Devo to Release Anti-Romney Song: Do You Like When Musicians Get Political?

Fergie 2012/08/15 20:00:00
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Devo is set to release a new single called 'Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus)' on August 25th through digital distributer The Orchard. While the title may not sound politically charged, the song is about Mitt Romney's 1983 road trip in which he strapped his dog to the roof of his car and drove from Massachusetts to Ontario. Do you like it when musicians get political or does it distract from their music?

Devo is about to dip its collective toes into this year’s presidential race as the quirky New Wave survivors later this month will release a song called “Don’t Roof Rack, Me Bro! (Remember Seamus)”
transported family dog massachusetts ontario kennel strapped roof family station

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  • VoiceOfReason 2012/08/19 19:15:33
    It's one thing if your band or music is political in nature but if your just making a comment or opinion because you have the microphone and your a loud mouth idiot to begin with then no. Yes I'm talking about you Uncle Ted.
  • koola 2012/08/19 17:22:39
    Political songs and bands have been around since the beginning, some are more vocal than others and it covers both sides politically. Where would we be without Rage shutting down Wall St., the first and only time it has happened so far. We have R.E.M., Springsteen, Ministry, Sinead, and remember Rock the Vote which bands were trying to get the younger generation to vote. But there is too much apathy on that level, and the younger generation would rather have the rich and the elderly make the decisions for their future. Anarchy and Apathy = stupidity if you don't vote for your rights as a voting citizen
  • Tennyson James 2012/08/19 16:08:55
    Tennyson James
    Music has always been a way to express society's vcalues - including politics. If music were not political there would not be much music.
  • billie 2012/08/17 15:13:17
  • wildemanne 2012/08/17 14:45:08
    free country or still was as of this am rethuglicans havent sold us to china yet for personal profit
  • KB 2012/08/17 03:22:11 (edited)
    The only good political bands are bands that start political and not just spewing out the same anti-Republican themes, with the exception of RATM. Anti-Flag is a superb example of how a political band should be done by writing great lyrics, actually standing for what they believe in, and making epic music. Need I say more?

  • Airhead KB 2012/12/02 07:48:05 (edited)
    You do realize that Devo have been boat-rockers throughout their whole career, right?
  • KB Airhead 2012/12/02 14:25:32
    Yeah, but when people all of a sudden become "political" then I get fairly irritated.
  • I(◕‿◕✿)I 2012/08/17 02:34:30
    Lol lame
    They want to be relevant. d:
    I didn't know they were still around even..
  • Airhead I(◕‿◕✿)I 2012/12/02 07:49:11 (edited)
    middle finger
    Devo is and has been relevant since their conception.
  • bye 2012/08/16 22:36:01
    I love music but now artist spouting their politics. It seems stupid lets see get fans and piss half of them off with your often unresearched opinions of things.
  • Airhead bye 2012/12/02 07:50:37
    Sorry but not all bands are looking for ratings.
  • bye Airhead 2012/12/02 23:03:02
    Well then hey what I said is the truth.
  • Airhead bye 2012/12/02 23:10:59 (edited)
    It really is a stupid business decision most of the time. Not all bands are in it for only the money.
  • Elementer 2012/08/16 21:12:32 (edited)
  • Couri 2012/08/16 21:05:07
    Musicians, businesses, etc. shouldn't announce their opinion either way. Then people will start buying their products/services/etc. not because they are good, but because they share the same opinion.
  • Jalex 2012/08/16 20:56:45
    I actually love Devo (for more than just 'Whip It', as two of their albums are classics in my opinion), and don't mind an "anti-Romney song." It's just the timing seems entirely opportunistic.
  • Airhead Jalex 2012/12/02 07:51:41
    Devo has been political since they first started.
  • Jalex Airhead 2012/12/08 14:13:45
    Did I state anything to the contrary?
  • Raymie 2012/08/16 20:51:31
    sad...you just dropped from one hit wonder to omg your stupid...
  • Airhead Raymie 2012/12/08 18:03:31
    Devo isn't just a one hit wonder. They started a whole new sub genre of music called New Wave.
  • Jon Peter 2012/08/16 20:47:52
    Jon Peter
    They are entitled to their opinions but artist should try to stay away from politics.
  • Big brother 2012/08/16 20:26:26 (edited)
    Big brother
    Go Devo, its your best work besides whip it. Mittens is a disgusting inherent bigot and we need all the awareness we can muster to put this suit back in a cubicle where he belongs.
  • Airhead Big bro... 2012/12/02 07:53:04 (edited)
    Sad part is that whip it is one of their least intelligent songs. Most of their songs have a strong message.
  • the fuze 2012/08/16 19:44:24
    the fuze
    So I just won't listen.
  • Q 2012/08/16 19:33:08
    It's a song that highlights what many animal lovers see as a character flaw in a presidential candidate. As Paul McCartney once put it: "You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.
    " romney seamus political cartoon
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2012/08/16 19:03:36
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    The best music is always political. That is why Punk Rock rulez.
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/08/16 18:52:05
    If anyone can make a caricature look even more like a caricature, it's Devo.
  • Frank 2012/08/16 18:09:17
    Who's devo, they look like something out a science fiction B movie. Evidently the DNC paid them some money because the price of their tickets for a concert should be free....
  • Airhead Frank 2012/12/02 07:55:25 (edited)
    Devo is what new wave bands failed to imitate. Devo stands for Devolution and they are pointing out the devolution of society.
  • Frank Airhead 2012/12/03 23:27:50
    At their age how would they know about devolution of society,....
  • Vieuphoria 2012/08/16 17:51:38
    Freedom of speech, bitch. Don't like it, don't listen.
  • Ang74 2012/08/16 17:25:44
    Singers need to stick to what they are good at...singing and acting like children
  • D S Ang74 2012/08/16 18:13:21
    D S
    And politicians need to stick to politicking. Stay out of the bedrooms, away from religious beliefs. Start working for us and not their backers.
    If they did what we hired them for, would be no reason for artist to sing about them.
    Just a thought.;)
  • Ang74 D S 2012/08/16 18:17:46
    I agree there.
  • scurvison 2012/08/16 17:16:29
  • Jay Theyme 2012/08/16 17:16:23
    Jay Theyme
    Well, i don't really care if they get political but I do find it annoying when it's too obviously a gimmick for no other purpose but cheap political hacking.
    I noticed a dozen highly raved pictures of people driving with dogs on motorcycles, dogs on cars, pick-up trucks etc. I do believe a dog, in a dog cage, would LOVE riding on top of a car or van. Just saying.
    *Granted I'm far far far more interested in whichever guy is going to be the strict budget and 'financial house in order' President. Whether he ate a dog or had a rooftop kennel.
  • wilsonmja 2012/08/16 16:58:24
    I can't stand listening to rich peoole debate about what's best for the rest of us...in general.
  • D S 2012/08/16 16:56:57
    D S
    To bad they didn't have any Political Music in the 60's.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2012/08/16 16:56:21
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Those two things don't mix.
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