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Know this: People don't mature with age,but through experience.
Before you go any further,I will not add you because I rave a lot or any other stuff like that.
people mature agebut experience furtheri add rave
This is Jasmine hear me roar about Dk! Dk is one of the nicest people on here! He is also one of the people that make me laugh the most teehee. He's very funny and that's why you're one of my favorite SodaHeads because you were one of the first people I started talking to and you made me feel welcome on here! Im always glad to talk to you Dk because your too damn awesome! He also has some pretty damn good taste in music! If you have never talked to this guy well then you should because he is too Cool! He will make you smile for sure i hope =D
Your SodaBud,Jazzy-Mine

I'd like to meet



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Favorite Music

Metallica ,Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Children of Bodom, Rush, Guns N' Roses, Judas Priest, Pantera, Aerosmith, Rammstein, Machine Head, The Rolling Stones, Tool, In Flames, Alice In Chains, Carlos Santana, The Killers, Trivium, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Audioslave, Disturbed, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Slayer, Coldplay, deadmau5, Ozzy Osbourne, Kings of Leon, A Perfect Circle, The Rolling Stones, Steve Vai, Smashing Pumpkins, Stratovarius, System of a Down, and more!

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite Movies

The Dark Knight
Saving Private Ryan
Forest Gump
Pokemon 2000
The Sandlot
Anger Management
Happy Gilmore
Water Boy and anything from Tom Hanks and Adam Sandler.
anger management happy gilmore water boy tom hanks adam sandler

Favorite Books

Not a fan of books ^-^
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fan books

Favorite Quotes

"Sleep... Those slices of death.... How I loathe them."- Edgar Allan Poe
"Life is a sexually transmitted disease, and it's 100% fatal."

Favorite Heroes

goku and shenron


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  • Mila Darias 2014/04/08 04:12:01
    Mila Darias
    Ha! There is no more sign of snow, the weather finally got warm!
    How are the things over there, did you get any snow?
    Muah! ;p
  • Mila Darias 2014/04/06 18:11:14
    Mila Darias
    It's alright here, thanks for asking. We did expect the Ukranian problem to affect us, but it only remains a political conflict.
    Oh, it sure was weird, our Skype call! I'm sorry it happened to be the last, though..
    Sorry for the late reply, I had no internet connection. In a poor country, poor internet. Although the capital is beautiful and pretty european-like :D
  • Nat™ 2014/04/01 19:45:20
    Thank you and it's alright and yes a slave. I work at Macy's right now, blah. I hate retail but at least it's something. And I do limit myself I just noticed today. I'm going to major in English and writing. I've noticed I like to write a lot so maybe in the near future I can write for a living. Maybe do newspaper articles or maybe aim high and write a book.
  • Nat™ 2014/03/28 14:23:30
    You're doing better than me. I'm alright, I'm FINALLY going back to college this fall, I just held up since I was procrastinating and working like a slave. You're smart, dude. What are you trying to be a again?
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/21 18:04:50
    Mila Darias
    Hey, I thought it was 2009? Nevertheless, it's been a long time since we've known each other. Actually I never thought there'd be someone who'd get to know me better than you :)
    The ZoSo would look nice too, but I gave up on band names or songs, a tattoo should be more intimate. Although, I'd like to get one on my shoulder, too
    And I know better what te iubesc means ;P
  • Nat™ 2014/03/19 15:35:01
    LMAO. Thanks. I'm the same person on FB and SH though. But how are you? How's college?
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/18 23:04:52
    Mila Darias
    You still have the picture of the dead kitty, and my plush Lui!! :D
    Damn, I miss you
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/18 22:59:21
    Mila Darias
    We've got so old.. really, how long has it been since we've met?
    I even write poetry, but in Romanian so you ain't gonna find sense in them :P
    Lateralus, Parabola, my favourites from Tool's!
    Besides this, I'm glad you like my idea ;)
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/18 19:42:28
    Mila Darias
    Well, you should be , like.. 20? and I'm still two years younger than you.
    It's actually pretty simple, the circle means continuity which keeps the perfect balance in life, and the sunrises are the ramifications it, the good, the bad, all life has got.
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/18 14:19:20
    Mila Darias
    a circle mixed with the sun symbol, something like this on my left rib
    circle mixed sun symbol rib
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/18 14:15:28
    Mila Darias
    I'll be 19 in a few days! I fought people change, but you're still a jerk :P
  • Nat™ 2014/03/17 20:22:48
    lmao I know you have. You got me on FB you know too lol
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/17 19:10:38
    Mila Darias
    Haha, I'm younger than you, ok! But I really did not pay any attention to the background, don't judge me!
    I'm fine, too, I can definitely relate to that exact stage in life, I'm even going to get my first tattoo for my birthday!
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/17 18:21:23
    Mila Darias
    and your background is SO cool!
  • Mila Darias 2014/03/17 18:18:21
    Mila Darias
    So, how are you, "old acquaintance" ? ;p
  • Nat™ 2014/03/17 17:41:51
    LMAO sorry just logged in here for the first time in many months. And yeah, the Kanye album was alright, I liked some few songs. It's the Kanye in me that keeps supporting LOL.
  • Sofia ☆ 2014/02/04 03:52:47
  • AO ;) 2014/01/10 22:38:48
    AO ;)
    ok... I decided not to talk about politics but it just happened.... I had 2 other Sodaheads accounts before and I was blocked because of my political blogs, so I, very well, know how most of the members here think.. I'm not conflicting with anyone... I'm just posting my opinion.... :)
  • AO ;) 2013/12/27 17:01:25
    AO ;)
    haha I'm not wasting my time ;)

    I'm not aiming to share my opinion or know others' opinions.
  • AO ;) 2013/12/26 20:02:17
    AO ;)
    haha thanks :)

    True :D
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