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I'd like to meet

Al Kaline, Lou Dobbs, Henry Ford, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, General George S. Patton


Camping and hiking with my wife and dog, Cooper.


Hot rods, old cars, street rods, music.

Favorite Music

rock, blues, 30's 40's and 50's jazz.

Favorite TV Shows

NCIS. Person of Interest

Favorite Movies

Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, Caddy Shack, Payback

Favorite Books

Any book by Nelson DeMille, Civil War books, James Patterson

Favorite Quotes

It takes common sense to solve issues, it takes senseless acts to create them.

Favorite Heroes

John Wayne, General George S. Patton, and Colonel Dale Jackson Crittenberger my commanding officer in Vietnam who lost his life fighting the good fight.


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  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    From our house to yours ...
    happy easter
  • Gunner 2014/03/20 02:19:46
    Hello, JT. Hope all's well with you and yours. Hey, PeeWee and I are trying to organize a meeting of SH Michiganders. Would you be interested? You'd be very welcome. PeeWee has offered to host at her lakehouse at Crystal Lake (short distance NW of Lansing). Would be sometime this spring or summer. So far we've got at least 6-9 people that are interested. Please let either one of us know. Note: Only conservative-minded SH friends.
  • La Bef 2014/02/14 04:06:37
    La Bef
    Yep.... you and I are in the same page. I have read everything Baldacci has written (actually I am fascinated by his Oliver Stone) and Flynn is also high up on my list.
  • La Bef 2014/02/12 00:50:08
    La Bef
    I love Nelson DeMille and James Patterson...never tire of reading their books. You are right...we do have a lot in common.
  • 56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA... 2013/12/12 23:39:09
    56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA-F's
    Merry Christmas to you & yours ...
    With Best Wishes For a Happy New Year

    nativity scene

  • Leasheryn/Lady Willpower 2013/12/12 01:42:16
  • JT For Political Reform 2013/12/08 11:59:01
    JT For Political Reform
    YW U-dog, :-)
  • U-Dog 2013/12/08 11:56:13
    Thanks for the friends request JT. It looks like we share a lot of friends already and similar interests too.
    thank you my friend
  • skowcog 2013/11/15 22:55:21
  • Leasheryn/Lady Willpower 2013/10/27 00:33:56
  • JT For Political Reform 2013/09/01 12:35:00
    JT For Political Reform
    Happy Labor Day to you J. :-) Happy Labor Day
  • J Montana 2013/09/01 04:56:01
    J Montana
    Happy Labor Day!

    happy labor
  • JT For Political Reform 2013/07/05 17:40:44
    JT For Political Reform
    Thanks for accepting.
  • Chancy 2013/07/05 16:08:58
    Thank you for the add
    and welcome to the table
  • Apache 2013/04/17 08:23:06
    Great advise & I wish I'd been a little less 'fair' when I first met Che & his groupies. Yup Remy is an idiot but I don't think her 'reporting' me achieved much, I still don't know what grounds she had? Is being willing to have a different opinion & using sarcasm too much for these neurodeficient sloths to bare?
    Putting them aside, welcome new friend, you are one tough opponent;)
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/03/26 17:07:56
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    Hello Dearest Friend!

    Thanks for your recent e-mail exchange that brightened my day and made me smile.
    hmnhnhahah mnmnm

    I wish you the best of everything in life!

    Good health, success, fame, power, peace, happiness
    and long life!

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    You're a true friend who I will cherish for a long time. God bless!


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  • Sgt Major B 2013/03/24 18:25:14
    Sgt Major B
    Glad to add you as a friend!
  • JT For Political Reform 2013/03/15 00:44:07
    JT For Political Reform
    Thank you for accepting Jezey. I change mine from time to time. Hey! Keeps things interesting. :-)
  • Jezey™ 2013/03/15 00:31:54
    Thank you for the friend request JT. Be prepared though, I change avatars often. LOL!
    thanks for the add
  • JT For Political Reform 2013/03/06 11:28:25
    JT For Political Reform
    This gun grab is all about controlling the people. This guy is dangerous. What really gets me are states like Colorado who just passed gun bans through their state senate and will probably pass the state house and I think Maryland is doing the same thing. Once you have one state following the lead of this treasonous federal government, their force becomes stronger to force the others to follow suit. This guy should have never got another 4 years and I think his first 4 and second were bought and paid for.
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