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I am just an African wild dog therian. I m-shift more than any other shift. There are two kinds of Therianthropy: logical and spiritual. for most therians, including myself, it is a mix of both. And I have species dysphoria. I love PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect). I am extremely Romantic too.
My Romanticist traits:
I hate urban society and culture.
I love nature.
i don't believe in the rationalization of nature.
I believe knowledge is gained through intuition.
I love poetry and music.
i love literature and art from the Romantic era.

I'd like to meet

Emmy Bow, Emilie Autumn, Ambrehhh Is Dead, Countess Grotesque, Razor Candi, skrillex, deadmau5, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lousia May Alcott, Constance Hall, Leahmouse, Adora Batbrat, Sabastion Columbine, empathetic people, Eva Kor, Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth the first, Elizabeth the second,Bloody Mary, etc. kor elizabeth bathory vlad impaler catherine elizabeth elizabeth secondbloody mary That is Amber. She is AWESOME! leahmouse That is Leahmouse. She is an awesome Goth Youtube vlogger. elizabeth secondbloody mary amber awesome   leahmouse awesome goth youtube vlogger That is Emilie Autumn, the queen of Plague Rats! leahmouse awesome goth youtube vlogger emilie autumn queen plague rats Sebastian Columbine, Goth YouTuber. :D vlogger emilie autumn queen plague rats sebastian columbine goth youtuber Emmy Bow is very inspirational and also very nice! ^-^


Makeup, poetry, teaching, learning, sculpting, eco-touring, traveling, thrift shopping, antique shopping, raving, etc..
teaching learning sculpting eco-touring traveling thrift shopping antique shopping raving Eco Touring!! xD eco-touring traveling thrift shopping antique shopping raving eco touring xd Raves <3 thrift shopping antique shopping raving eco touring xd raves lt3 sculpting (:


Makeup, all arts, poetry, history, tea, dragons, mythology, psychology, ornithology, felinology, micro-biology, other stuff.
arts poetry history tea dragons mythology psychology ornithology felinology micro-biology Gotta love my maquillage! (;

Favorite Music

Skrillex, Emilie Autumn, Lights,The Clockwork Dolls, Deadmau5, HIM, Adrian Von Ziegler, Anberlin, Jack Off Jill, The 69 eyes, Intense, Zeldastep, Avenged sevenfold, BOTDF, BVB, Basshunter, Bassnectar, DJ S3RL, opera, etc. zeldastep avenged sevenfold botdf bvb basshunter bassnectar dj s3rl opera zeldastep avenged sevenfold botdf bvb basshunter bassnectar dj s3rl opera zeldastep avenged sevenfold botdf bvb basshunter bassnectar dj s3rl opera

Favorite TV Shows

NCIS, Face Off, Monster Man, Unsolved History, American Dad, The Dead Files, Deadly Women, etc ncis monster unsolved history american dad dead files deadly women

Favorite Movies

Hachi: A dogs story, Ip Man, The Lion King, The moment of Death, The War Horse, Hugo, Joyful noise, etc.

Favorite Books

The Brain by C.U.M Smith, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, The castle of Ontranto by Horace Walpole, Of mice and Men, Lousia May Alcott's books, Edgar Allen Poe's books. horace walpole mice lousia alcotts books edgar allen poes books

Favorite Quotes

"Boy, dont make me slap the sex out of you!" -E.B
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown, don't let the greatness get you down". Vicereine Killbride2
vicereine pictures

Favorite Heroes

Ip Man, Bruce Lee, God, My mom, etc.
ip bruce lee god mom That is Bruce Lee's trainer, Ip Man. Oh,and my SH best friend, Vanna Venom. mom bruce lees trainer ip ohand sh friend vanna venom


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