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  • THFAN 2009/04/17 21:07:30
    Thanks for the invite. http://www.simplymachine.com/...
  • ninibear 2009/04/17 14:06:31
    thanks for the invite
  • Sadie100~In God we trust~ 2009/04/17 01:58:41
    Sadie100~In God we trust~
    Thanks for the invite!! I love to laugh.... invite love laugh
  • spidermonkey™POTL~PWCM~JLA☮Paul
    Thanks for the invite..........
  • MJ 2009/04/16 04:08:45
    Great name and purpose for a group!

    If there was ever a time in my life that there was a need for a lot of good humor; NOW is that time!!!
  • theroamingcrow 2009/04/16 03:32:34
    Thanks for the invite!!!
  • ♥ɴɑʟɪɪ‡ɴɪɴʝɑɑ♥!! [[ɴɵʂɫɑʟɢɪc ɗɑʏɗʀɘɑɱɘʀ]]
    Cool group Deca =]
  • Angelica 2009/04/15 22:25:44
    I was invited by Chichixx, and i like to giggle at funny jokes, and i crack a lot of pple up, so this will be great!
  • DeansVixen7 2009/04/15 19:31:32
    Looking forward to some good laughs!!
  • Jenjey♥ 2009/04/15 16:19:15
    this group is the only one I actually like!!!
  • 1000384 2009/04/15 06:07:18
    Looking forward to plenty of laughs here.

    plenty laughs
  • bdb 2009/04/15 05:55:26
    I am so sure I will really, REALLY enjoy this group!
  • kimmykaye~Taking a break to... 2009/04/15 05:52:16
    kimmykaye~Taking a break to be with my Love~
    Thanks for the invite ! look forward to the fun
  • J.Switchblade*Mrs.Punk Zombie* 2009/04/15 01:24:58
    J.Switchblade*Mrs.Punk Zombie*
  • Black hearted princess 2009/04/15 00:07:48
    Black hearted princess

    Thanks for letting me join!
  • carlygirl64 2009/04/14 23:15:03
    haaa these are good jokes!!
  • Ophelia Violet [clock girl ... 2009/04/14 22:02:28
    Ophelia Violet [clock girl <3]~In Time We Trust
    what does that even mean?
  • EdwardsKlumsyLamb ~ iLoVeYoU♥ 2009/04/14 22:00:37
    EdwardsKlumsyLamb ~ iLoVeYoU♥
  • ツ►тнe pѕycнoтιc poιndeхтer◄ツ
    ik that im not kool
    so what does R.O.T.F.L.O.L. mean??
  • Jenjey♥ 2009/04/14 20:02:56
    THIS IS REALLY FUNNY!! (maybe, I thought it was :D)

    There was a church service going on one day, and all of the sudden, a group of masked gunmen came in fully armed and told everyone to get down! The head gunman pointed his loaded sub-machine gun at the congregation and shouted, "iAnyone in this here congregation who isn't willing to take a bullet for Jesus, leave NOW!!" Every single person except maybe 2 or 3 people ran screaming out of the sanctuary.
    The preacher pulled off his mask and said to the three people left, "Alright, now that all the hypocrites are gone lets really start the service!"