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  • Site Maintenance at 10pm PST Sep.4, 2008
    Hopefully you've noticed over the last few days our site has been more stable. Tonight at 10pm SodaHead will be in maintenance mode so that we can make a few more changes that will bring additional stability to the si...
    29 opinions
    Adi 2008/09/05 03:35:19
  • How far we've come!  SodaHead is all grownz up!
    So, I was searching Google Images for the term "SodaHead" and I found some seriously Old Skool snapshots of SodaHead in its infancy. This is SodaHead.com in March of 2007 We've come a long way....and we've ...
    21 opinions
    Adi 2007/12/14 20:48:57
  • What are with the nose-pickers on the freeway?!?!?
    I drive to and from work in Los Angeles traffic. Often, my driving routine is stymied but some bizarre traffic occulting force. This supernatural force is powerful, so powerful in fact that it can take 60 minutes to trav...
    9 opinions
    Adi 2007/11/16 10:09:47
  • Is there a proper way to use toothpaste tubes?
    I am a firm believer in respecting thy toothpaste tube. In fact, if there were a religious cult that were to abide by the strictest of toothpaste usage rules, I would most likely be its god and my wife would most likely re...
    25 opinions
    Adi 2007/09/25 00:29:27
  • SodaHead Update: Internet Explorer 6 freezes are now fixed!
    Please check the site using your Internet Explorer 6 browswer and let me know if there are still any pages that your browsers freezes, hangs or plain old bites the big one on! Thank you for your patience! Adi
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    Adi 2007/09/12 01:21:24
  • The new SodaHead site is up...i'm going to bed now.  Enjoy =)
    Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions in the Contact Us link at the footer of our site or in SodaHead Groupies Discussion: Suggestions and Comments on SodaHead. Until I see you all tomorrow...enjoy telling us W...
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    Adi 2007/09/07 10:44:00
  • On my honeymoon on the beach in Cabos San Lucas
    How appropriate I am on the beach laying on a floating bed on my iPhone surfing wifi Internet writing my first SodaHead blog. Missing everyone and loving my time here can't wait to see you all back online next week! Adi
    6 opinions
    Adi 2007/08/05 18:38:19