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Fergie 2012/08/24 20:00:00
Meet SodaHead's new favorite artist of the week! Last week, we introduced you to Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise and this week, we can't stop listening to one-man-band LOW VOLTS. LOW VOLTS' Tim Lowman currently resides in San Diego, California, where he was awarded "Best New Artist" and "Best Blues Album" in 2011. The incredible response to his debut album TWIST SHAKE GRIND BREAK earned him heavy radio airplay and opportunities to perform alongside artists like Band of Skulls, Lucero, Cold War Kids and The Black Lips.

Live, LOW VOLTS puts on an unforgettable show. His intensity and howling vocals demand your attention, and you can't help but marvel at how one man with a guitar and a tambourine-laden kick drum, can produce a sound big enough to rival a multi-person band. His single "I Cried My Guts Out" is everything rock 'n' roll should be -- bluesy, heavy and raw -- with haunting, mesmerizing guitar riffs. And come on...who doesn't love a bad boy who's not afraid to cry? Check out the song below and let us know what you're listening to this week.

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  • andrew 2012/10/16 22:53:33
    listening to zz tops greatest hits
  • chris orphan 2012/09/14 09:17:29
    chris orphan
  • cruisnsus 2012/08/30 00:55:37
    canned heat,beatles,mungo jerry,creedence clearwater,etc etc
  • boss hawg 2012/08/30 00:49:39
    boss hawg
    the rolling stones.
  • ..::localeye::.. 2012/08/29 16:27:04
    Meshuggah "Koloss"
  • sherjohnlockian 2012/08/29 06:19:24 (edited)
    This week...i realized one of my favourite bands came out with a CD this year. So...listening to them. The Spill Canvas. Album: Gestalt =)

    the spill canvas

  • Berry 2012/08/28 05:54:53 (edited)
    This; Zombie by The Cranberies
    Oooo, I love this song!~

  • Bob 2012/08/27 22:42:03
    REM, Pink Floyd, White Zombie.
  • Cricket 2012/08/27 20:35:48
    Jimi Hendrix; Bob Marley
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/08/27 17:56:29

  • u000 2012/08/27 17:24:44
  • Jenna Smith 2012/08/27 16:39:39
  • Ozymandias 2012/08/27 16:12:22
  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2012/08/27 15:12:00 (edited)
  • frozenfire 2012/08/27 14:49:00
    Im listening to music this week
  • MissTypist 2012/08/27 14:14:04
    Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy...because they remind me of the last week at middle school :)
  • mangafan123 2012/08/27 14:12:00
    Mr raindrop,Marilyn manson,spirit never die,anime theme songs,life is like a boat
  • jeremyperryfranz 2012/08/27 13:10:17 (edited)
    On my IPod: Mr Airplane Man, Pissed Jeans, Cop Shoot Cop, The Mummies
    ipod airplane pissed jeans cop shoot cop mummies ipod airplane pissed jeans cop shoot cop mummies ipod airplane pissed jeans cop shoot cop mummies ipod airplane pissed jeans cop shoot cop mummies ipod airplane pissed jeans cop shoot cop mummies
  • mooksiecuddlepoof 2012/08/27 13:05:00
    oasis.. its always been my favourite band oasis
  • This is Real 2012/08/26 20:50:49
  • Lunacat 2012/08/26 20:33:01
  • Melkor 2012/08/26 16:48:59
    Well, I bought a vinyl lp of Simon and Garfunkel recently. I listen to the Doors, Led Zeppeling, ACDC, Deep Purple, Eagles, Joy Division, Neu,the Strangles, the Sex Pistols, Uk subs, the Exploited,Stiff little fingers Bach, Vivaldi and I hope I will get Pink Floyd this week on vinyl... exciting!
  • Gloria 2012/08/26 15:21:21
    Same OL' stuff...Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, GNR's,W.A.S.P, PANTERA etc.!!!!
  • CAPISCE 2012/08/26 12:22:17
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/08/26 10:11:22
    Cunning Stunts
    A limited portion of my vast library.

    I'm reaching that age now where finding new music I like is getting harder and harder.
  • Juner 2012/08/26 09:56:59
    What I always listen to 80s metal, and everything metal mostly GUNS N ROSES and METALLICA!!!!!
  • Zach 2012/08/26 07:40:20
    This week, I am listening to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco. Reminds me of middle school.

    And I usually don't listen many female singers, and I don't she has plenty of critics, but I've been listening to Lana Del Rey a lot this week.
  • MissTypist Zach 2012/08/27 14:12:19
    That's my favourite album by P!ATD :)
  • GwEN 2012/08/26 07:06:19
    After taking a break I am back to listening to mainly Marilyn Manson, Adam Lambert and BlutEngel.(but I still listen to other things)
  • ChiTownGirl 2012/08/26 06:33:48 (edited)
    I'm listening to Knife Party Bonfire:

    Laura Nyro:

  • Merry 2012/08/26 06:03:28
    Same thing I listen to every other week. Vocaloid. "I tried to sing" people from Nico Nico Douga. There's quite a wide variety of songs in those, so I'm pretty much covered. ^.^

  • exsecrare 2012/08/26 05:57:23
    I've been listening to E-40, Outkast and The Constructus Corporation.
  • being me 2012/08/26 03:28:16
    being me
    Marvin Gaye

  • Cal 2012/08/26 02:48:41
    mick mars

    Motley Crue. (that is the immortal Mick Mars....)
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/08/26 02:41:09
    Evanescence, Russian Death Metal band: Merlin, Rammstein, and Slayer.
  • Rocky 2012/08/26 02:40:02
    Zeppelin!!!! As always! Led Zeppelin
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/08/25 23:49:44
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    The usual Linkin Park Burn it Down, Nickelback This Means War, Animals, Bottoms Up, Rammstein Du Reisch So Gut ,etc.
  • Sabrina Xie 2012/08/25 23:03:06
    Sabrina Xie
    MCR, BVB, Rise Against, Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Blink182, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, Mayday Parade.
  • janelle darroux 2012/08/25 22:43:24
    janelle darroux
    Vybz kartel as always
  • Platinum Fangs 2012/08/25 21:00:26

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