Which of these TV evangelists most embarrasses Christianity?

DC 2011/07/12 09:40:10
Joel Osteen & his support group/prosperity gospel
Joyce Meyer & her support group focus
Benny Hinn blowing on people
Joseph Prince & his HATE for Gods Law
The world revival church & its demonic possesion look
Rod Parsley & his mixing of truth & error
Sid Roth just being openly psycho on TV
"school of the prophets" selling personal prophecies for a seed
EWTN (Catholic network) & myth of apostalic succession
Todd coontz & his obssession with WEALTH
Paula White using her feminine qualities at the pulpit
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Watched Christian TV for the first time over the last couple of weeks and was stunned-trulyBabylon is Fallen-and her sins have reached unto Heaven. It was disgusting. And whats with all these requests for "seeds" by telling people God will expand their life, heal them, etc. for money? SICK....But the worst was the selling of "personal prophecies" for a $52 seed!!!!!!!!!!!!That is nothing more than psychics in the church!! UNBELIEVABLE...But the world revival church was so weird I had to change the channel-they truly came across as demon possessed.

church unbelievable world revival church weird change channel-they demon possed
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  • Pam 2011/07/12 16:27:51
    Benny Hinn blowing on people
    Benny Hinn in general, is creepy. Put him in the same boat with Ernest Angely and his bad rug and "healing" people by hitting them with the "heel" of his hand.
  • MommaCat 2011/07/12 12:53:54
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/07/12 11:16:45
    Paula White using her feminine qualities at the pulpit
    Lady Whitewolf

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