Is Brent Smith from Shinedown a good singer?

Jerry 2011/03/15 04:45:16
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I think he's awesome & knows how to perform!
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  • Ro 2012/04/27 18:46:52
    I love Shinedown. Brent can sing the phone book and make it sound great...

    @Shadow's Companion...You must be a capricon.

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  • angie.haakensen 2013/08/14 01:35:27
    Brent is the most honest and true of all time....
  • Jerry angie.h... 2013/08/15 17:26:16
    He's not the only one, there's many more out there, but I'll agree.
  • angie.haakensen 2013/08/14 01:34:45
    Brent "kills" me with his honesty and his truth...I know that I could never equal the pain that he has endured, but I will stand with him in his truth and his lack of "pretense" in the pursuit of his dreams...I only wish I had half of his honesty and truth in the pursuit of his truth and his reality, his search for real and true. I would be a much better person if I had known you in this life...if only............................
  • angie.haakensen 2013/08/14 01:24:11
    I think Brent is one of the most honest performers in our time... I know that what I have gone through is just the surface of what he has encountered in his career....I have found survival in his songs, andn I feel that he could save me....
  • Jerry angie.h... 2013/08/15 17:25:35
  • gmichael.tumbiolo.7 2013/07/14 17:53:23
    Is Brent Smith from Shinedown a good singer? No, he is not a good singer, He Is An Excellent Vocalist and what I would call a Superior "Micman" (Like an axeman, or a bassman). Anyone who aspires to be a Professional Vocalist, one who has complete control over his performance and his microphone should pay very close attention to the way this man controls his instruments (His voice, his muscle control, & his Microphone). He doesn't just spit words into a mic. His passion and professionalism is rarely matched by a "singer," especially in Rock & Roll.
    - G Michael
  • Jerry gmichae... 2013/07/25 03:16:12
    Very nice way to put it, I know exactly what you mean, I've noticed it when I listen to him.
  • angie.h... gmichae... 2013/08/14 01:39:31
    I am with you, man, though I have never had the priviledge of seeing him in person...! I would give almost anything to see Shinedown live an close-up!!! He has changed my life in ways that I cannot even understand!!!
  • Ro 2012/04/27 18:46:52
    I love Shinedown. Brent can sing the phone book and make it sound great...

    @Shadow's Companion...You must be a capricon.
  • Jerry Ro 2012/04/28 03:38:58
  • alphawolfgirl 2011/04/29 16:54:07
    hell yeah he is
  • RedCharli 2011/03/16 03:27:18
    Yip I'm proud to have his music
  • Shadow's Companion 2011/03/16 01:07:47
    Shadow's Companion
    Yes. One of the few mainstream rock vocalists that doesn't sing like he's squeezing out a turd, thinking it makes him seem rootsy/soulful. This guy would have been a fine '80s hard rock/glam singer. Pity his band isn't more interesting musically.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/03/16 04:01:04
    I think they are, they are humans too so what else do you expect from them?
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/03/16 18:39:05
    Shadow's Companion
    "They are humans too?" I fail to recognize your point.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/03/17 03:31:27
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/03/17 03:35:00
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/03/17 03:54:03
    you must be an old goat that loves old hank williams sr. not saying that's bad
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/03/17 03:58:40
    Shadow's Companion
    If you're not saying it's bad, then why do you presume to marginalize me according to age? Your ageist accusations might hold some water if Shinedown presented anything new or innovative. They don't. Their riffs are prune-dry and repetitive. I find nothing dynamic or interesting about them or pretty much any American radio rock band of the last fifteen years.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/03/17 04:00:24
    if you don't like them why answer my question? Why don't I bash something you love? They are more talented then you'll ever be
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/03/17 04:07:10
    Shadow's Companion
    First of all, you asked if he's a good singer, which invites an answer of yes OR no.

    Secondly, if you read my response, I was highly complimentary of HIS SINGING, while being critical of the band only in the last sentence. If you can't deal with modified criticism, then close the poll to fans only.

    Third, you don't know how talented I am, nor is my talent (or yours, or anyone else's) in any way relevant to this discussion.

    Lastly, go ahead and bash something I love. I don't take criticism of my likes and dislikes personally. If you can muster an intelligent and reasonable argument, I'd be more than happy to consider your point of view.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/04/30 01:44:13
    Well thanks for complimenting his singing, but I listen to a lot of those vocalist who sing like they are squeezing out a turd, it's something called Nu Metal!
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/04/30 18:01:27
    Shadow's Companion
    Nu-metal, indeed, and post-grunge as well. Or, as I call it, crap!
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/01 00:59:13
    What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/01 04:27:37
    Shadow's Companion
    Considering that I own well over 24,000 CDs, quite a lot of music.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/01 15:56:50
    but you bash anything I listen to!
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/01 17:25:48
    Shadow's Companion
    Hey, it ain't my fault that you listen to so much modern radio claptrap! :P
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/01 20:35:01
    I don't listen to only Modern Rock, I listen to other musics to only rock I listen to most of the time. Why don't I bash something you listen to?
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/02 03:18:07
    Shadow's Companion
    Please do! I don't take it personally, and I'd be more than happy to defend/champion any of my likes in an erudite, articulate manner.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/02 03:21:36
    But I won't cause it's just wrong to do, I like what I like & others like what they like.
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/02 03:24:50
    Shadow's Companion
    There's nothing wrong with bashing something another person enjoys. It's not the same as bashing him as a person. Clearly you're intimidated by the possibility of having a critical difference of opinion on art. By contrast, that is how many of my best friendships began in the first place.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/02 03:26:52
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/02 03:31:16
    Shadow's Companion
    That is your choice, not mine. I find your decision a dull and cowardly way to go through life. I prefer to engage in lively, engaging disagreement with people. There is no benefit to agreeing all the time.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/02 03:35:19
    lol you sure don't know me then, Dull & Cowardly? that's not me!
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/02 19:25:48
    Shadow's Companion
    As I said, a person who avoids being assertive about his opinions on topics is a dullard and a coward in my book. "You don't know me" isn't a defense.
  • Jerry Shadow'... 2011/05/03 03:54:01
  • Shadow'... Jerry 2011/05/03 04:45:43
    Shadow's Companion
    Well, I have several HUNDRED artists listed on my profile for your perusal and enjoyment. Criticize at will!
  • shinedo... Jerry 2012/06/17 07:02:35
    Dude he's a troll ignore him
  • Jerry shinedo... 2012/06/18 04:42:33
    lol yeah I know, he's an idiot. I pissed him off long ago & he blocked me. But thanks for the warning lol.
  • Not in use 2011/03/15 20:00:37
    Not in use
    I love his voice! It adds onto the songs. I think he's an awesome singer(:

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