Are Crop Circles the Work of Aliens or Clever Artists?

The Big Question 2011/08/02 18:34:22
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  • chicago 2011/08/02 19:26:02
    Clearly it's the work of alien artists, who are clever, or clever aliens who are artists..wait... ok.. aliens who have way to much time on their hands and not really all that artistic, so I guess not really all that clever either. It's the work of bored, unartistic, slightly clever aliens, but probably in their mid-20's or so, cause older aliens would be like "why are you wasting time drawing those stupid circles? When are you going to get a job? You can't live at home forever" and their alien girlfriends would be saying "whatever, Zsark over in the Crab Nebula has like, this awesome interstellar, like, cruiser which is like, so awesome!" so the circles are made by 20 something, angst ridden, mildly clever, artistically challenged aliens...with lots of tattoos

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  • drksyde72 2011/12/20 04:31:14
    Some are undoubtedly the work of clever artists, and they are recognizable, but the bigger, more detailed and cosmically significant ones i believe are the work of alien intelligence.....
  • Space Invader 2011/08/04 15:30:04
    Space Invader
    Of course it Aliens.....We need to believe! aliens I want to believe
  • SkepticalSpider 2011/08/03 16:41:13
    Clever Artists
    all art
  • PeaceLove&Freedom 2011/08/03 16:19:32
    Clever Artists
    But I think it's both
  • Aksana 2011/08/03 13:46:14
    Clever Artists
    only if they believe in them
  • idontlikeanyone 2011/08/03 12:53:19
    Clever Artists
    with the exception of a few real ones by clever aliens; most are made by humans though exception real clever aliens humans
  • MetalChick 2011/08/03 12:01:02
    Clever Artists
    Afraid I don't believe in aliens
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2011/08/03 06:42:18
    Clever Artists
    I don't believe in Aliens
  • JanHopkins 2011/08/03 05:25:01
    Clever Artists
    I've seen circles that were made by deer resting in the fields.
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2011/08/03 04:36:59
    Since there wasn't a third, more appropriate option. I'd have to say that I think it's probably both.
  • Horace 2011/08/03 03:08:49
    Clever Artists
    Can't it be both?
  • drdos1943 2011/08/03 02:54:58 (edited)
    Clever Artists
    Clever artists trying to communicate with aliens or to confuse everyone else.

    As far as UFO's go...there are too many unexplained sightings by too many credible witnesses to shirk them off...my being one of those witnesses.
  • Admiral J 2011/08/03 02:38:56
    Clever Artists
    Admiral J
    Ask and answered. Planks and rope. And a twisted sense of humor.
  • Time Traveler 2011/08/03 02:22:16
    Time Traveler
    Where's the "I don't know" button?

    I am not the foremost expert on alien conspiracies nor handling alien conspiracies. I also cannot use my psychic powers to view the history as it happened.

    What would you say if I asked you:
    "Where was John Bowling this time two years ago?", would you be able to tell me?
  • Mother nature is biased 2011/08/03 01:14:33
    Clever Artists
    Mother nature is biased
    It's the Nargals, I tell you!
  • Otaku Link 2011/08/03 00:29:39
    Clever Artists
    Otaku Link
    maybe some aliens too, but mostly clever artists.
  • Chris 2011/08/03 00:20:10
    Clever Artists
    Aliens should make some circles on the Moon or Mars then I might believe.
  • Time Tr... Chris 2011/08/03 02:24:15
    Time Traveler
    Why? If they made it this far, they should be able to identify the difference between a dead moon, a dead planet and a life-containing planet.

    A large Oxygen portion in the atmosphere is a dead giveaway. It was created through photosynthesis.
  • Chris Time Tr... 2011/08/03 02:29:05
    To prove to those people they are real... surely a superior intelligence wouldn't waste their time crafting circles in farm land to announce they are real, they would craft it on the moon, something we know we could not ourselves do.
  • Tigger Too 2011/08/03 00:15:18
    Clever Artists
    Tigger Too
    I think this is the work of clever alien artists. [haha] Most of these crop circles are too perfect to have been created by aliens. Besides, if another life form were making these things in the middle of farmer's fields, wouldn't somebody have noticed that some type of shenanigans were going on during the "construction" process? Sounds like somebody's been watching too many episodes of "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel! If you're into crop circles, please to enjoy...

  • Prime Time Lime 2011/08/03 00:09:46
    Prime Time Lime
    Clever artists could never do a real crop circle.I would venture to say it is the work of aliens,possibly a temporary land mark for others aliens to find.
  • Vieuphoria 2011/08/02 23:40:10
    Clever Artists
    I see no reason to believe it's not both. If everything truely is art, then these interesting creations certainly should be considered so. Does that make the Alien an artist, be it deliberate or otherwise?
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2011/08/02 23:35:38
    I wonder if they have local art shows at their home planet. The biggest prize is for the best crop circle. Must be tough competition. ::)
  • Darwin 2011/08/02 23:14:12 (edited)
    Clever Artists
    Well people its already been proven and owned up to.I hate to break your sci-f bubble but earthlings did all of the crop circles.My only retorical Q&A; back as a socratic reply."Do you haed-core believers really think that Aliens came millions up on millions of miles just to hide from us but say we are here by wasteing their time pushing down crops in an intricate pattern.Gee if I were an alien I think I would be smart enough to show enough intelligence reflecting enough to engineer space travel and communicate in an intellectual way other that :Crop designs,..! grief get a grip....
  • ShadowfangXIII 2011/08/02 23:08:38
    It's the Doctor writing to the Master in Gallifreyan.
  • TARDISgirl Shadowf... 2011/08/03 00:05:41
    That's what I thought!!! :D
  • Time Tr... Shadowf... 2011/08/03 02:25:09
    Time Traveler
    No, it's Melody Pond trying to send a message to the Doctor.
  • rock 2011/08/02 23:03:51
    Until they prove different. but who knows who has proof? No one. The thing with these circles is that that have radiation and the plants are bent no way that man can do. The art work is too awesome looking and many have tried to reproduce these circles and can not do it.
  • M.C rock 2011/08/03 00:23:07
  • rock M.C 2011/08/03 00:28:38
    Its not the same no radiation ir plnt stems bent in a way no man could ever do, some of them are made by men but they are not even close to being perfect.
  • M.C rock 2011/08/03 00:46:46
    show me proof of your statement, radiation and the stems bent in a way no man could do, prove it.................
  • rock M.C 2011/08/03 06:15:59
    Just turn on the TV history channel and learn........ the have proved it.
  • Sandy 2011/08/02 23:00:12
    definitely aliens
  • sweetgreatmom 2011/08/02 22:59:13
    Clever Artists
    They are fun to look at.
  • Frank 2011/08/02 22:58:38
    Clever Artists
    People have admitted to making them. There have been TV shows on how to make them. That is the most reasonable explanation by a wildly outrageous margin. Knowing that can and have created them- there is no evidence whatsoever that some creature from another world made them. That hypothesis is speculation at best- with no evidence to support that anything but humans have made them.
  • Time Tr... Frank 2011/08/03 02:26:09
    Time Traveler
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  • WshngMchn 2011/08/02 22:54:54 (edited)
    Clever Artists
    Although many of them do strongly resemble cymatic patterns (patterns created by sound vibration), so a part of me wants to believe they're some bizarre natural phenomenon.

    patterns resemble cymatic patterns created sound vibration natural phenomenon

    patterns resemble cymatic patterns created sound vibration natural phenomenon

    patterns resemble cymatic patterns created sound vibration natural phenomenon

    At least originally. Some are obviously man-made.
  • Phoenix 2011/08/02 22:54:37
    Clever Artists
    but I did see this headline recently:
    "Stoned wallabies make crop circles"

    so ..... stoned Wallabies or clever artists .... aliens not required (and why would they?)
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/02 22:47:59
    Clever Artists
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Not that they couldn't be aliens, but most if not all of them are probably human.
  • Tom 2011/08/02 22:42:14
    Clever Artists
    Clever Alien Artists. It's not as if Earth has the market cornered on whacko's.

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