Should Amar'e Stoudemire Pay Up for Slur?

Sports 2012/06/27 18:00:00
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Once again, New York Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire is back in the news for something he did that can be considered really, really, dumb. No, he didn't dress up as the Village People and attend a Knicks' rival's playoff game. No, he didn't punch a fire extinguisher casing and slash his hand worse than anything seen in a "Freddy Vs. Jason" movie.

Instead, Stoudemire took his lack of common sense to Twitter and started getting "trolled" by a follower. Stoudemire could have simply ignored the fan and moved on, but he decided to tweet the guy back via direct message. What did he tweet? A gay slur. Amar'e Stoudemire, professional athlete. Now the NBA is making Stoudemire pay the price.

What price, you ask? $50,000. "I am a huge supporter of civil rights for all people," Stoudemire said in a statement released to the media. "I am disappointed in myself for my statement to a fan. I should have known better and there is no excuse." The apology is probably sincere, but this doesn't do the man who's supposed to be the Knicks' team leader any favors. Do you think Amar'e Stoudemire should pay up for the gay slur?

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  • Superman 2012/06/27 20:35:11
    As much of a dick as Amer'e seems to be, I'm tired of thought police dictating who we are. Even if it means letting a dick be a dick.

    Meanwhile, David Stern used a classless "thought problem" comment as a somewhat joke as a response to a reporter the other day responding to a question with the "Have you stopped beating your wife" schtick.

    I'm tired of the uneven attempt at corporate sanitation. Let people think and say what they want. The NBA did not need to get invovled in this, if anything his team would have the primary concern. But his fans can see his comments and decide to root for him or not.

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  • Grizzle 2012/06/29 20:03:56
    More liberlism on display!

    Sticks and stones people, sticks and stones.
  • Tpem 2012/06/29 01:49:02
    Why? That is his opinion. Can't we had an opinion?
  • Z-Wolf 2012/06/28 22:03:08
  • nenenae 2012/06/28 21:51:22
    Pay out the a..
  • ♥•judy•♥ 2012/06/28 20:16:50
    if they are going to acuse him maybe they should acuse me cause im on sodahead WE ARE ALL ON SODA HEAD WITH UR OWN FACTS AND OPIONS! THATS NOT AGAISNT THE LAW SPELLING WRONG IM REALLY SLEPPY :p
  • Reuben Rennick 2012/06/28 17:39:54
    Reuben Rennick
    No, but i bet he's gonna do it again sometime in the future. bet gonna future
  • Sarah TH Marshall Switcher 2012/06/28 16:12:40
    Sarah TH Marshall Switcher
    Because he agreed to work for a company that will make you pay for saying things.

    Should that be a rule? Eh. I understand why they have to do it, I think it's silly, but I understand it.

    I don't think his behavior is terrible. I think that it broke rules that he knew existed, that exist for every NBA player, and should be punished accordingly.
  • wilsonmja 2012/06/28 16:07:02
    If the question is whether or not the NBA should have a policy about what athletes do and say off the court then that's different. The question is whether or not he should get fined, though. He should only because the rules are made very clear to these players. The NBA has to protect its image to make their sport as appealing to the most people as possible. This is why there is a code of conduct policy in place that players have to follow or they get disciplined. Amare knew the rules and violated them. He also knew the consequences and now he's paying them.
  • i00wattz 2012/06/28 14:22:38
    there are no laws against having an opinion.
  • nataku80 2012/06/28 14:12:13
    Ok this is soo gay, a guy getting trolled by someone, tells him off, and now he gets fined for it. LoL people say stuff like this everyday and dont get fined for it, i swear man people need to stop being such f*gs and grow up..... opps said it again guess i should start look for my bill in the mail.... grow up america
  • Jay 2012/06/28 13:55:56
    He is a bigot
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/28 15:19:45
    Last thing I heard was that everyone was entitled to an opinion!!! So you can be ProGay or AntiGay just as you can be ProAbortion and AntiAbortion!!! WHAT IS YOUR POINT??? I swear YOU people throuw aroudn the word Bigot like it s an insult when you yourselves cannot take it that someone disagrees with you, that does NOT make him a BIGOT!!!
  • Jay Charmaine 2012/06/28 15:38:30
    chill out, verbal diarrhea. I bet you're pro-abortion,too. I never said everyone was entitled to an opinion. fix your spelling, moron.
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/28 16:04:50
    Look, my verbiage is just fine, YOU MAM are the problem!!! Also you stated that you "never said everyone was entitled to an opinion"!!! WHY NOT??? How people feel and what they think should not concern you should it? But I am sure coming froma person who loves to force alternative lifestyles on others is always in the clear?? PLEASE!!! And the fact you resort to a four word sentence is an admittance to your ignorance and inability to to form a complex sentence!!!
  • Jay Charmaine 2012/06/29 13:41:30
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/29 19:27:33
  • Jay Charmaine 2012/06/30 02:19:30
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/30 03:46:19
    Nope, I am avoiding you :-)
  • Jay Charmaine 2012/06/30 09:18:53
    At least you learned not to open your mouth.
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/30 14:24:44
  • Jay Charmaine 2012/06/30 14:40:39
    Make me?
  • Charmaine Jay 2012/06/30 14:42:18
  • wilsonmja Charmaine 2012/06/28 16:11:30
    He is entitled to his opinion. I didn't read anywhere that he was facing legal action. The government is staying out of it, so his rights aren't being violated. The NBA has a code of conduct policy to protect its image and the players are not only made aware of it, but required to agree to it before getting paid their millions of dollars. Being entitled to an opinion is one thing, but spewing it out in inappropriate places is another, especially when you've agreed not to. He knew the rules and he violated them. He knew the consequences and now he will pay them. The end result is that the NBA appeals to a lot of people, increasing its net profit and all parties involved make more money.
  • Charmaine wilsonmja 2012/06/28 16:13:51
  • addie Charmaine 2012/06/29 04:40:22
    I am pro-choice, but some people are pro-abortion. Stupid. lol
  • Charmaine addie 2012/06/29 04:51:25
    Same difference.
  • addie Charmaine 2012/06/29 04:53:14
    Very different.
  • jerry.alan.carroll 2012/06/28 13:19:05
  • addie jerry.a... 2012/06/29 04:46:38
  • jerry.a... jerry.a... 2012/06/29 07:52:12
    what, how come sodahead censored the F word but not the N word???
  • Josh Robinson 2012/06/28 13:10:20 (edited)
    Josh Robinson
    F*G... F*G... F*G....! There's 150k down the drain... That should just about wipe out my savings... lawsuit predator
  • GlennDiamant 2012/06/28 08:31:54
    What he did was inexcusable and he should pay the price.
  • Josh Ro... GlennDi... 2012/06/28 13:17:44
    Josh Robinson
    Fag... stick
  • Sarah T... Josh Ro... 2012/06/28 16:10:12
  • TheTruth1313 2012/06/28 07:38:48
    Freedom of Speech.....Look it up!!
  • jerry.a... TheTrut... 2012/06/28 13:20:32
    no such thing when it is use to slander or defame.. that freedom is NOT protected.
  • Josh Ro... jerry.a... 2012/06/28 13:33:35
    Josh Robinson
    In this case the ''defendant'' didn't know anything about ''the victim'' and used a rather neutral terminology with several alternative meanings (cigarette,stick). If this flies as a ''Hate Crime'' I will be very disappointed in society... I will also make a fortune off my last 2 days of Sodaheading alone as I get called worse than this every 5 minutes.
  • jerry.a... Josh Ro... 2012/06/28 13:36:09
    you can mainly blame political correctness.
  • Josh Ro... jerry.a... 2012/06/28 13:49:47 (edited)
    Josh Robinson
    It's not the P.C. as much it is the mandatory outrage. ''Oh I had better seem concerned about this to distance myself from it''... My parents were WW2 generation.. If I fussed over being called a name I got a Holocaust lecture... I didn't get 50k and reality T.V. offers. I bet this is all tied into the nanny state operation to turn us into sniveling little cry babies who need uncle sam to get the bad man for us. Why else would the sports leagues themselves get involved in scuttlebutt like this..?
  • addie Josh Ro... 2012/06/29 04:48:29
    I think we know his meaning. lol

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