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Fergie 2012/07/27 16:00:00
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Meet SodaHead's new favorite artist of the week! Last week we introduced you to Birdy and this week we can't stop listening to Milo Greene. Milo Greene is not a real person, but rather a fictitious booking agent conjured up to meet the band members' scheduling needs in the beginning of their careers. Now that they have a record label they don't need Milo anymore, but after all of his help over the years they figured they had to keep him around.

Milo Greene is a 5-piece indie band that describes themselves as "a collection of voices that live and breathe simultaneously with the breadth of an omniscient, collective consciousness" -- but don't let that keep you from listening to them. Everyone can identify with the themes explored on their debut, self-titled album and they will easily win you over with their single "1957." Check it out below and let us know what you're listening to this week.

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