The Great Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunt

It is not unusual for my friend, Abby, and I, also Abbey, to go to Wal-Mart for no particular reason. We have walked around filming an impromptu video about a woman who believes she is being stalked and resorts to wearing a purple trash can on her head as a disguise. We have walked around in costume and held giant candy cane duels. This weekend we had the pleasure of planning the Great Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunt as a replacement for our ruined bowling plans.

It was rather fun. We were supposed to go bowling after my basketball game then head over to the movie theater with three other friends but upon arriving at the bowling alley we discovered that the lanes were reserved for a competition (we really must consider doing some research before planning.) With a good two hours to fill we sat in the alley parking lot debating on a filler for this time slot.

Now the boy who planned this evening of craziness doesn’t get out much besides school, church, and youth group so when we suggested a scavenger hunt he was well, to say the least, confused out of his mind but it didn’t take much convincing before we were on our way to Wal-Mart and making our list.

On the list:

-pipe cleaners (at least 6 colors)

-an all pink Barbie

-a picture of a man in a tank top and shorts

-kiwi (the fruit of course)

-a Scorpions CD

-a fake moustache

-red hair dye

-blueberry frosted Pop-Tarts

-Dumb and Dumber (the original)

This really is a great game to play and it’s easy too! Just make a list, grab a basket, and split into groups! We started at the right corner nearest to the entrance, set up a half an hour time frame in which we had to find the items and meet at the complete opposite corner of the store.

I am happy to say that my team, Team Green, won! The deciding item? The Scorpions CD! The irony in that? They hit up the CD section first and somehow we ended up with the last copy! The unfound items were a picture of a man in tank top and shorts, Dumb and Dumber, and a fake moustache.

After the Hunt was over we stayed in the store and avoided a worker who had yelled at us during the Hunt for attacking each other with foam swords (Immature? Yes. Fun? Yes.) We hit up the clearance aisle, practiced our juggling and tried on size 4X shorts.

The movie was good too. Not many people have heard of the movie To Save a Life but it really is life changing. Sad, realistic, and hard to forget. I recommend both Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunts and To Save a Life.

The Losers Walk to the Finish Line

changing sad realistic forget recommend wal-mart scavenger hunts save life

The Winners Wait at the Finish Linechanging sad realistic forget recommend wal-mart scavenger hunts save life

He Used to Wear a Size 4X Until He Competed in the Hunt
changing sad realistic forget recommend wal-mart scavenger hunts save life

Disgiusing Ourselves from the Angry Wal-Mart Employee
changing sad realistic forget recommend wal-mart scavenger hunts save life
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  • Delilah Rasputin 2010/02/09 23:50:55
    Delilah Rasputin
    lol. nice pictures too.
  • abs44 Delilah... 2010/02/10 00:08:17
    your gonna have to join us next time.
  • Delilah... abs44 2010/02/14 18:19:04
    Delilah Rasputin
    abby barely tolerates me even though i have done nothing for her to be mean.
  • abs44 Delilah... 2010/02/17 23:55:35
    well, its beginning to get that way between her and me too.
  • crownvic4life 2010/02/09 22:03:01
    haha these are the kinds of things me and my friends used to do, but its postponed till the summer since we're all in college, but our scavenger hunts involve crazy pictures at multiple locations in town...jealous of your movie we tried to film once and they yelled at us and told us we couldnt film in their store
  • abs44 crownvi... 2010/02/09 23:54:03
    lol. i think they were afraid to talk to her but when we did the Hunt we would check the aisle before we took the picture.

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