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1.) My name is Alyssa.
2.) My favorite color is green.
3.) I'm lazy.
4.) I'm addicted to tumblr.
5.) I wear lots of bracelets.
6.) I'm weird.
7.) I guarantee I can make you laugh.
8.) I broke my ankle in May lol.
9.) I'm a procrastinator.
10.) I have two cats: Zoey and Bo. -updated- Bo passed away July 19, 2012. RIP Bo. :'(
11.) My favorite animal is a giraffe. :3
12.) My favorite emoticon is c:
13.) I like my name.
14.) My favorite place in the mall is Spencer's.
15.) I hate school.
16.) I like to write.
17.) I'd rather text than talk on the phone. It's easier to tell people things you don't want to say aloud.
18.) I have a lot of friends.
19.) I like to write. (poems, stories, etc.)
20.) I cuss a lot.
21.) I like anime.
22.) I am a fan of Arizona Iced Teas.
23.) I'm hella clumsy. Seriously, I'll trip on my own feet.
24.) I 'm a good listener.
25.) I fall for people easily.
26.) Once you enter my life, you'll want to stay. At least I hope so.
27.) My favorite smell is ginger or the smell in Best Buy. xD (i know...weird right?)
28.) I type really fast.
29.) I have green eyes.
30.) I have blonde hair but the bottom layer is blood red.
31.) I am pretty shy.
32.) I prefer movies over TV....that's a lie. I like my weekly shows. :D
33.) My favorite ice cream flavor is gingersnap yup
34.) I'm kinda sensitive.
35.) I get angry easily.
36.) My favorite shows are: The X Factor, Awkward, Glee, The Fosters, Girl Code etc.
37.) You can tell me anything. If you want it to be a secret, It'll remain a secret.
38.) I am trustworthy and loyal.
39.) I believe I give good advice, if anythings bothering you, you can rely on me to make you feel better or give you helpful advice.
40.) I absolutely LOVE to laugh.
41.) I have a deep love for One Direction sorry not sorry.

I'd like to meet

Sam, Jennie, Emma, Darcy, Tay, Avery, Nez, and Erick are all my good friends and I love them all so much :)


Wasting my life away on the internet yup
Hanging out with friends


Wasting my life away on the internet
Hanging out with friends

Favorite Music

One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Demi Lovato, Lorde, City and Colour, Coldplay, Florence + The Machine, Daughter, Lewis Watson,The XX, NeverShoutNever, etc,

Favorite TV Shows

The X Factor, Awkward, Glee, The Fosters, Girl Code, Guy Code,

Favorite Movies

Perks Of Being A Wallflower, LOL, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mean Girls, Love Actually, Grease, The Outsiders, Toy Story 1-3, Peter Pan, Rise of the Guardians, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars.

Favorite Books

The Sky Is Everywhere, Divergent trilogy, the Shiver series, Looking For Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars, etc.

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Heroes

iron man yup


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