Is Marc Rudov aka NoNonsense Man for gender equality or does he just want to control women?

tyger 2009/02/12 15:59:20
Marc is for gender equality
Marc is clearly a sexist
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About a week ago i watched this news session that Bill O'riely had with Marc Rudov (whom i had never heard of before then) and Marv was very angy about the Cheerio Multi-Grain commercial. He said that it is degrading to men and if the gender rolls were switched...people would be angry about it. Watching this i kept thinking about how insecure this Rudov must be, and are there actually people (men) out there who agree with what he's saying. Oh, and he has a book out..... a Nononsense guide to women. i have not read it but if someone has please tell me what Rudov actual MO is.

i open this question up to all genders but i particularly want to hear from the men.
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