ENTERTAINMENT: Why Are Male Celebrities Cheating So Much?

David Boreanaz, get in line.

Take your place behind Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Letterman, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards and all the other celebrities from the worlds of show business and politics who have recently confessed to marital infidelity. The “Bones” star, however, has played his cards a bit differently from his cohorts; he confessed first. Unlike the others, Boreanaz beat his mistress to the punch, confessing to People magazine that he decided to tell all because of a blackmailing mistress. “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities,” Boreanaz said to the magazine. “I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.” This confession came on the heels of his discovery Boreanaz’s mistress had hired Gloria Allred, the go-to-gal for gold-digging mistresses.

Why the sudden rash of celebrity confessions? Relationship experts point to the male celebrities’ aversion to being degraded into a tawdry tabloid headline. “I do think that some of these guys are now aware that people like themselves, in the public eye, have a time bomb ticking on their infidelity,” states Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the University of Washington. “The ones that actually would like to stay married want to get out ahead of the disclosure and see if they can solve the problem, mute the shock, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court of public opinion before the white hot glare of the media makes reconciliation difficult of impossible.”
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  • Fef 2010/05/08 00:25:40
    Because they can.... Celebrity status doesn't give people brains or values -- it gives them narcissism at best. I don't condone their cheating, but we shouldn't put entertainment celebrities on such high pedestals and get shocked when they cheat
    values narcissism condone cheating entertainment celebrities high pedestals shocked cheat

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  • jrizzo 2011/02/27 17:27:51
    Because even they are stars they are also human..... As mentioned prior we shouldn't put them on high pedestals and esteem them as much as we do. It’s ridiculous
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/02/27 14:57:34
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Because they can, I guess.
  • bags 2010/05/10 12:53:19
    Thank the paparazzi for forcing many of these guys to the forefront. It's not a fad, it's just getting caught, pure and simple. Boreanaz took Letterman's road for the same reason, pretty much....extortion. It had nothing to do with wanting to 'clear their consciences'.
  • Shady 2010/05/10 11:53:44
    These are a random few, you are not a cheater until you get caught, how many out there has not been. Both male and female alike. Infidelity does not discriminate. Since most women are like a cat and we class men as dog, there is your answer, a cat (woman) always cover her s**t and we all know it is completely opposite for a man, they leave's s**t all over the place. Poor men don't forget the pooper scooper next time,
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/05/10 03:18:27
    Gay and they're getting away from the beard.
  • db coop34 2010/05/09 23:24:25 (edited)
    db coop34
    duh srry but there just men, they do what they want, and then feel guilty, which brings more confessions and cheating the world revolves around them, which makes them even more superficial than ever. they could never live up to the fans expectations. or their wives. and that boreanaz is the worst actor in the business. he acts like a deer caught in the head lights.
  • Sparksmom 2010/05/09 19:56:35
    What I will never understand, and I know I'm not alone in this, is why do these guys get married in the first place? It happened to me too, but I still don't get it. Are their wives ugly, stupid, fat, self-absorbed, neglectful (?), Just what is the problem and why is staying married so hard? Please tell me, I'd really like to know.
  • Sparksmom 2010/05/09 19:54:07
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  • Punk Rocker 2010/05/09 15:38:05
    Punk Rocker
    Because they can afford it....they have tones of money, so if they tear someone's heart into shreads, they can easily mend that persons heart by spending money.
  • Edward 2010/05/09 12:35:29
    because they think it's okay and cool to do but what do the women celebrities think about their counterparts cheating?
  • bags Edward 2010/05/10 12:54:53 (edited)
    Well, Elin Woods will give you a clue....LOL. And Fergie..... And Sandra Bullock...... Doesn't seem to be much different than how I'd feel.
  • LovelyJubJub 2010/05/09 09:31:41
    aw! but i love david Boreanaz dudes ausomeand....hot
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2010/05/09 07:24:56
    Great! I'll never be able to watch "Bones" again without thinking about his private life and wondering to myself why people can't be faithful. It will make me feel the same way I do whenever I am around my uncle who is also a cheater. I think the problem isn't just with celebrities, it seems to be very prevalent in society today, but then again it seems to have been a problem in the past too. At least, no one is chopping off his wife's head so that he can go on to the next woman like Henry VIII did, then again, I could be wrong about that with stories like Lacy Petersen and her poor never-to-be born infant.
    henry viii wrong stories lacy petersen poor never-to-be born infant
  • LeifEriksson 2010/05/09 05:45:48
    Because our country is devolving into a society of MENUs....
  • Alex-Panda-Ninja-Poet-Dude 2010/05/09 05:32:08
  • Sparksmom Alex-Pa... 2010/05/09 20:04:04
  • RAINA 2010/05/09 03:19:13
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2010/05/09 02:37:05
    damm!t I thought he was better than that!!
  • sait10 2010/05/09 01:07:30
    Because they are weak and deceitful and put their own need first before thinking about their wife/husband, children, family and their moral obligation as a married man or woman!
  • CitizenErased 2010/05/09 00:37:48
    I don't think that they're cheating anymore than normal people or more than usual. I'm just kind of thinking out loud, but is it possible that it seems like more people are cheating because if one person cheats than that could make other people suspicious of whether someone else was cheating. Well that made absolutely no sense

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