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  • Jay 2014/07/13 11:02:17
  • Jay 2014/07/07 15:36:39
  • CallOfBooty 2014/07/06 20:39:23
    I would be shocked if he wasn't.
  • Brandon 2014/07/04 18:53:34
    Does anyone think this guy is a right-wing terrorist?
  • KEWL 2014/06/25 18:46:34
  • Army Vet 4444 2014/06/24 11:02:20
    Army Vet 4444
    Thanks a lot for the invite!!!
  • banzaibuckaroo 2014/06/22 07:42:45
  • banzaibuckaroo 2014/06/21 16:25:46
    Since you won't answer the question, I'm putting it here. If Reagan was still alive, and running for President in 2016, and Ted Cruz was in the running. Who would you vote for Reagan or Cruz. Are you afraid of your image will get hurt? Now, answer it, since your the village troll on these boards. I already wrote, I would vote for Reagan. Now what's yours?
  • Somkey the Hores 2014/06/19 01:21:49
  • Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For J... 2014/06/10 23:43:19
    Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For Jesus"
    Someone just really PISSED me off!

  • Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For J... 2014/05/27 01:04:23
    Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For Jesus"
    Well anyway it was kind of fun, because we all were in support of Israel when she was going thru tough times and was under attack by the radical Palestinian extremists and here at home by the liberal koolaid drinkers who were attacking Israels right of self defense.

    It just really pissed off the lefty sheeple.

    It was GREAT!

    It was kind of a spin off from the name extensions we used back then to stick our finger in the eyes of those who hate God & Christians (the atheist crowd of morons). So we all put ~In~God~We~Trust at the back of our user name, if you remember that.

    Astro Boy and his lib groupies went nuts.

    morons ingodwetrust user remember astro boy lib groupies nuts red
  • Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For J... 2014/05/27 00:31:05
    Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For Jesus"
    Do you remember way back when? Oh I guess it was late 2008 or maybe early 2009 that we all changed our avatars to include either the Star of David or the Israeli flag?

    Those were days of solidarity. I miss those days.

    avatars include star david israeli flag days solidarity days red
  • Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For J... 2014/05/26 21:49:31
    Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For Jesus"
    I know you didn't. I was just being facetious. I do see that some of the trouble makers are still here but hopefully things are somewhat more civil.

    facetious trouble civil red
  • Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For J... 2014/05/26 20:06:05 (edited)
    Red [C][CPW] "Warrior For Jesus"
    Holy mackerel,

    What did you do to have so many of your good God fearing friends moderated or deactivated. Don't Conservatives and God fearing Christians have a First Amendment anymore?

    We'll at least I know I'm not alone.

    Don't know if we have met before but you started your account around the time I did. My girl Maude was playing around with my account while I was away working and its still under review for (5 years now)

    If you see Marie/M2M2K around please give her my regards I'd like to email her and let her know what I'm doing these days. Been out in Oklahoma last year for the storms and a little preaching stint for six months but outside of that I'm trying to keep my head down and securing the homestead.

    Tell Marie that Red (Red White & Blues) been asking about her. Haven't been on since 2009 when there was lots of excitement and intrigue going on here!

    Also Tell William (The Crow) that Red is back and hoping to get my original account back that has been pretty much decimated.

    Anyway, It seems pretty tame and quiet here now.

    Happy Memorial Day

    hoping account pretty decimated pretty tame quiet happy memorial red
  • mightystallyn 2014/05/07 09:38:54
    LOL, wow you really are an ignorant P.o.S., you genuinely don't have an answer that doesn't include the phrase liberal progressive.
  • Blessed Sheep Gone Wild! 2014/05/06 19:01:32
    Blessed Sheep Gone Wild!
    Anyone else find this person to be a right wing terrorist?
  • rita abdel 2014/04/22 01:43:31
    rita abdel
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/04/18 23:46:00
    Thank you for the add my NEW friend ! Take care and God bless you. thanks for the add  my friend
  • Somkey the Hores 2014/04/09 22:50:42
  • Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL 2014/04/09 04:47:29
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    Thanks for the add from Charleston SC :)
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