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Well, I think that I'm your average person...but then again, maybe not. I mean, I like to think outside the box, that most people tend to live such happy lives in. I love and embrace the crazy and random-it's what makes life entertaining. For those of you odd ones that are wondering; i am not currently dating anyone. (Probably because im too passive aggressive to go after what I want. I like living spontaneously, because if I don't live for the moment that I am in, who knows if I'll get another chance to? My friends are like life support to me, and they get me through my day, even if it's the worst one of my life. I'm a dreamer, and yes, reality DOES suck most of the time. Right now i'm trying to make my life count, but somehow I feel like i'm stuck in boredom just waiting for an adventure to happen. I am the youngest child out of three kids. As beliefs go, I don't know exactly where I stand, but I do believe that there is a karma cycle. But anyway, labels. Labels are just societies way of trying to classify people into categories that they themselves don't fully even get. So I don't really listen to those. I want to be a journalist one day and I'm going to be a college freshman this year. I love awkwardly embarrassing moments; probably because they happen to me so frequently, I want to travel a lot in my future.Definitely go see all kinds of places, people, festivals and cultures. Every day I might look different. cause I dress to fit what mood I am in. I write my own stories at wattpad.com. Random facts: I have a nose piercing, i'm 18 and I have dark black/brown hair and blue green eyes. I was just sitting here thinking that if you are reading all of this junk, you are obviously the most bored person in the universe, and hopefully you can find something interesting for yourself to do.
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(same username: carleania)

I'd like to meet

Poe. He definitely had an interesting view on the world. also, to be able to meet Shakespeare would be cool also. In today's life the person that i would want to meet would probably be Rob Dyrdeck...he's pretty cool, and extremely successful. .
Oh and the top amazing celeberty guys- max theriot, andy sixx, oli sykes, and tony oller


I've been playing guitar for the last five years......not sure if that means much. Painting and sketching, pottery are stuff I like to do also. Sometimes the people i'm around say that my artwork is the way that they see the inside to my world.. I love just hanging out with my friends for the most part. My cousins are really fun to hang out with too. Generally, I just do what ever my mood is up for that day. Most of the time though, i'm just really random and kind of awkward.


I love art, (drawing, sketching, and painting), I can't go a day without listening to music, sometimes I feel that it's what keeps me alive. I even have to sleep with my stereo on to have background noise while I sleep. I LOVE video games and am always trying to play them, but Ill be the first to admit that I am not that skilled at all of them. I am a Bookworm c; and music makes my world go round =)
(if you couldn't tell)

Favorite TV Shows

There's no perfect t.v. show. Anime is generally the only shows I sit and watch multiple seasons of. Inu x boku ss, inuyasha, bleach, and others. Normal show wise (that isn't illustrated) would be the random stuff that catches my attention. I like grimm, but generally I never sit and just watch t.v. like a normal person. I like to wait until the season is over then just watch all of it at once on Netflix or Hulu.

Favorite Movies

Much like t.v. shows, I have no favorite movie over all. Just a fav for every section, and that would take too long so, we'll skip the fav movie.But my favorite movie from most recently, Zombieland was interesting, and and Pirates/carribean is good, and the Underworld series is pretty good. Resident Evil, and most Marvel/ DC Comics movies as well. But then again, I am also a sapp and watch corny romance movies too. Just depends.

Favorite Books

Tithe by Holly black
Uglies trilogy
House of Night series
Eragon serie
my soul to take
ink exchange.
My favorite authors would be Holly Black, Scott Westerfeild, Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, Judy Bloome, Melissa Marr, Maureen Johnson, Shannon Hale, and J.K. Rowling.
I also like writting my own stories, books and poems, that you can check put on an amazing website of http://www.wattpad.com/user/c... , click on it and you can read my stuff as well as leave your opinion.

Favorite Quotes

all the funny ones-
-Karma will be a bigger bitch then I will ever have to be
-A man can eat a fish for a day, but a fish can eat a man for a month (animal crossing)
-Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself
-Love is giving him the power to destroy, but trusting him not to
Realistic ones-
"In our minds we tried to pin her to a coarkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew." ~Spinelli
"Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire. My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?" ~Roethke
"Degenerate' o sons and daughters, for life is too strong for you- it takes life to love life" ~lines 20-23 Lucinda Matlock, EdgarLee Masters.
"This is what fate means to be, opposite to everything and nothing else, but opposite, and always opposite." ~Rilke

Favorite Heroes

Fictional--I love all the superheros! But one of the sickest female ones would have 2 b Storm off of X-men and Thor for male.
Real life I like to believe that you can be your own hero, but otherwise, anybody who does something for some one and asks nothing for return.


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