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American Idol: Adam Gets a Standing Ovation — From Simon!

- Tuesday’s Idol featured songs from the remaining eight contestants’ birth year, which allowed Ryan to show a photo of Simon as a boy pointing at what looked like a toy gun.

It also brought us the rare sight of Simon standing on his feet instead of shooting from the hip. At the end of the hour, with no time left for the judges to even speak, he gave an ovation to Adam Lambert, who performed Gary Jules’s “Mad World” bathed in blue light, as if he were channeling a depressed schoolboy or Donnie Darko himself. It was moving, chilly and edgy — maybe slightly creepy. ... Read full article »
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  • Melody 2009/04/18 04:50:30
    He's going to win idol....if he doesn't Danny might. He has a good voice
  • Donna 2009/04/15 20:49:57
    Adam is creepy and sings like a women, he needs to go! he is not who I would want to win American Idol. I don't get he standing ovation thing at all. He did not deserve it.
  • bootzscootz 2009/04/15 17:44:24
    I admit he can sing and so can the rest of them, but I cannot see a gay guy representing America. A record company will grab him up and he'll be just fine, Has ppl lost their morals? We have to draw the line somewhere.
  • darkmagician66699 2009/04/15 16:21:17 (edited)
  • shelbywearsprada 2009/04/14 20:13:46
    adam deserved a standing ovation. he did a great job!
  • Mimi 2009/04/14 19:12:27
    I think he's wonderful...this is the first season I've bothered to vote..
  • Jess 2009/04/14 02:24:17
    I was so excited!!! I love adam
  • LauraC 2009/04/14 01:03:39
    adams my favorite contestant, he's the best by far, he's so gonna win =] adams contestant gonna win
  • mdamion13 2009/04/13 23:44:54
    I hope that Adam wins in the end. He is the only one who has really put himself out there and taken chances. The songs he has chosen so far have been completely unique, and he has had the self-confidence to sing it his way and not simply imitate the original. I am totally impressed with each of his performances and he truly did deserve the standing ovation. Go Adam, Go Adam, Go.......
  • Kelsey Kaulitz 2009/04/13 23:19:40
    Kelsey Kaulitz
    Adam deserved that standing ovation. He is absolutly amazing. He has already made "idol history!" Plus he's hot and he can sing like no other! That's why we love him. adam deserved standing ovation absolutly idol history hot sing love
  • Lizzie Bee *In My Sisters I... 2009/04/13 23:07:06
    Lizzie Bee *In My Sisters I Trust*
    i liked it more than i like any of his other performances and usualy i agree with Simon about him
  • bookfan 2009/04/13 22:19:21
    I was a little surprised Simon gave him the ovation, because
    while the song was going on, he looked as bored as he
    usually does. Adam isn't my favorite, but he is a talented
    singer, and will probably win!
  • Michellee 2009/04/13 20:56:26
    Adam's very talented and he deserved this.
    That was a hauntingly beautiful song.
  • Red Lizzard 2009/04/13 20:55:14
    Red Lizzard
    He's ok, but he is just sooooo EMO for me to watch. Kinda makes me gag a little!
  • darlene 2009/04/13 09:32:09
    Adam is extremely talented and will probably win the American Idol. I think Chris is talented also. adam extremely talented win american idol chris talented
  • clara 2009/04/11 15:33:59
  • bri bri *sexy ninja's* 2009/04/11 02:51:28
    bri bri *sexy ninja's*
    omg i was so suprised i never thought simon was capable of doing that.....lol jk i think he really deserved it though...he was awesome and that might be an understatement
  • nylhahsperson 2009/04/11 01:32:02
  • Incinerated Murder Scene 2009/04/11 00:50:08
    Incinerated Murder Scene
    Adam Lambert amazes me every week.
    He definately deserved the standing ovation.
  • Caitlyn Epstein 2009/04/10 16:31:10
    Caitlyn Epstein
    Adam rocks! I dont like Simon tho! Except for that night when he gave him a standing ovation! I dont want him to win tho....But he is hot! adam rocks simon tho standing ovation win tho hot

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