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Michael Jackson blurred many boundaries. Now, according to rumors, the King of Pop is erasing the line between life and death. He's not the only dead celeb who some maintain is actually still alive. Wishful thinking, or kinda-sorta possible?

Man in the van: Just as fans were emerging from weeks of Michael Jackson tributes, this video surfaced of an MJ-esque figure jumping from a coroner's van. Its creators recently admitted the clip is a hoax.

Shadowy presence: While touring Jackson's Neverland Ranch, the crew of "Larry King Live" filmed what looked like the pop singer's ghost walking across a hallway. Alas, there was a perfectly logical explanation.

The case continues: Rumors aside, controversy does surround Jackson's death, recently ruled a homicide. Get the latest news.

Other celeb sightings:

Elvis: Since he passed away in 1977, Elvis Presley has allegedly appeared everywhere from a town square in Germany to a Burger King in Michigan. If you've seen the King, be sure to alert one of the Elvis sightings Web sites.

Elvis' tombstone error: Perhaps casting doubt on his grave's contents, Elvis' tombstone supposedly misspells the singer's middle name. A death certificate has it as "Aron." The tombstone, "Aaron." So, where is Elvis buried?

Tupac Shakur: Murdered rapper Tupac Shakur's first posthumous album, "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory," became an instant rap classic in 1996. Some say its title contains hidden meanings that indicate Shakur faked or foresaw his demise.

Notorious B.I.G.:Biggie Smalls was slain under similar circumstances just months after rival Shakur, and similar rumors abound that Smalls (his other names?) is still alive. Fueling the fire: Both cases remain unsolved.

Reaching nirvana:Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994, though some folks reckon he was murdered or is still alive. In one sense, Cobain did recently reappear. Where can you see the grunge god?

Graveside sightings: Say you're in Paris, visiting the grave of Jim Morrison. You leave a flower. Hum a few Doors lyrics. And notice an aging hippie give a thankful nod. According to addled eyewitnesses, that was Morrison!

The plane facts: Legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart was flying in 1937 to Howland Island (where is that?) when her plane disappeared. Her remains have never been found, and some speculate she may be alive. Unlikely -- Earhart would be 112.

Man on the moon: Even skeptics might be convinced that kooky comedian Andy Kaufman didn't really die from this cause in 1984. Kaufman talked about faking his death, and someone posing as his alter ego, Tony Clifton, performed into the 1990s.
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