Is Flopping a Problem in the NBA?

Sports 2012/05/14 16:00:00
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NBA commissioner David Stern is usually on top of things. If something's a serious problem in his league, Stern at least addresses it. For many basketball fans, it was refreshing to see him address a problem that's becoming all too common in the NBA—flopping. No, we're not talking about a bad television show flopping. We're talking about literally, physically, flopping.

Stern said that he thinks flopping or “faking/overselling of fouls” and the reaction to them is a growing problem in the NBA. Players that take bumps more unrealistic than WWE's John Cena could have to play by a new set of rules now that the NBA looks to crack down. “(Flopping is) not a legitimate play in my judgment,” Stern said to the media this past weekend.” I recognize if there's contact (you) move a little bit, but some of this is acting. We should give out Oscars rather than MVP trophies.”

Those are strong words from the commissioner. Basketball, especially during the NBA Playoffs, is a more physical game than some give it credit for. Players ball hard and with the NBA cracking down on flopping, it would prevent delaying games with bad foul calls. It would also help the NBA's perception that you can get a foul call by simply exaggerating a bump. This can only be a good thing for the NBA, right? Or will it be too difficult for officials to tell what's a flop or not?

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  • Marc m 2012/05/20 23:51:07
    Marc m
    No, NBA player's are the problem ... bunch of thugs who have no respect for their sport.
  • beach bum 2012/05/20 02:19:38
    beach bum
  • Dave 007 2012/05/19 15:02:56
    Dave 007
    Ever since they brought in the Europeans, the problem went from bad to worse. Too much soccer in their blood (major flopping in soccer).
  • Tennessee3501 2012/05/17 16:21:58
    Without people who spend their lives flopping, the Democratic Party would go out of business! LOL !
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/05/16 03:41:08
    I guess people eat too much chickens. Heehehe(:
  • wes 2012/05/16 01:38:40
    The real dilemma is finding a few seconds during play when they're not flopping.....but then again,,,,, Who cares
  • Kirby 2012/05/16 00:21:47
    It's been a problem for the past 20 yrs that I can remember!
  • Jan Haskell 2012/05/15 22:11:51
    Jan Haskell
    The last thing anyone needs is fake drama on the professional basketball court.
  • BoardinOK 2012/05/15 21:27:51
    I wish they would call a foul just like they do in soccer when they catch someone trying to flop.
  • Souldog 2012/05/15 20:14:20
    It has been a part of the game since i was a little boy, the refereee does not have to call a foul if he feels it is acting.
  • deadshot 2012/05/15 20:04:33
    Next thing you know, they'll be planking.
  • CAPISCE 2012/05/15 19:09:33
    Bunch of Pussy's flopping---I hate it
  • Gahnzo 2012/05/15 18:53:09 (edited)
    Part of being an NBA player is learning how to draw fouls.. listen to the announcers.. they (players) do it ALL THE TIME..and if your a good actor.. guess what you can score points that way. All anyone really needs to do is watch the last minute of any game.. and how can 5 seconds of a game last a half an hour..
  • Gimmedap 2012/05/15 18:32:39
    Fine them and give the proceeds to the fans!
  • BigKwell 2012/05/15 17:48:58
    'Flopping' should be a foul onto itself.
  • the fuze 2012/05/15 17:47:20
    the fuze
    And it's not the only problem.
  • fortycal_sig 2012/05/15 17:38:58
    ...but fortunately, I don't care.
  • Cindy Ellen 2012/05/15 17:10:44
    Cindy Ellen
    How many remember Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls? He was a major flopper! He had it down pat. hahaha
  • Jan Has... Cindy E... 2012/05/15 22:14:24
    Jan Haskell
    But it was more convincing in his bridal gown :)
  • Ole SGT Joe 2012/05/15 16:42:10
    Ole SGT Joe
    It is an epidemic that is being picked up everywhere in Basketball. Case in point, review the college games, especially "some" of the women's teams. They can't walk down the court without falling down, grabbing some part of their body, wincing in total pain, and when the foul is called, they miraculously recover and start playing again. It's almost as if they are coached to do this.
  • cellophane 2012/05/15 16:09:03
    And while I think it would be a bad idea to penalize players for overacting, having the commissioner address the issue probably will affect how the referees react to such theater.

    What might be better than a penalty is for every flop, the refs to hand a flopper a small pink "friendship bracelet" string that a player must wear on his arm for the rest of the game so everyone knows he's just a crybaby! Perhaps with the combination of flopping failing to impress the refs and fan/player disdain at being a whiner, the practice will be greatly reduced.
  • lee cox cellophane 2012/05/15 20:47:51
    lee cox
    Sometimes you have to flop to get a referee to make a call on one of the "stars". Look at Zach Randolph. He knocks people down and there's nary a foul called. Shaq made a lackluster career out of knocking people down, dunking over them and then strutting down the floor like he was a real All-Star. He couldn't make a shot farther that 5' away!
  • Aksana 2012/05/15 15:06:32
  • silverhorn 2012/05/15 15:06:23
    Floppers are simply trying to gain a competitive advantage... is it different than when a batter fakes getting hit with a pitch? Or a football player acts like he is being held? Refs know who flops... do they miss it sometimes? Sure, but it's part of the game.
  • jacktown kid 2012/05/15 15:02:42
    jacktown kid
    needs to stop
  • AnneFS 2012/05/15 14:20:24
    They're like soccer players. It's embarrassing.
  • Corsair 2012/05/15 09:08:55 (edited)
    Here's a definition of a flop if I ever seen one before.

  • AnneFS Corsair 2012/05/15 14:21:28
    "Bosh" indeed.
  • Corsair AnneFS 2012/05/16 10:16:02
    I'm not a fan of the Heat at all. This was also the game they lost to the Bulls. Sadly, The Bulls were riddled with injuries. If they weren't injured so much they would have advanced. That's just how I feel. I have my sights set on the Lakers and the Bulls this year but oh well.
  • Grrr Corsair 2012/05/15 16:03:46
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/05/15 09:01:17
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    The Lakers and the Spurs are the worst offenders.
  • mae 2012/05/15 07:24:30
    High Drama on the courts--wastes time, unprofessional, over-done.
  • Mark Mercer 2012/05/15 06:59:55
    Mark Mercer
    I quit watching long ago, players seldom act their age....'Play the damn game'....
  • This is W³ 2012/05/15 05:02:10
    This is W³
    It sure is a problem and LeBron James is king of it.
  • Kyle 2012/05/15 04:30:06
  • 'Zedd Kyle 2012/05/15 05:23:32
  • Transcendence 2012/05/15 03:50:19
    Of course Florida(probably Miami) says no.
  • MrFabulous47 2012/05/15 03:03:58
    Yes, only pussies flop. Should be a double technical with immediate ejection. That would stop it.
  • Beat Ma... MrFabul... 2012/05/15 09:02:38
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    That would have cost the Spurs 2 or 3 titles in the last decade...
  • clyde 2012/05/15 01:51:13
    Flopping and helping the ref get the possession calls right are second nature for some players. You have to laugh when you see players at the middle school level imitating this behavior.

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