Have you watched any of the VH1 MUSIC series Metal Evolution? Did you learn anything new about metal from it?

☠Marz555☠ 2011/12/11 05:54:39
Bang your head!
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Metal Evolution 11 episodes based on the much-debated Metal
History "family tree" originally shown in Headbanger's Journey. This 24
sub-genre genealogical chart reveals the vast complex progeny of heavy
metal--from Early Metal and Shock Rock to Thrash, from Progressive Metal
to Grunge and Nu Metal. Using the chart as his road map, our host,
metalhead turned anthropologist Sam Dunn, will crisscross the globe in
search of the very essence of Metal, from bars and back alleys to the
biggest open air festivals.

Watch VH1 Video series http://www.vh1.com/shows/metal_evolution/series.jhtml

New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Early Metal UK
Early Metal US

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Ep.103 | ‘Early Metal Part 2: UK Division’
Pouncing on the power of heavy metal, the UK wasn't about to cede the rock & roll... Read Full Summary »

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Ep.102 | ‘Early Metal Part 1: US Division’
Metal morning in America begins with the clank of cars and guitars and the burning of... Read Full Summary »

  1. Tracing the origins of metal is a phantasmagoric odyssey that traverses cities and...
  2. Read Full Summary »


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Read More: http://www.vh1.com/shows/metal_evolution/series.jhtml

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  • Soot The Fallen 2012/01/18 22:51:26
    Bang your head!
    Soot The Fallen
    I learned that metal has many more elements of jazz and blues thani thought
  • Isabel Bowie 2011/12/29 04:49:47
    Bang your head!
    Isabel Bowie
    i do watch the show, and i learned that Iggy Pop is amazing!
  • Christian 2011/12/12 23:18:22
    Bang your head!
    ya i learned some things pretty good series altogether so far since their talking about the orgins
  • Funky Monk 2011/12/11 18:47:58
    Bang your head!
    Funky Monk
    I saw the one about the British heavy metal wave. It was really interesting even thought that isn't the stuff I listen to. I'm more into the 90's metal, with the exception of some bands here and there.
  • whispering hands 2011/12/11 17:20:53
    Bang your head!
    whispering hands
    I saw a movie on Vh1 about 2 years ago called A Headbanger's Journey or something like that, and he went to all these different places where all the sub-genres originated from, like Norway and he spoke about Varg Vikernes. I've seen a little bit of this show you speak of, but the movie was also very informative.
  • EastIndianFemme 2011/12/11 16:42:06
    Bang your head!
    I have seen this more than once; loved it!!

    headbanger s journey
    headbanger s journey
  • Phil 2011/12/11 10:55:13
    I don't believe in evolution!
    I never knew it existed. I may have to check that out.
  • david shiel 2011/12/11 08:06:42
    Bang your head!
    david shiel

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