Who's Your Favorite Hottie Actress of the '50s?

TheDomesticatedBachelor 2011/01/26 00:49:50
Audrey Hepburn
Ava Gardner
Grace Kelly
Lauren Bacall
Natalie Wood
Sophia Loren
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If you’re retirement age, you might have adored these talented (and magically delicious) actresses the first time around during Hollywood's Golden Age (circa 1950s). Some of us younger folk have since grown to appreciate the grooviness of women who could be our grandmothers. There’s just something swell about the classic elegance of these fine Hollywood hotties . A few of these actresses hit their heydays before the ‘50s, some just after, but they all did great work in the ‘50s. Other actresses did excellent work in the period, but these are the 6 I like best (I’ve left out Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe because they’re overly popular and just not my favs). Please vote for your favorite and tell us why in the comments, then check back for the results (you can see the results of the Favorite Fictional Bachelor Poll and still vote!). Feel free to research their film catalogs and get back to us.

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  • Little Miss Unicorn 2011/12/28 23:57:32
    Audrey Hepburn
    Little Miss Unicorn
    They were all great but...
    Audrey Hepburn, the most charming, elegant, classy and kindest of them all.
    audrey hepburn
  • Sonia 2011/01/31 15:15:26
    Sophia Loren
    Sophia was damn sexy... sophia damn sexy
  • ml210378 2011/01/26 01:20:09 (edited)
    Lauren Bacall
    lauren bacall. she had a no nonsense look about her. very exotic look also. oh yeah, and she could act her butt off.

    lauren bacall nonsense exotic lauren bacall
  • blake griffin 2011/01/26 00:58:25

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