Should kids ever be allowed in rated R movies?

Today on TheFrisky.com, writer Jessica Wakeman talks about her appall over going to see the movie Precious in a theater in New Jersey and finding herself seated next to a toddler and his mom.

The tot wasn't the only kid in the theater, she says. Pre-school aged children and even babies could be heard throughout the seats. Wakeman's main problem is with the fact the these parents thought it was OK to bring their children to a film whose subject matter is supposedly pretty rough--Precious deals with incest and physical and verbal abuse:

Really, people? You (couples, single parents, whoever these people
were) just had to see this movie so badly that you brought someone in
diapers along with you? Even if references to incest would go over
little kids’ heads, there’s so much physical violence and verbal abuse
in “Precious.” Do some parents really think their small children just
don’t notice it, or aren’t going to be affected by it? When Amelia saw
“Precious,” she said there were a handful of elementary schoolers in
the theater—7-to-10-year olds! They actually are old enough to
grasp what’s going on in the film, but definitely not mature enough to
process it. How do you explain incest and rape to a 3rd grader?

Wakeman goes on to suggest that movie theaters ban children from moves rated R (some apparently already do, but don't enforce it, according to someone who commented on the article). If that can't be done, parents should have enough sense to leave their kids with a sitter or wait till the movie comes out on DVD.

Have you ever taken your child to a rated R movie? Do you think there should be restrictions against it?

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  • NoNmr 2009/11/28 05:14:17 (edited)
    No. What's the point of the movie rating system if it won't be followed? =)

    movie rating

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  • myrline 2011/10/29 01:17:54
    this iiis just wierd r rated movies
  • Shante kelley 2011/06/25 15:46:37
    Shante kelley
    Hello, I woke up very upset today to find out that my son has a NetFlix Account that he has been getting charged for since March 2011. It is true that he has his own High School checking account with Chase that he pays for his lunch with. That should not give Netflix the right to not ask if he is a minor before they charge him for rated R movies. That’s right, Netflix allows a child to go online and set up an account for rated R movies without considering they’re age. Now my question is ... how they can do this if Wal-Mart will not sell them a Rated R Movie and they cannot go to the movies to watch a Rated R Movie without me. Now get this, when he first encountered the Netflix account it did ask how old he was. So when I found out he had the account after my own investigation, I thought it was OK. It was never taken into consideration that he put down that he was born in 1996. No matter how hard we try to watch our children there are going to always be companies that are out there to make a dollar, forgetting about our children’s futures.

    Shante Kelley
  • sarah 2011/04/19 23:38:32
    I'm 13 and i saw my first rated R movie at age 12. I was fine. The movie was horror and it was Orphan. It was R for violence, language, and sexual content. Some of my friends couldn't go to there room alone for a week but it honestly taught us a lesson.
  • Peter 2010/03/27 23:20:22
    I just watched "Shutter Island" and there were kids not 2 years old in there with their parents. I told management, but they said it was up to the parents. F-bombs, blood. These kids...these babies shouldn't have seen that. It's too much for them I think. Maybe at 10, but not kids shorter than the top of my knee cap!
  • Travis 2010/02/11 23:28:29
    I refuse to listen to Ratings, I am 11 years old and I didnt do anything wrong, neither did the other kids, and I just want to know about stuff, not do anything until im older.
  • megan 2010/01/21 14:15:27
    no i think that the kids can watch r rated films because it cant teach them anything that the outside world would
  • Naui 2009/12/02 07:13:05
  • MassxVelocity 2009/12/02 01:35:46
    I think that they should be allowed to if the parents are ok with it. After all, they would have to buy your tickets. I've seen a lot of R-rated movies, and I'm only 14, but I think I'm ok. But it would matter on your maturity and what the movies are rated R for.
  • taravati 2009/12/01 17:44:56
    I pondered this question for a while...
    Should you be able to take a minor to see a movie at a public movie theatre that is rated above their age range? I say no, that would be a simple rule that people should not be able to argue legally.
    Other than that, it is up to the parents or guardians of a child to make the decision as to what their child should be exposed to and at what age. I do not always agree with the decisions that parents make in this regard, but it is still their right.
  • ♥Jen J. 2009/11/29 17:40:32
    ♥Jen J.
    it is weird i mean i am 13 and i go see those movies because i know not to do anything that happens but pre schoolers shouldnt be allowed
  • antoniob27 ♥Jen J. 2009/11/30 23:34:17
    I agree totally
  • ♥Jen J. antoniob27 2009/12/02 01:31:04
    ♥Jen J.
  • Mason ♥Jen J. 2013/01/11 02:41:19
  • Mason ♥Jen J. 2013/01/11 02:42:21
    Ur really smoken hot..xD
  • Mason ♥Jen J. 2013/01/11 02:43:01
    I agree wit u though...:-p
  • Deanna 12960 2009/11/29 14:28:21
    Deanna 12960
    Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!! My daughter just turned 11 and in our house we don't watch any "r" rated anything. I myself don't care for blood, guts, and gore. Nor do care for all the violence in movies. This world is truly scary enough without watching on T.V. I think kids should be kids as long as possible. That's what's wrong everybody is in a big hurry to "grow-up" too fast. I'm not so sure that even if my daughter was 18 that we would see a "r" rated film. We watch comedy or family kinds of movies. Sometimes I think even pg13 is too much.
  • twistedtrucker 2009/11/29 13:19:20
    Almost every comment that I've read is about the inconvenience of children being in a theatre. You people are either missing the point or awfully self centered. Children should be banned from "R" rated movies, not because of some distraction they might cause, but because its our job as parents and adults to raise our children with morales, and shield them from the sex and violence that is for some strange reason thought to be acceptable in our society.
    I personally would not allow my children to view anything stronger than "G" upto the age of 14, and "PG" untill they were old enough,and mature enough, to make their own choice.
  • Deanna ... twisted... 2009/11/29 14:30:16
    Deanna 12960
    Yes I so agree with what you said. Well spoken!!!!!!!! Can I have an AMEN? Kudos to you.
  • taravati twisted... 2009/12/01 17:47:55
    You know, this reminds me, I saw Where the Red Fern Grows when I was about 5 or 6 and I still remember scenes from that movie. Old Yeller even has some pretty mature content and at the age I saw it for the first time it absolutely broke my heart. I can't imagine growing up now with the subjects that children are exposed to and expected to process. Parent's don't seem to really parent anymore...
  • freedom 2009/11/29 04:36:42
    I really wish people would not bring preteens to a rated R movie. Parents are only punishing themselves for paying for ticket for a movie a kid will not understand. HOWEVER, I think a lot people misjudge the ages of some people's children. I know adults had a real hard time figuring out my age when I was a teen. Also, again, this depends on the movie and the kid.

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