SodaHead WordPress Poll Plugin For Your Blog

Quickly and easily create free, customized polls for your blog with the best WordPress poll plugin available. Adding polls to your blog creates an engaging experience for your audience and keeps them coming back for more. The SodaHead Poll Widget Plugin for Wordpress is free and allows you to add fully customized polls to your blog in seconds.

Many of the web's top publishers, including ABCnews, Fox News, NYPost.com, and Technorati, have selected SodaHead as their poll of choice to collect and display results in real-time.

Poll Features:

Customize size, colors, and background skins - add your logo
Include images and videos
Save and organize themes for future use
Include 10+ answer choices
Security against vote fraud (flash-based)
Grabbable by readers... make your poll go viral!
One-click post

Additional Features:

Wordy answers - over 250 characters allowed per answer
One-click sharing to Twitter and Yahoo
Optional voter comments
Optionally add your poll to the SodaHead network for more exposure!

All of your polls and themes are stored so you can return later to add or update as desired.

Polls enhance interactivity and "stickiness" by engaging your audience and encouraging readers to come back to your blog to read results. Whether you blog about the presidential elections just around the corner, something controversial in the news, or the latest celebrity gossip, your readers can actively participate in the discussion through polls. Chances are they'll send their friends to vote too, increasing traffic and interactivity on your site.

Installation Instructions

To install the plugin, you can use the built-in installer and upgrader in WP-Admin, or install manually by following these steps:

1. Download the plugin by visiting the plugin page on WordPress.org or by clicking here. Use your FTP program to upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory. In addition to uploading all the php files to /wp-content/plugins/, make sure to also move the extracted folder "sodahead-polls" into this directory
2. Open the WordPress Admin Interface (WP-Admin) and click the "Plugins" heading
3. Find the "SodaHead Polls" plugin in the listing, and click the "Activate" link

Adding a poll to a post

1. Click on the "Posts" heading in the WordPress Admin Interface (WP-Admin)
2. Click on "Add New"
3. Click on the SodaHead Icon in the "Upload/Insert" listing
4. Screen will open up to create and embed a poll

Adding a poll to the sidebar

1. Click on the "Appearance" heading in the WordPress Admin Interface (WP-Admin)
2. Click on "Widgets"
3. Find "Polls" and drag it into the desired sidebar on the right
4. Open the drop down under polls. You can now create or modify a poll site-wide. Don't forget to press save after you are done creating and customizing a poll

Poll Widget Samples

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Create a poll from a post:

Create a poll from the sidebar:

Add a question and answers to the poll:

Customize the look and feel of the poll:

Embed the poll on your website or blog!: