Is synyster gates married?

Soshi 2010/08/24 23:49:54
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i've seen comments and all kinds of things and every answer or whatever is always different. they say he's married to michele dibenedetto. they say he's never been engaged or married.
i saw a photo where he was wearing a ring on his left hand and at the uproar festival he wasn't wearing one at all.
so does anyone know?
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  • amber 2012/02/11 23:50:40
    They're currently divorced
  • anne 2012/01/20 22:58:18
    This kind of men shouldn't be married in anyway.. they didnt' born for such a thing :/
  • Amiee 2010/12/25 01:54:36
    There was an interview with the guys shown not too long ago where Avenged Sevenfold themselves, actually Brian... did admit he was married. He was wearing his ring. He didn't admit who he was married to, but he is.
  • DesireeMcrPermenter 2010/12/06 23:27:48
    they got married in April I think
    married april Syn Gates and Michelle Di Benedetto
  • foREVer In Shadows-A7x-(: 2010/11/13 16:46:46
    foREVer In Shadows-A7x-(:
    Yep his married 2 Michelle DiBenedetto(:
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    He's engaged to Michelle DiBenedetto. I think he's still engaged anyway.

    engaged michelle dibenedetto engaged
  • Soshi υяsυℓα ... 2010/08/28 19:25:21
    i heard that. and when i asked chacha if he was married it said they got married in like may. then i asked again and it said they were just engaged. he had a ring on his finger in this pic i saw but didnt have it on when i saw him in concert the other day.
  • the dude 2010/08/25 01:35:50
    the dude
    i heard he was dating matt shadows sister in law. dont know if they still are.
  • McKenzie 2010/08/24 23:51:41
    he better not be married! hes MY man!
  • Soshi McKenzie 2010/08/25 00:06:00
    nuh uh he's my man!!!! how bout we go, oh idk, KILL, michele so he can be positively free? then we can decide
  • McKenzie Soshi 2010/08/25 22:16:54
    i agree with you on the killing part but disagreeing with you on that hes YOUR man! i already called him!
  • Soshi McKenzie 2010/08/28 19:20:19
    i called him a long time ago. lol you just didn't hear it i guess
  • McKenzie Soshi 2010/08/28 19:34:43
  • Ingri R... Soshi 2011/09/19 11:24:45
    Ingri Raknes
    Let's kill her, and then we can have a fair fight over him.
  • Soshi Ingri R... 2011/09/23 10:57:46
    oh very nice. i like that

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