Out of all the animes/mangas, you've seen/read, which is your favorite weapon?

Derek 2009/08/07 15:30:05
The Anime and Manga Group
Mine would be the Muramasa blade from Samurai Deeper Kyo
muramasa blade samurai deeper kyo
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  • Teen Gohan (Cell Games) 2011/06/02 05:10:58
    Teen Gohan (Cell Games)
    Future Trunks' sword, but I prefer hand to hand combat rather than using weapons
    future trunks sword hand hand combat weapons mirai trunks sword
  • drakan 2009/12/03 04:38:42
    Sebastian. :D

    Or Captain. :3
  • Namay 2009/10/18 02:38:56
    ARX-7 Arbalest Robot from Full Metal Panic arx-7 arbalest robot metal panic
  • ryuu khan 2009/09/10 17:24:11 (edited)
    ryuu khan
    freaking golden darkness freaking golden darkness she is the weapon
  • mario13 2009/08/12 15:00:03
    zanpakutou from bleach
  • Kat Katastrophe 2009/08/08 05:30:33
    Kat Katastrophe
    A wand!!!...Because you can do anything with magic!!! For pete's sake(I don't really know a Pete, but oh well) you can just poof up any weapon you want anyways!...(Although your abilities usually do depend on your level of power and talent. So you must practice to progress....)
  • XWe-Hear-The-SoundX 2009/08/08 00:12:54
    Alucard's guns
  • z-Madness-z 2009/08/07 16:59:44
    Deidara's exploding clay. deidaras exploding clay

    Sasori's puppet Hiruko. deidaras exploding clay sasoris puppet hiruko

    They're both from Naruto.
  • ZILdeactivated 2009/08/07 16:42:59
    Cloud's sword from Advent Children. It's more sophisticated than the Buster sword he had in the game.
  • bloody rose 2009/08/07 15:36:47
    bloody rose
    bloody rose from vampire knight bloody rose vampire knight

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