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I was born in Miami, Florida.
I grew up in Quito, Ecuador.
Was brought back to the USA when I was 13.
Went to high school in Laguna Beach CA
Met Tim Leary in 1967.
Joined the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.
Went to Haight street for the summer of love with flowers in my hair.

(See the movie Jacobs Ladder to see what happened to him)

"The War in Vietnam is completely insane as are those that support it. LSD is the best medicine for those afflicted."
-Tim Leary 1968

Active anti-war protester ever since then.
Dodged the daft.
Turned on, Tuned in, dropped out
I've lived in about 30 countries all over the planet. I've worked as a language teacher, yoga teacher, president of the Vegetarian Society USA, co-founder, Rainforest Action Network.
I'm the author of Birth of an Angel (or the future of slavery)

I am currently attempting to re-legalize hemp Cañamo in Ecuador and its now legal in Colorado for Green Eco-friendly Burials. I spend part of the year in my beloved Ecuador and part in Colorado.
Colorado is the best state in the USA.

Two recent studies from US Universities show that:
Crematoriums are emitting large quantities of heavy metals; like Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, added to every noxious fume known to man. These from dentures, implants of all kinds, old fillings, etc.
The rising number of Children with ADD, ADHD, MS, MD as well as an assortment of Alphabet soup maladies that come from toxins in our environment.


After spilling over 22 times the amount of Exxon Valdez in our Ecuadorian Oriente Amazon, our native people dieing in this toxic soup, it seems our President Correa has finally had enough and now some Chinese companies will handle Ecuadors oil from now on.

Once hemp cultivation is re-legalized, since it was made illegal by popular demand of a few people in one room at the USA white house back in the late 30's. I have been meeting with government officials to turn this around.
I hope promoting hemp cultivation on the lands of family members will help to make up for years of destroying our rainforests for those hardwood trees extracted by Norte Americanos for their coffins.
However, since those eating at McDonalds since childhood have about reached maturity, their PLUS size bodies no longer fit into a regular coffin! Thus for these people, the Holocaust of the Crematoriums will be a final way to leave as much pollution as possible on the way out! Say goodbye to Mother Earth in a cloud of Toxic fumes!
Kudos to my friends in Crestone Colorado for their efforts to promote Green Funerals.

I was also a disciple of Dr. Serge Reynauld de la Ferriere.
Author of the Black Book of Freemasonry (an expose which got him murdered)
Yug, Yoga, Yogaism

"A human being is a question, destined to eventually return to its source as an answer."

There is only one way to go. The 99% have no choice but to liberate themselves from the Oil/Military/Prison/Industrial complex.

911 was an Inside Job. The corruption and GREED is out of control.
Plus the printing of money to maintain this bogus Empire will soon crash the Banksters.
Yes, of course they will try to control the Internet.
But even the most ignorant, knows that oil is not only running out, but the pollution is killing our trees and causing catastrophic forest fires.
The world population has no choice:
Stop the insanity of making paper from trees.
Stop burning tons of coal and cremation hundreds of thousands of human bodies a day.

The earth does not belong to us, it belongs to our children.

I love Jill Stein

I'd like to meet


Anyone who joins my group against the 1% http://www.sodahead.com/unite...

Any person who shares the highest ideals. You don't have to be a GREEN to be my friend or SH. Just be a nice person with sincere opinions and show you care about our world, our country and express a sincere desire to help other people. You will be my friend.
If you care about oil company profits, greed, invading other countries, drilling, mining, and raising pigs with subsidies so you can stuff your face with more bacon, you are NOT my friend.
If you try to trash my polls with nonsense and photos of farm animals, I will block you. Fair warning.


Playing Heroes IV - angels vs demons, Playing Heroes of Might & Magic V , Now playing Heroes of Might and Magic VI
Promoting Zeitgeist
My Yahoo group discussion on the Matrix
Recycling and riding my bike ( not the same thing)
I love the vision of Zion in The Matrix, I want to make it happen.
All of humanity in this beautiful jewel of a planet, a way station on the infinite routs through the universe.


Re-open the 9-11 investigation now!
I would like democracy and free speech in the USA.
Renewable energy is National Security
Go Green Party
Save the Rain forest
Stop factory farming
No subsidies for Agribusiness and Corporate hog farms.
Founder Green Burial Council of Colorado
Exposing Satan Worshiping Zionists who think they can control the planet by conducting bloody animal sacrifice in the Third Temple and the demons who enable this.

Favorite TV Shows

Occupy Denver
We got sold out
They got bailed out


Favorite Movies

The Matrix (all three)
Kingdom of Heaven
Loose change final cut - Documentary on 9-11
V for Vendetta
Core of Corruption
Across the Universe
Orange Sunshine
Zeitgeist - Moving forward (Available on You Tube)

Favorite Books

Confessions of an economic hit man - John Perkins
The wisdom of Mohammed - Dr. Serge Reynauld de la Ferriere
Behind the Matrix - Philosophy of the Matrix - Various authors

Favorite Quotes

"You must be joking," - Albert Eisenstein when asked if he would accept the honor of being President of Israel.
The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

The Matrix is an electronic grid that leads to the central core of code which approves, or denies and calculates your transaction in the blink of an eye with dollars that have never even been printed.
-Victor Forsythe

"The more we act as angels, the closer we are to heaven."
"God is NOT good, God is not bad. Do not judge God. God IS."

You are more likely to find God in a Forest than in Church"

" I feel sorry for modern day Christians. More wars have been fought in the name of Christ than for any other reason. They have abandoned the teachings of Jesus, to promote Peace, Mercy and give to the Poor. They do the opposite of that. They are the anti-Christ."
-Dr. Serge Reynauld de la Ferriere

"Trees are poems that God writes up against the sky.
We fell them, turn them to paper that we may record our emptiness."
-Khalil Gibran

Favorite Heroes

Jill Stein Green Party USA
Jesse Ventura
John Lennon
Tim Leary
Chico Mendez
The Wachowski Bros - The Matrix and V for Vendetta
Carlos Santana
Nelson Mandela
John Lennon
Toussaint L'Overtoure
David Brower
Ralph Nader
Cynthia McKinney
John Kennedy
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Albert Einstein
John Lennon
Alice B. Toklas
Lawrence of Arabia
Sir Paul McCartney
All the anti-Zionist Rabbis
Benito Juarez
Ceasar Chavez
Crazy Horse
Bob Marley
Antonio Jose de Sucre
Simon Bolivar
Susan B. Antony
Emiliano Zapata
Dr. Serge Reynauld de la Ferriere
Mahatma Gandhi
Did I mention John Lennon?
All those who fight against Greed, Racism and cruelty.


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