What are some good songs to sing for a solo for a girl?

♥Jen J. 2010/08/18 22:48:34
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Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
I dont know but good luck
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I need a song to sing for a audition
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  • Purfect543 2012/09/27 00:19:33
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    we are never ever getting back together by taylor swift or if i die young by the band perry. They are easy to remember and both of them are not too high or low pitched

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  • LOVE652 2014/03/27 23:50:05
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
  • Chelsea 2014/02/21 03:00:21 (edited)
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    I think good songs would be me and my girls or miss move on. Easy to sing and no bad words or wings. Artists are fifth harmony and little mix. I'm being on America's got talent so they are easy to remember and not hard
  • LOVE652 Chelsea 2014/03/27 23:51:25
  • karen 2014/02/14 21:06:40
    I dont know but good luck
    hi guys, i relly need your help. my voice is kinda low and high so plz can u pick a song for me. thanx
  • lola 2014/02/02 05:57:43
    I dont know but good luck
    i really need a song to sing to audition in my schools band what song should i sing????
  • India lola 2014/02/13 21:11:43
    Your song Ellie Golding or if I die young by the band perry
  • Destiny Elizabeth Ann 2014/01/22 15:43:36
    I dont know but good luck
    Destiny Elizabeth Ann
    I am auditioning for GT chorus at my high school. I'm an alto and can't really hit the higher notes very well... Any suggestions?
  • karen Destiny... 2014/02/14 21:10:19
    well i reccomend love song by taylor swift or anything can happen by ellie goulding
  • Kylie 2014/01/22 00:27:56
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    King of Anything, Brave, Love Song~Sara Barillies
    Maybe, Parachute~ Ingrid Michealson
    Hate to See Your Heartbreak, Last Hope, Part ll, Let the Flames Begin, Ain't it Fun, My Hero~Paramore(Sorry, I love them)
    Arms, Jar of Hearts~Christina Perri
  • Grace 2014/01/20 23:14:16
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    i sang rolling in the deep by adele in my school talent show. its easy to learn so there should not be too many issues. i see that adele songs are very popular to sing but this one is great. if u cannot hit the very high notes feel free to sing the chorus a bit lower and it will still sound good. that is what i did and it worked out great. other good songs to sing are daylight, love somebody, i wont give up, when i was your man, and half a heart. i hope this was helpful!
  • megan Grace 2014/03/31 06:55:17
  • lol 2014/01/03 01:07:32
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    poop on yourslef
  • pappy sappy 2013/12/31 19:50:36
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    pappy sappy
    if you have a strong breath support you should try impossible by shontelle its a good song but i don't have those features to actually sing it so try it might surprise you
  • aaaaaaaaaaa 2013/12/13 21:04:44
    I dont know but good luck
    I think you should sing set fire to the rain by Adele. Or Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.
  • Angela 2013/12/07 07:10:10
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    I would sing wake me up
  • Amaya J... Angela 2014/02/13 04:44:09
    Amaya Jones
    How would you sing wake me up and not go to high? If a girl was singing I mean
  • Emzii 2013/11/11 01:18:37
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    I am going to try out for the X Factor in a couple of years. I already have some songs that I've picked out to practice for it, but I need some good suggestions. So far, I have We Are Who We Are by Little Mix (avid fan), Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, and Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. My voice teacher recommended looking some up. Any help?
    p.s. If it helps, I am 13, and apparently (according to choirmaster) have a solid voice and a beautiful lower register.
  • miss_al... Emzii 2013/12/30 18:12:41
    If u have a solid voice then try: I know where I've been (from hairspray) by queen latifa.
  • Frances 2013/11/10 21:10:33 (edited)
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    Well it depends what age you are. You could try: Castle on a cloud-Les Miserables
    Maybe- Annie
    Where is love-Oliver
    Different-Honk jr
    Naughty- Matilda
    Part of your world-The little mermaid(i know its babyish but its good for auditions)
  • Kate Wi... Frances 2014/01/27 22:39:47
    Kate Wilkinson
    Omg I love that some from les mis !! Xx
  • Maia 2013/11/06 01:20:28
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    I have the same question ... ive been thinking about doing part of your world from the little mermaid. I know its a really childish song but it brings out all sides of your voice and is easy to sing. Ive also considered adelweiss frm the sound of music
  • Morah 2013/10/23 23:48:06
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    Im also 13 and trying out for the musical "thoroughly modern millie" and I need a song from a musical or one that shows off vocals without being cocky. I really want to get a lead this year. any suggestions?
  • Arushi ... Morah 2014/03/17 22:21:28
    Arushi Isme
    oh hey girl hey. nice meeting you here
  • Tolu Ad... Morah 2014/03/25 20:28:45
    Tolu Adebayo
    Hey well I was in the musical a few years back and I think you should try singing "Don't rain on my parade. It's kind of challenging but I am sure u can do it. Try singing toward the end if it'll be a short audition.
  • Julia 2013/09/23 23:12:02
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    hello everyone... Im just trying to make a suggestion to everyone. If u cant hit high notes then sing someone like u by adele but make the higher notes lower and if u can hit the high notes leave them or even make them a little higher for you. Just remember: dont try to show off and if u win in whatever your doing then good job and dont brag about it:)
  • karen Julia 2014/02/14 21:01:28
    or maybe something like hey how u doin if you have got a band
  • Hannah 2013/09/21 04:53:22
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    Really need some help here I am a girl singing solo at my school talent show I need some choices but not too high pitch and not too low pitch
    :) plz help and comment soon
  • Julia Hannah 2013/09/23 23:06:13
    TRY someone like u.... change the higher parts into an octive lower and then sing it like that... I did that and went onto 2nd round and placed 4 over all starting with that song:)
  • riley 2013/07/26 00:22:06
    Here are some suggetsions (in comment)
    I'm going to audition for America's got talent next year with I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. Other songs I sing are 100 years by five for fighting, 1000 years by Christina perry, come on get higher by Matt Nathanson, and beneath your beautiful by labrinth
  • Turbo riley 2013/08/30 19:58:12
    Everyone, I have auditioned for America's got talent and if you are a singer don't be too sad if you don't get in. Agt is just looking for a good funny act not real talent. That's why there is some crappy people on the show. My advice is to do the x factor, the voice, or American idol(if they still have that) I'm not saying don't try out because it would be awesome practice but don't give up if you don't make it. Just saying :)
  • Julia Turbo 2013/09/23 23:07:26
    dont be so full of urself... Not trying to be mean but ya
  • ashleyJ Julia 2014/01/22 05:39:29
  • Julia riley 2013/09/23 23:06:57
    Those are good songs and I highly recommend 1000 years
  • mella 2013/07/25 23:22:41
    I dont know but good luck
    OMG my dad just said that if i practise alot i can try for X factor next season OMG OMG
    im an alto mostly low notes but i can get high sometimes IDK wat song to sing though pleaaaasssseee help
  • riley mella 2013/07/26 00:23:09
    I'm going to audition for America's got talent and/or x factor next year with I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. Other songs I sing are 100 years by five for fighting, 1000 years by Christina perry, come on get higher by Matt Nathanson, and beneath your beautiful by labrinth
  • hannahv... mella 2013/08/01 21:57:42
    Skinny Love by Birdy If you can sing high notes continuously go for it!! :)
  • kaekae mella 2013/08/20 18:54:01
    First: good luck XD

    Round and round, it shows attitude and character, which you need for that show!
  • Mel mella 2013/09/01 23:46:32
    Hi! I know its a hard decision but u could just express yoursef by singing a song written by u. That would really touch the judges hearts. But if ur not capable of doing that then i recommend u to sing a nice, calm, cute, creative songs! Like Adele, Ke$ha, or even better a well known song that everybody likes. Try to partner up with a guy so then the judges will feel the love between u and the guy. When u sing try to look profoundly into his eyes so the judges can approve.
  • Heretosing Mel 2013/09/12 17:14:43
    No offense but this is possibly the worst advice you could give, there has never (in the pop industry) been a successful duo act consisting of a guy and girl, especially ones that look like their together. Coming from someone who has studied, worked and lived in the music industry this is what will immediatly get you a no and if not a no then it certainly won't see you into any career in music.
  • Carmen R Heretosing 2014/01/05 17:39:59
    Carmen R
    What about Karmin?

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