Is there any good screamo bands with girl screamers?

Nichole Swalm 2010/09/05 20:34:51
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  • Allhailraquel 2010/11/13 04:11:28
    the chick can scream badass
    and sing beautiful!
  • Allhail... Allhail... 2010/11/13 04:12:29
    and if you do happen to listen to them
    their best songs are

    -Alaskan Flounder Basket
    -Taste like Kevin Bacon
    -The cats pajamas
    - Corey Feldman Holocaust
  • Nichole Swalm 2010/09/15 20:16:13
    Nichole Swalm
    i will agree the in this moment is kick ass. Bring me the Horizon is my person fav, but its a guy screaming and girls are sooooooooomuch better if they can do it.
  • Paloma 2010/09/06 21:58:04 (edited)
    I'm not sure if these are classified as "screamo" but they have girl screamers
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2010/09/05 22:32:25
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    Picture Me Broken.

  • Morgan 2010/09/05 22:27:50
    i know someone already mentioned them, but try otep. they're really awesome. :3
  • the dude 2010/09/05 21:31:12
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/09/05 21:05:25
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    I don't listen to screamo, except for early Children of Bodom. Try this.

    Most beautiful voice ever...
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2010/09/05 20:51:55
    Chancy99: Plague Rat
    Otep, In this Moment, and Kittie, I wouldn't Consider Them Screamo, But They do Scream A lot :P

  • Not in use 2010/09/05 20:48:15
    Not in use
    Flyleaf I guess would be kinda screamo.
  • ~JrOckER cHIcK 77~ 2010/09/05 20:45:33
    ~JrOckER cHIcK 77~
    Hmm idk bout that..but i do know of sum freaky metal/screamo/rock bands..but they dont have girls. and ther not all screamo plus ther relly odd so u probly wodnt likee themm

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