What Was the Best Summer Opening Ceremony of the Last Three Decades?

GMR 2012/06/29 22:36:19
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The London 2012 Summer Olympics are right around the corner, and soon most of the planet will be caught up in the breath-taking athleticism of the world's very best. Though the Olympics are technically a sporting event, they transcend traditional entertainment to become a spectacle of human endurance, willpower, skill, strength... It would take us a while just to cover the basics, so we'll leave it there.

In honor of the London 2012 Olympics, we're running a survey on some of the greatest moments in recent Olympics history, the greatest Olympics-themed movies, and a few other related topics. Make sure to check out our 8-Question Quick Poll and see what other people think!
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  • jacktown kid 2012/07/09 15:08:12
    Beijing 2008
    jacktown kid
  • Angel* 2012/07/09 10:03:39
    Beijing 2008
    It was most beautiful and scary a tinny bit.
    They had more people playing drums then we have in Florida.
  • Empress 2012/07/07 20:24:05
    Atlanta 1996
    The best in my opinion.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/07/07 20:08:09
    Atlanta 1996
    Margaret Jacobson
    last one I watched
  • Mike 2012/07/06 22:20:47
    Beijing 2008
    By far....!
  • ShamshirMkII 2012/07/03 02:04:47
    Barcelona 1992
    Simply the best XD!
  • Your Favorite Nerd 2012/07/02 04:33:42
    Beijing 2008
    Your Favorite Nerd
    Beijing's ceremony was so awesome! :)
  • Gregaj7 2012/07/01 04:59:39
    Beijing 2008
    Beijing gave a totally new definition to going all-out and being flawless.
  • john.keenan.792 2012/06/30 18:50:24
    Los Angeles 1984
    showing my age now people can remember it so so welll, i watche it every day

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