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In 1839, an alien starliner malfunctioned and exploded, jettisoning a life-pod in the middle of a cotton field in the American South. The pod automatically altered the appearance of its passenger, named Arnus, to mimic the first sentient life-form who discovered him. That life-form was a slave woman named Miriam, who saw the pod crash land.
In the present, Arnus is still with us. He did not age visibly beyond adulthood; to disguise this fact, he periodically assumes the identity of his own son. By the late 20th century, he is posing as Augustus Freeman IV, the great-grandson of his original human identity. Still marooned, Arnus/Freeman waits for Earth's technology to catch up to his lifepod's. Secretly possessing superpowers that belie his human appearance, he has always performed quiet acts of charity.

However, when Freeman's house is broken into, he uses his powers for the first time in decades, an action witnessed by one of the intruders, Raquel Ervin, an idealistic teenage girl who was born in Paris Island, the poorest, most gang-ridden neighborhood in Dakota City. Her prospects seemed fairly bleak until this encounter with Freeman. After seeing Freeman use his powers, Raquel persuades him to become a superhero named Icon, with herself as his sidekick, Rocket.

Icon is portrayed as a very intelligent, somewhat stiff kind of person. Due to his upper-class job as a corporate lawyer and "proper" way of speaking, he is often criticized as being a "sell out" or "white washed". Icon usually prefers to do everything by the book instead of acting on instinct. During the majority of his series, he mostly fought plain street criminals and those who gained powers from Dakota's Big Bang.

I'd like to meet

Dwayne Johnson, Thandie Newton, Don Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Charlize Theron, Selma Hayak


Running, Cycling, Strength Training


Acting, Martial Arts

Favorite Music

Country, Soul

Favorite Movies

Ironman, The Incredble Hulk, The Avengers, Man Of Steel

Favorite Books

A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, Warlord of Mars

Favorite Quotes

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" ~ Optimus Prime
"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter" ~ Master Yoda

Favorite Heroes

Superman, Wonder Woman, The Icredible Hulk, She Hulk


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