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Yes I'm 17. A student born in Brazil raised in Miami. I love hello kitty bite me.Wait don't bite me bite yourself. :P I love animals, I love dogs, I love life and living. If i were asked to describe my life it would take a book with more than 1000 pages. I find so many things in life can make you happy loving people speaking just being yourself and so many other things. I like drinking red bull and vodka but does that make me an alcoholic hell no. From time to time i travel back and forth to Brazil i stay there come home etc. Anyways anything else you want to ask me just ask.

I'd like to meet

The love of my life Cristiano Ronaldo Emma watson MIley Cyrus Eminem tyra Banks.Selena gomez So incredibly awesome and friendly.


Beach, music, movies, playing, guitar, singing, dancing Brazilian style.I love laughing


The love of my life Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Music

i love all music but i love electronica.
love music love electronica
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Favorite TV Shows

I'm limited to what i like on t.v. I'm rarely watching it. But when i do Prolly American idol Americas got talent maybe Family Guy and The Cleveland show. other than that the interwebs is my t.v.

Favorite Quotes

From mean girls "Have sex, Get pregnant, die!"

Favorite Heroes

My family especially my mother. My sisters for being there <3 My gorgeous newborn cousin is gorgeous. My grandmother for teaching me about my ancestry.


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