique beauty that sets them apart from one another but equal to each other
  • chris Seasone... 2008/01/06 01:13:29
    Check out the poll-- At what age are men most handsome?
  • Sister Jean 2008/01/06 00:48:05
    All of the above
    Sister Jean
    each age has its own particular beauty I always thought 33 as that was the age Jesus left us.I do wish these old bones were as they were at 16,but at least they still working!!!!
  • misthy 2008/01/06 00:40:46
    All of the above
    all the time, at any age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Katie 2008/01/06 00:38:10
    Although it differs for different people.
  • Kiki 2008/01/05 23:32:40
    None of the above
    I think that true beauty comes as women get older. Yeah and botox and everything just makes you look worse. But look at grandmas. they are so gentle and kind. they have experienced so much and are so wise. they are the beautiful ones!
  • Sister ... Kiki 2008/01/06 00:49:29
    Sister Jean
    GO kiki
  • Ginnypoo 2008/01/05 23:15:47
    All of the above
    I think it's different for every woman, there is a time for each woman when she glows and comes into her own....that is when she is beautiful. For some women it's 20s when she is her most healthful and vibrant, some it's when they settle in and 'nest', then they just glow with life, or for some of us it is when they find themselves and learn themselves enough to accept themselves completely, and then they shine with love and understanding. It changes and hopefully most of us can adjust to the different stages of life, but for alot of us it is one particular time when we feel the most complete and fulfilled.
  • PCMGSB 2008/01/05 22:56:51
    20's - Insecure
    30's - Beautiful and beginning to know oneself and the world
    40's- Confident

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