4 spiders a day crawl into your mouth while you sleep, can you believe it?

Chris [Ninja]™ 2009/02/19 19:20:14
I can totally believe it!
No way, that can't be true!
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  • karen 2011/08/22 14:56:22
    No way, that can't be true!
    i hope not .... thats discusting
  • celest 2009/10/24 05:30:01
    I can totally believe it!
    i hear its like 12 a yr i like the kitty :)
  • booby 2009/10/08 04:45:59
    No way, that can't be true!
    How can they believe that? Im 9
  • cheyanne 2009/07/18 20:00:38
    No way, that can't be true!
    that cant be true maybe 4 in your lifetime but not 4 a day
  • paige 2009/06/07 02:06:22
    No way, that can't be true!
    i seriously, could have gone my whole life without knowing spiders crawl into your mouth, but 4 a day isnt true. more like 8 in your lifetime
  • mackenzi 2009/05/14 02:07:01
    No way, that can't be true!
    ummmmmmmmmm.................s... not in janesville in different places there are!!
  • Naughty Boy 2009/03/18 13:40:30
    No way, that can't be true!
    Naughty Boy
    Because it really is not true!!
  • LadyKonFuze 2009/03/12 14:23:44
    No way, that can't be true!
    Come on... a day? I believe they crawl in, but not that much.
    I looked up just in time to find some kind of beatle about to fall on my face... wonderful.
  • CitizenErased 2009/03/03 16:56:19
    No way, that can't be true!
    This is even more ridiculous than that untrue rumour that 11 crawl in there during your lifetime.
    Spiders might not be the smartest creatures, but they're not that dumb.
  • Docstrich 2009/02/23 06:54:32
    No way, that can't be true!
    It's more like 11 spiders in your lifetime....not 4 a day
  • lsuchick1292 2009/02/23 03:51:06
    No way, that can't be true!
    i am TERRIFIED of spiders!! so from now on im gonna duct tape my mouth shut!!! LoL....
  • celest lsuchic... 2009/10/24 05:28:09
    lo me too!
  • A X L E 2009/02/23 03:06:37
    No way, that can't be true!
    A X L E
    every single day?? come on. that can't possibly be true (unless of course if you sleep in a severely spider-infested place, that might be the reason why, but other than that, that's stupid.)
    I fully believe that we of course have a couple a year that crawl into our mouths, but 4 a day is really pushing it.
  • Kari 2009/02/23 02:01:00
    No way, that can't be true!
    I swear on everything that's holy, it can't be true for me! lol. xD I swear that I never sleep with my mouth open. I can't do it. It drives me crazy! I hope it's not true! Yikes.
  • Rchl 2009/02/22 20:13:34
    No way, that can't be true!
    They are just as scared of us as we are them lol, brave ass spider to come near me yuck
  • CandJ 2009/02/22 19:58:34
    No way, that can't be true!
    I have electronic devices through the house for any little creatures how can that be true have not seen mice or spiders even come in the patio door since installed.
  • Rchl CandJ 2009/02/22 20:11:14
    I have those to lol
  • screwybruce 2009/02/22 15:59:22 (edited)
    No way, that can't be true!
    no because that would leave no room for the fleas that hop in there and give you worms! (maybe 2)
    also Orkin man says that spiders dont like vinegar, so if you dont want em around mix a weak (but Smelly) solution to keep them out. No spiders for you and more spiders to eat them other nasty bugs.
  • Dylanrulz4794 2009/02/22 09:33:29
    No way, that can't be true!
    It's 4 a year.
  • Michaela 2009/02/22 07:20:18
    No way, that can't be true!
    what if my mouth is closed while i sleep??????? Besides, SPIDERS SCARE ME!!!!!!!!!!! oh and that question is dumb. the end
  • j 2009/02/22 06:21:06
    No way, that can't be true!
  • prettythug 2009/02/22 04:47:49
    No way, that can't be true!
    ill fucc no
  • Gun665 2009/02/22 04:15:47
  • Bells 2009/02/22 02:43:25
    No way, that can't be true!
    I'm going to go make myself throw up now... thats gross!
  • Keen Tojones 2009/02/22 01:01:09
    No way, that can't be true!
    Keen Tojones
    Because daddy long leg spiders are prevalent and their bodies carry a high level of high level poison. They don't bite, but if you bit them, you'd die.
  • screwyb... Keen To... 2009/02/22 16:01:48
    but they are not true spiders, but do eat spiders.
  • riderwriter extremist extra... 2009/02/21 23:36:05
    No way, that can't be true!
    riderwriter extremist extraordinaire
    Perhaps in warmer climated, I dunno.
    Here? I've not seen a spider in 5 or 6 months. This 0 degree weather and 63 inches of snow is not spider territory. 5 6 0 degree weather 63 inches snow spider territory
  • Katana Avion 2009/02/21 22:41:56
    I can totally believe it!
    Katana Avion
    I read that before, and I thought that was per year or something
  • Katana ... Katana ... 2009/02/21 22:46:48
    Katana Avion
    But when I looked it up, it is just a myth and that although it is possible to swallow a spider in your sleep it is extremely unlikely.
  • Heywood 2009/02/21 20:47:10
    No way, that can't be true!
    If they did then chances are in your lifetime you would see it and often.
  • !!spaz<3zarama!! 2009/02/21 20:45:44
    No way, that can't be true!
    i sleep w/ my mouth closed, and a spider would need some serious pliers to do that shiz!
  • babydracula 2009/02/21 18:58:31
    No way, that can't be true!
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! i have spiderphobia....my eyes shattered for life!!!
    my ears were when i knew we actually eat 2 of them a year....just too nasty!!!
  • Jon 2009/02/21 16:13:02
    No way, that can't be true!
  • holls Jon 2009/02/22 06:19:38
    wow, you're really brave.
    i would never do that.
  • Chemicals man 2009/02/21 13:11:36
    No way, that can't be true!
    Chemicals man
    Um I think i'll cover my mouth with tape when I go to sleep tonight!
  • Wilson Chemica... 2009/02/21 19:22:26 (edited)
    Yeah, we need some kind of self-contained moon suits to sleep in. yeah self-contained moon suits sleep
    There goes my love life!
  • Chemica... Wilson 2009/02/21 21:28:59
    Chemicals man
    lol true
  • Devil King 2009/02/21 07:53:42
    I can totally believe it!
    Devil King
  • Anarchico Anthony 2009/02/21 06:18:24
    No way, that can't be true!
    Anarchico Anthony
    i have actually looked that up and it is not true at all.
  • Jimmy Shats 2009/02/21 05:44:51
    No way, that can't be true!
    Jimmy Shats
    not true at all

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