Are Celebs Really 'Just Like Us'?

AdriHead 2012/07/17 22:47:23

SLIDESHOW: Are Celebs Really 'Just Like Us'?

Kim K and Kanye West
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Kim K and Kanye West

  1. Kim K and Kanye West

    Kim K and Kanye West

  2. Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson

  3. Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston

  4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  5. Rihanna


  6. "The Situation"

    "The Situation"

  7. Jay Z and Beyonce

    Jay Z and Beyonce

  8. John Travolta

    John Travolta

  9. Sarah Jessica Parker

    Sarah Jessica Parker

  10. Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton

Are Celebs Really 'Just Like Us'?
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You've seen it in magazines: The section that begs the comparison between celebrities and "normal people" with the flashy headline "Celebrities: They're Just Like Us" and complements it with pictures of celebs grocery shopping or pumping their own gas. Well, here are a few pictures to make you think twice about such a hasty comparison. Take a look at the pictures in the slideshow first and then come to your own conclusions. Do you think celebrities are really "just like us"?

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  • The Bee Guy 2012/07/18 17:25:08
    Nope, absolutely not.
    The Bee Guy
    They are almost all complete idiots, and those following them, are only idiots in proportion to the amount of time they spend "worshiping" them. The number of followers is pretty high,making the modern American public, pretty darn stupid, usually though not quite so bad as the so called celebrity.

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  • wassup 2012/07/25 05:23:00
    Nope, absolutely not.
    I wouldn't say 'absoutley not' but most normal people don't get everything they want and get paid more then a million dollars a year
  • The Ruby 2012/07/23 16:20:12
    Nope, absolutely not.
    The Ruby
    Oh-no, an alien invasion.....
  • maddyflorian 2012/07/22 22:31:02
    Nope, absolutely not.
    that was hilarious, but just because they buy their own food at the grocery store to survive, doesn't mean they are anything like "normal people".
  • harley oldman 2012/07/22 18:08:36
    Nope, absolutely not.
    harley oldman
    NO.....At least 50% of us have common sense....!
  • nneoma 2012/07/22 17:07:08
    Yes, they totally are!
    they all sh*t don't they
  • Dave 007 2012/07/22 11:46:47
    Nope, absolutely not.
    Dave 007
    They don't want to be like us. They hate us. They just love our money.
  • SteamTr... Dave 007 2012/07/25 03:51:29
    Dave, that's probably true of you & the "US" group you belong to.
    dave true group
  • Dave 007 SteamTr... 2012/08/04 12:29:27
    Dave 007
    The "US" group of 99%.
  • SteamTr... Dave 007 2012/08/05 13:16:00 (edited)
    99% of what Dave? Rolling here..LMBO•.¸¸¸.•O´¯`•.¸.O´¨`...
  • granny 2012/07/21 18:08:13
    are you kidding me? that is totally BS...they are nothing like me dont know about the rest of you...they are arogant snobs & they only care about themselves & how much more money they can make...
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/07/20 21:48:39
    Why are they so big
  • Rubyking 2012/07/20 21:13:50
    Yes, they totally are!
    who's "us"?
  • Cameryn (◠‿◠✿) 2012/07/20 21:09:39
    Nope, absolutely not.
    Cameryn (◠‿◠✿)
    They're not, and they know it.
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2012/07/20 18:31:00
    Yes, they totally are!
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    A priori, yes. Some more famous people are people pure and simple. Some others are arrogant and out of this reality. But then again, so many people I've seen in my life, and on this website, are so arrogant and out of this reality. They're literally the same.
  • BonnieDeutsch 2012/07/20 18:22:39
    99% of them were all like us. It's just that when they became famous they became someone else ! Someone who's head can no longer fit through a door let alone a hat !
  • barby karring 2012/07/20 17:49:16 (edited)
    Nope, absolutely not.
    barby karring
    Hell No" before the money maybe'
    After the money itz like fuk us' they ain't poor no more they leave their past behind and recreate themselves"
    The pic of kimye is a publicity shot fake az all get up; two phonies fooling themselves not us. Take them off public pedestals (worshipping no talent people. What kind of quality of entertainment are they really projecting to the public that warrants them to nauseatingly be in our face all the fuking time??? Can't they sit their azzes down so others can have the frickin' spotlight shine on real talent.
  • Emelya 2012/07/20 15:13:28
    Sometimes. And before I saw this was photoshopped, I was like, I didnt know Kim K. was that fat!!!! lol
  • mandyinabox 2012/07/20 06:14:32
    Yes, they totally are!
    Fundamental misattribution theory
  • Kozmo, Kostable of the Kust... 2012/07/20 05:36:11
    Yes, they totally are!
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    Differs between the Unreally Real & the Realy Unreal, this might confuse Hispanics.
  • zebsmom 2012/07/20 03:54:59
    Nope, absolutely not.
    In some ways, of course there are similarities to the rest of humanity. Then again, yea right, they're just like the rest of us. I can see KK crawling around on the floor of her car trying to find change for a parking meter. Or having to put something back in the grocery store because she doesn't have enough money. Changing their own tires. Doing their own laundry & cleaning their toilets. Sure. Tell me another one.
  • Altering_Minds. 2012/07/20 02:56:42
    Not really, they do lots of drugs and get way too much plastic sugery...
  • DemonChild 2012/07/19 23:39:09
    The best one is jennifer aniston jennifer aniston fat
  • kobidobidog 2012/07/19 21:20:23
    Yes, they totally are!
    They are human just like we are. Why even ask the question?
  • dandieselonian 2012/07/19 20:37:10
    Yes, they totally are!
    they eat their bacon down at the turks and cacos just like I do
  • M'lud 2012/07/19 19:39:19
    Nope, absolutely not.
    They could be, if they chose to step out of the limelight, but mostly their careers require them to get as much attention as possible. I have known a few really HUGE stars way before they became celebrities and they were quite noticeably not regular folks "just like us" even then.
  • little k 2012/07/19 15:14:31
    little k
    I pics this bc I wasn't sure.bc nOt all celebs r...mostly not but idk
  • Stacie's Mirage 2012/07/19 15:07:21
    Yes, they totally are!
    Stacie's Mirage
    we're all people....
  • john doe 2012/07/19 11:23:43
    Yes, they totally are!
    john doe
    I'm pretty sure they are people too. I'd like to see some of the things "normal" people do when they have people snapping pictures around every corner....then again I probably don't.
  • beach bum 2012/07/19 10:32:47
    beach bum
  • Sarah 2012/07/19 10:25:24
    Well some are, it depends on the person, and I personally think that some of those celebs want to act normal and have normal lives but don't.
  • Christine 2012/07/19 10:24:41 (edited)
    Yes, they totally are!
    Given the chance most people would be exactly as arrogant and condescending as celebrities. They would imagine they are better than everyone else because they get overpaid for mediocre acting. When you have a lot of money it is easy to look good. You can buy the best food and clothing, hire the best personal trainers and stylists, and pay for *good* plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments.
  • Maryam 2012/07/19 08:34:01
    Nope, absolutely not.
    they live life that is totally different to ours
  • sol 2012/07/19 08:02:37
    Yes, they totally are!
    Only difference is that they have the money to keep themselves looking young. Most people would do the same if they had all that money.
  • Jack the Dude 2012/07/19 06:24:08
    Nope, absolutely not.
    Jack the Dude
    Kanye West is now FAT!!!! He is now like the average American!! So in some ways, I guess, yes.
  • Nish 2012/07/19 04:24:35 (edited)
    Nope, absolutely not.
    We all are human.it is true.but absolutely they have a weird life style than us with their popularity.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/07/19 03:15:48
    Yes, they totally are!
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    I don't get it, making them fat and awkward-looking makes them "just like us" REALLY? Really GIF
  • YCare 2012/07/19 02:07:17
    Nope, absolutely not.
    That is some BAD photoshopping....i do like the kanya and Kim as fatties and love the sarah jessica next to her kin (horse).. LOL... and Travolta...YIKES.. man shows you need hair dude.... blah.....and rhianna as a fatty..There is nothing wrong with being overweight , i am JUST saying it is funny to see the Perfect People snobs too look terrible.....Angela Jolie....although Brad Pitt Looks like he does now... remember when he never cut his hair? looked like a rich homeless dude...LOL..Paris looks like a homeless girl. these are funny at best.... Hell no they aren't like us. I like how they always say they are though.. BS. I cannot imagine any one of them worrying day to day on how to payoff bills , or if they will find another job .. puuuuhhhhhleessse.....
  • Liz Del Rey 2012/07/19 02:01:48
    Nope, absolutely not.
    Liz Del Rey
    Doesn't John Travolta already look like that??
  • Diane 2012/07/19 01:54:10
    Nope, absolutely not.
    Normal is in the eye of the beholder.
  • malikasecrets 2012/07/18 23:45:43
    They use the toilet, right? I think many celeb are narcissistic while not many others are.

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