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Film 2012/08/28 22:00:00
Next year is still a few months away, but there are already a handful of exciting movies on the horizon for 2013. We've got a healthy selection of superhero movies, including the third "Iron Man" installment, as well as sequels to "Star Trek" and "The Hunger Games." There's also an intriguing samurai flick called "47 Ronin" due out next year. Our friends at Ranker wanted to know which movie was getting the most buzz from the public.

"Catching Fire," "Iron Man 3," and "47 Ronin" all came pretty close, but the sequel to last year's "Hunger Games" eked out a 3% win. It shouldn't come as a surprise, since the hype from the first movie hasn't had time to settle. It's also likely benefiting from the same force as "Harry Potter" and "Twilight": books. Whether fans read the book before or after seeing the movie, it's too late now. The hook's in deep.

Girls Love 'The Hunger Games'

"Hunger Games" isn't quite as girly as, say, "Twilight," but it does seem to attract the girls a lot more than guys. When we broke down the responses by gender, we found that female voters were more than three times as likely to pick "Catching Fire." Nearly half of them (48%) picked it compared to just 15% of males.

No 'Star Trek' for the Next Generation

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to J.J. Abrams' 2009 "Star Trek" film, there was very little interest in the sequel. At first we thought maybe the films were just spaced too far apart, and hype had died down. However, when we looked at the age breakdown we realized it was primarily young people who ignored it. Only 9% of teens were interested.

Second Opinion: 'Man of Steel'

Of course, those aren't the only four films coming out in 2013. In fact, the Top Opinion wasn't a vote for any of them. It was for "Man of Steel," the long-awaited Superman movie directed by Zack Snyder of "300" and "Watchmen" fame, starring Henry Cavill.

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  • Jo 2012/11/13 00:33:45
    Yes it will! Hunger games
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/10/14 04:19:56
    Margaret Jacobson
    I will wait and see if it lives up to expectations !!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/10/14 04:18:20
    Margaret Jacobson
    I will wait and see if it lives up to expectations !!
  • Angelic Kitty 2012/10/11 06:35:13
    Angelic Kitty
    I can't wait! I love Hungar Games~
  • ThePoll... Angelic... 2012/12/19 02:50:50
    I love the spelling games!
  • Angelic... ThePoll... 2012/12/19 22:07:13
    Angelic Kitty
    OMG, this post is so old...

    So I made a mistake and put an "a" instead of an "e". I am very fast at typing and often make mistakes, get over it.
  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/09/27 19:46:24
    Jorge Enriquez
  • Lordoftheringsrox 2012/09/20 15:50:31
    I want to see the next one! I love the second book

    catching fire logo catching fire logo
  • Mat Miller 2012/09/16 08:01:11
    Mat Miller
    I want Star Trek.....
  • Сергей Темноходов 2012/09/05 16:59:47
    Сергей Темноходов
    I can't wait for the movie "the Hunger games-2". I like the movie "the Hunger games" it looks like another good film "the Running man" (1987)! the Hunger games 2 the Running man   1987
  • synful90 2012/09/05 16:00:36
    i can't wait for the next one. the tale is a bit morbid and depressing but at the same time you're just roped into finding out what's going to happen with the characters. excellent movie and books! hunger games gif
  • Сергей ... synful90 2012/09/05 16:54:50
    Сергей Темноходов
    "The hunger games" like a movie Running man (1987)! Only here victim - they were the hunters. Running man  1987 The hunger games Running man  1987 The hunger games
  • clh1 2012/09/05 15:19:57
    Can't wait!!!!
  • C4TSMILEY 2012/09/05 08:44:24
    I've watched Twilight and The Hunger Games. I preferred The Hunger Games.
    Twilight is gay. And crap. Hunger Games? That was epic.
  • findthelight2000 2012/09/05 02:52:39
    I though "The Hunger Games" sucked. I have no desire ever to see another one.
  • angelica 2012/09/04 23:00:11
    Can't wait for hunger games... just read the books (all three in less than two weeks) and LOVED them.
  • sierra 2012/09/04 05:09:09
    um hunger games suck hello people there trying to take over twilight i mean its not weird to you tht twilight comes out in novemeber this year and hunger games in NOVEMBER next year its total stupidy twiheart al the way<3!
  • Matt sierra 2012/09/05 21:27:40
    Biased much?
  • Chuchuboo14 2012/09/03 21:51:53
  • MrsB 2012/09/03 21:01:48
    Love The Hunger Games but that 3rd book really ticked me off ... HORRIBLE ending. But I'm excited to see the 2nd installment.
  • angelica MrsB 2012/09/04 22:59:17
    No spoilers just in case... by why didn't you like it? I thought it was clever (there couldn't be a simple happy-ever-after after what they'd been through)
  • MrsB angelica 2012/09/04 23:05:36
    I don't know exactly why I didn't like it, to be honest. And a happy ending would have ruined the series, I think. I don't know ... I just expected something more, I think. It felt like she built it up and then it just went flat. I'm getting ready to read them again and see if I get that same feeling though.
  • angelica MrsB 2012/09/04 23:10:56
    I think you're right it went very flat... but I think I saw that as deliberate.
    She sacrificed her 'life' for the world - kinda unwillingly, and that's the aftermath.
  • Merna 2012/09/03 06:44:04
    I'm a big fan of the books, the movies, and Josh Hutcherson, so yes I'm excited!
  • Ameera 2012/09/03 06:33:34
    yay! Catching Fire!!!
  • gothickittie 2012/09/02 14:15:21
    i can't wait to see this movie. I read the books and they were great! I liked the first movie, so yea, I want to see this one.
  • SavingPeopleHuntingThings 2012/09/02 13:47:50
    wtf.......... ewww
  • Rebecca 2012/09/02 04:17:52
    hunger games, in my opinion wasnt AMAZING, it was good tho. ill see the second but its not the one im most exited about. the one im exited about, even tho not 2013 is...
    hunger games opinion tho ill exited exited tho 2013
  • MsDianna 2012/09/02 03:14:58
    haven't caught a movie this year that's caught my fancy
  • Larry777 2012/09/02 02:30:47
    I really really like the series. I need to finish the last 2 books first, then I'll watch the movies.
  • Johann 2012/09/02 00:05:49 (edited)
    The only franchises I am paying attention to are Guardians of Luna, Freeborn and Berserk. Anything else sounds overdone or not my cup of tea.
  • Jules 2012/09/01 19:50:24
    Personally, I'm biased in saying this, I think Catching Fire may just be a fantastic movie if they do it right. They did the first one so well, I hope it will be the same for it's sequel. But honestly, I have to ask those people out there who don't like it, why?? Please, help me understand what makes this movie 'dumb' and 'the worst movie I've ever seen'? I mean, I hear that a lot on this site from people, but that's the only explanation. I've never heard TRUE reasoning behind why they don't like the movie. If you want, please tell me why you don't like the movie.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/09/01 18:17:50
    Margaret Jacobson
    I know that I am looking forward to it !!
  • El Prez 2012/09/01 01:05:07
    El Prez
    It is well loved and the screen version seems to follow the original pretty closely. it is great that so many people are so ramped up to see the next one.
  • Cierra 2012/09/01 00:08:44
  • Different 2012/09/01 00:03:25
    I will watch that movie!!!!! If its the last thing I do.
  • Red 2012/08/31 21:17:31
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/08/31 19:55:01
    Gohmert Pyle
    I have never heard of Hunger Games, thus I cannot understand it's following. I never understood Harry Potter, and all the other stuff that became big. I'm still trying to understand what a Bakugan is.
  • AmericanVirus 2012/08/31 17:12:44
    Apparently not.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/08/31 17:02:07
    hunger games is king right now they will go see catching fire

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